Changes to “Tip Designer” & PayPal Accounts

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Please note: Action is required to continue receiving tips

Previously, I mentioned a multi-part plan to increase the usability and functionality of Thingiverse at large. As a part of that plan, we’ve made some improvements to how Thingiverse allows users to tip designers. This will allow designers to get paid directly by users using PayPal.me. This also means designers will receive real-time payouts instead of the monthly payout from Thingiverse.

Designers - To continue receiving tips, please follow these steps:

1) Ensure you have a PayPal.me link associated with your PayPal account. You can go to PayPal.me to create your link.
2) After you have this link handy, go to your Thingiverse profile.
3) Click “Edit Profile”
4) Under “Website & Social Media”, you’ll see a field called PayPal.me username, add your PayPal.me username here. (The "PayPal.me/" part will be automatically entered for you. You only need to enter your username.)
5) Click “Save” to save your changes.

Thank you for your support as we continue to make improvements.

I was just able to do it on chrome by clicking in the white space after the "https://paypal.me/" prefilled text. Kind of annoying, but it worked.

This "feature" is close to impossible to use, because the text box for PayPal.me is invisible and isn't in the right place.
There is some space between it and the end of "https://PayPal.me"
I was able to figure it out by using my browser's inspector to reveal the hidden and non-obvious text box, so that I could then type into it.
You should really fix this!

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Your message might not have reached everybody. I found this thread using google after you mailed and instructed me to search for the paypal-app on the apps-tab (link in mail) of my settings (where off cause there is no such app).

Also pre-filling the input field isn't copy/paste-friendly.

PayPal.me isn't available in New Zealand either, it sucks that there is no fallback option for entering a plain PayPal email address instead.

You need to log into Paypal.com, go to settings and click the link that says "Get PayPal.me", then you get to make your own PayPal.me/ link.

Good thinking. If anyone tracks down the actual criminals that I have posted in my group "The Galaxy's Most Wanted" you can ensure that I recieve my percentage of the bounty hunter's reward?

It says "Token Expired" when I try to save my profile with a paypal.me link
12/16/2019 chrome - windows 10

Same thing here. I sent a message to support about it but have not heard back... I can change other things in my profile, but if there's a PayPal.me link in there, I get the "Token Expired" error.

I'm from Brazil and here we don't have PayPal.me and according to Paypal there is no schedule to implement this. With the old system I was able to receive tips, now I can't :-(
Is there a way around this?

I have a few tips from months past that never transferred (presumably this is why the change to PayPal.me) - will these be released or shall they be forever in limbo?

It would be much easier to do that if the paypal.me username field was actually editable.
Making it a non-editable text box: not helping.

OK, so apparently it is editable in a hidden field underneath the static text box.
But it limits the length of the URL, and cuts off the last character of my paypal.me link, and won't let me save the information because it isn't a valid link (duh, because you truncated the string).
I've tried typing in the URL, and copying and pasting - both truncate the field.

Not impressed.

I just typed directly into the box - no hidden fields for me. And that's on a seriously cut-back version of Chrome at work . . .

If anyone want to test it I'll return the favour! :)

I think the instructions should be updated, as what I understood, you only put the username in the field. The beginning of the url is filled in automatically.

I still have $1 pending; Just added a Paypal.Me link to my profile; Will that dollar be transferred now?
Wish I could test it to see if it's working.
Thanks for the update :)

Thanks, sounds great!

[...] as we continue to make improvements.

If these improvements included a like button for group comments, I would have clicked it right away. :-)

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Done and done. Somebody test mine, I think a $100 should be enough to verify the functionality... :)

You've been tested.

Care to return the favor? :-)