Howto remove a Thing from my collection

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is there a way to remove a topic from my collection?

I acccidentally clicked yes to "Refuse Prompts" when almost knocking over my paint cup with my elbow. Now I can't remove any entries at all. It's shocking design really.

Good day
From one day to the next stop visualizing My Collection, I have 11 collections with several designs not my own and in my profile Thingiverse tells me that they are empty, does anyone know why it may be? thank you very much

Buen día,
De un día para el otro deje de visualizar My Collection, tengo 11 colecciones con varios diseños no propio y en mi perfil de Thingiverse me dice que están vació, ¿alguien sabe por que puede ser?. muchas gracias

When you view your collection, you should see an Edit Collection link at the top of the page. Click that and then you can remove individual things from the collection and then click save.

There is not an edit collection link. Is there any other way to remove one thing that I collected?
Thanks for your help.

good to know I can delete entries! I'm so afraid to delete things since I rendered my makes inaccessable. I probably won't be deleting collection groups however.

Why make it so difficult? I shouldn't have to go looking for answers for something so simple. Have whoever is coding your web site, actually use it.

Good lord, what a twisted UI. Thank you for the pointer!

Thanks for the info, my collections now look a let neater. Cheers !

Wow, that is really not intuitive. Not good UX design.

+1. I completely agree. Especially when there are other buttons to act on the object immediately underneath (like, collect, comment) .. except remove/delete. It's almost like a deliberate design decision to hide the 'remove/delete' option.