What's with all the nameplates and repetitious Things?

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Is there a group of noobs spamming ThingiVerse lately? It seems many new uploads are all the same.

Hopefully we have solved the issue. By default, the Things coming from the Customizers are now filtered out. If you want to, you can still look for them by adjusting the filter.

Ive seen this posed a few times recently and I think it has to do with customizable things. When you customize an existing Thing with the built in customizer, it generates your new model and it may give you the ability to publish it. I know in my designs, i have some stuff i customized and some are published and some are not.

Maybe there is a way the devs can create a section under a customizable model that posts the customized iterations (like how makes work) without creating lots of new iterations of the same thing. Some way to identify them that gives the original some analytics, but doesn't spam "new" and maybe also separate from remixes, where designers should get credit for their own take on an existing model (customization / alterations / fixes / etc.)

Correct! Most of these designs are from the customizer. We are in the process of improving the filters to ensure they only show when you are explicitly looking for them.

Hopefully the counter can be fixed also. That is discouraging.
Oh and does Customizer work now? I gave up on it a while back.
Cheers to the new operators.

Yeah, we fixed it some time ago.

The option to publish a customized thing is activated by default in the customizer. I think a lot of people does not deactivate it because of laziness or a lack of knowledge.
It should be inactive by default.

THIS!!!!!!! I do think it would help a ton if the default was to NOT publish.

Good point. I should play with the customizer a bit to see if there are more easy improvements like that.