Adding New Images to a Design

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I uploaded a design.
but i can't update the design.
i'm trying to add new images to my design.
but it won't change.
can anyone help me solve the problem?

It doesn't work for me either. On another computer or Android, it only downloads the old files (in the zip), not the new ones. Even after a week..

in addition, the download counter does not increase.

In the dowloaded zip file, the contents of the readme.txt file and the license.txt file are mistakenly replaced...

Support does not respont...

This is Thingi....

Sometimes I have to wait and go back to it the next day, like it takes time for the server to refresh or something before it shows any current edits or can make new edits to a new item.

I find that when using chrome I have to go to settings / privacy security / clear browsing history/ and check just "clear cached images" I do this every time i update or edit a thing. It works every time for me

Could be a browser cache issue. Did you try opening the page in another browser or a private browser window after uploading?