I'm pretty sure Thingiverse is aware of over 2,000 models being offered for sale on eBay by a company called Just3dPrint. Question is...what are you going to do about it? The user name JPI should be removed from this site also.

We are definitely aware and we are working with our legal team to figure out what we can do and will have a response soon. Sharing and Creative Commons licensing and attribution are things we take VERY seriously.

Thank you! I hope there is something that can be done.

I appreciate you letting us know, tbuser, thank you. Look forward to the official position statement.

Same here.

In this same group on the last Bug Fix entry, I asked him if MB was going to weigh in on this issue.........no reply yet, but I noticed that he has removed all of his designs, save three Customizer models.

He didn't get 751 followers from three designs......

I'll be SHOCKED if Thingiverse/Makerbot lifts a finger to do anything here.

Would like to see @glitchpudding weigh in, at the least.

I will be pulling all my work and shared work pretty soon, I know a lot of other people about to do the same! If Thingiverse can't protect the little guy, then there is no reason to upload anything else to this website.

Can't say I disagree with you.

I second that.

I'm not sure if there is much that can be done - I suppose Thingiverse or model owners would have to spend money to pursuit this person - even if successful likely won't stop others.

But I agree, banning would be an easy (if in the long run useless, as it's easy to make a new account) action that at least would declare that this behaviour is not accepted, showing that the property rights are defended.

Apart from that - are images from Thingiverse used as well? In that case, watermarking the images would be a good idea.

If nothing is done about it, everyone might as well start selling other peoples work on eBay too, including myself. I do this for fun and for the sake of making 3d printing exciting each and every day. I'll start selling stuff too at much cheaper prices. The choice is yours Thingiverse!

Is it illegal?

Items listed under non-commercial are illegal.

That's why I've not really done any design posts on ThVe yet.

Oh yeah right.

That's pretty bad.