A start of something new! - Thingiverse Changelog

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Hi, this is Mari from the new Thingiverse Team,

After the merger between Makerbot and Ultimaker in September 2022, we've grown the team working on maintaining and improving Thingiverse. Behind the scenes, we've been working hard to improve your Thingiverse experience more, and more frequently.

Here's a handy list of some of the latest updates we've released:

  • Improved search functionality
  • Changed newsletter default to opt-instead of opt-out
  • Improved moderation console for admins
  • Introduced more reasons for reporting content

If you want to learn more about all the features and bugfixes we introduced.
You can visit our changelog here

We hope these new changes make your Thingiverse experience feel more smooth
Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or run into any issues!

download files are empty... e.g.

DTU Case V1 complete solderless case for ESP32 and NRF24L01+ or EBYTE E01-ML01DP5 e.g. openDTU ahoyDTU
by rihi

I've just tried to download it and I get the correct files. Could you try again?

thanks it works again - I was a little desperate the whole afternoon... if I was doing something wrong... :-)

Great to hear! Thank you for your hard work.

Good to see some love being shown to the site again!

Hi mari!

Sorry to bother you, but the missing designs in search and profiles problem still exist. I have some models that only I can see (or if they are remixes, only from the original model in the remix tab) and that really bothers me and other makers. That is one of the reasons I started posting my designs/remixes on printables.

Please, have a look at this problem because it has given many headaches.

Thank you for improving thingiverse, which for me is a great platform.

It's actually a ticket that we're currently working on. I was hoping that we would be able to release it with the release we just did, but it wasn't done in time.

If all goes well (bugs are usually hard to estimate), it should be in the next release in +- 2 weeks.

I know, I am a developer too. Just a reminder, if you are working on it I know you will fix it, no matter how much it takes. Thanks you!

Thank you to all of you who work at Thingiverse keeping the site going, because it's been keeping me going through 2.5+ years of long covid severe fatigue issues.
When I'm 3D print designing there's nothing in my mind except the full 3D visualisation with detail of the object(s) I'm creating, it makes me forget I now can't even walk properly, seeing my designs popularity here in my dashboard feed helps me enormously on a mental level.

Sounds great! Things seem to start moving in the right direction, again. Keep it up! :-)

That's great to hear. Thingiverse still has the best metrics of any 3D site out there, and I'm glad it's getting some TLC now. Keep up the good work!

Let's goooooo!!!