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I want to make a complaint for the user https://www.thingiverse.com/someusernamehere that you are dirtying the database in the world here is the proof https://www.yeggi.com/q/trump+pen+holder/18/

Just ignore it then? Politics are all just opinion.

My opinion is similar to yours, but the model itself isn't hurting anyone.

agree. but also think sites should not block just one side if they block at all. otherwise they would be biased. which is what twitter, facebook, google, etc. have already done to our country through censorship.

They're private companies, so they can block whatever they want whether you like it or not. What they "should" do is up for debate. However, I am somewhat sympathetic to the position these companies are in, which I'm sure might be an unpopular thing to say. They're damned if they do and damned if they don't. If they censor nothing, people give them crap for spreading misinformation. If they censor SOMETHING then people say they're biased and question why they should be arbiters of the truth. If they censor with a bot, then algorithms are biased. If people do the censorship, they're biased. There is literally no approach they could take that would please everyone. .. and if you think this is limited to left wing or so-called "mainstream" media, you're mistaken. I've witnessed the same sort of thing on Rumble and "truth" social.

Not thingiverse deletes the designs. Thingiverse decided that the forum and the uploads should be moderated by the users without any interaction from thingiverse to save effort.
So it is sufficient, that only one one user abusive reports a thing as copyright violation, property of the reporter or violation of terms of use of thingiverse to make a design invisible for all other users without any verfication by thingiverse (Btw the russian censors did this with all ukraine-friendly designs here and additionally punished the designers by reporting all of their other previous uploded designs making them invisible too).
And they not only hide designs but also completely unpolitical and only technical forum postings only because one of the designers hated by them made a post in such a thread. And this is thank to thingiverse also very simple. Only one hater must click the report icon of such a posting, write one word as reason und click report and the posting is invisible forever because thingiverse does not check the reported postings and let them hidden without the possibility to restore them.
This makes it very easy for the russian facists to strict censore the whole platform here, designs and postings.

son unos genios los rusos jejejeje

I'm also not a friend of this orange clown. But this design may be bothering but does not violate the terms of use of thingiverse and is not the intellectual property of someone other. So is the flagging itself an abuse of the report mechanism of thingiverse.
If these self-proclaimed guardians of the political cleanness would keep their fingers still this desing would not be reuploaded any more and would drift more and more at the end of the list of newest uploads and no one would care about it furthermore.

Hey, I agree on all counts, I'm just surprised someone would go to the trouble of reposting over a hundred times. Maybe he has automated it.

Monitoring and reuploading of a design can be automated f.e. with a python script using thingiverses API.

Yeah, that's why I mentioned it.. though setting up that kind of automation also shows an unusual level of dedication to a dubious cause.

mmmm no I don't think this guy who is posting several times is an idiot

let's say it's like the pollution of the planet EEUU is the biggest polluter and they don't care... this is the same...

Yeah, people apparantly report his stuff and it gets blocked, and then he reposts it.... over and over again. He's convinced the world can not go on without everyone having access to his Trump propaganda, so here we are. He's persistent if nothing else.

A blocking button for every user would be the solution. So everyone can decide for themselves whether they want to see something of an idiot or not.

But unfortunately that won't exist.
You don't need a miracle that things are becoming more and more a garbage dump and more and more people go somewhere else and delete their stuff here.

Such a button I recommended the support team years ago when a bot script senseless combined other designs published on TV, called it "art" and flooded the search results so with complete useless crap so.
But I got the usual reply from the TV support: NOTHING!