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Hi! Since roughly a month one of my published things became invisible to public (only visible for me in my account).
I though it’s a bug, but now there is given a notice “This Thing was reported as in violation of our Terms of Service therefore it is under moderation.”. It’s great to see the reason for hiding my design, but unfortunately there is no further information given, what is claimed to be wrong. There is nothing special with this design.
What can I do?
Can anyone hide other designs just by reporting?

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If we get a number of reports, the design is flagged as needing admin intervention. As long as its pending, it will get the notification and be hidden for others.

If a user makes too many false reports, they will get banned themselves.

Its a hard balance that has to be struc between making sure certain content gets removed asap and between people abusing the system because of other reasons.

Anyhow! I will have a look at your design and see why it was reported!

I've marked it being good. It should be available soon-ish again.

Sorry should have read this reply first… Thanks!

Should be good now :) Sorry for the long wait!

It is! Thanks a lot!

I kind of think that is the case -- I think your design gets hidden if someone reports it and the process is automated. I'm sure an admin could post a correction if this isn't the case. What is the design though? Since nobody can see it, it makes it difficult to judge if there really is some legitimate reason why it is blocked. The main reasons I can think of is if somebody had some kind of copyright/trademark claim against it (even if it's not true, which has happened to me), or if it included something controversial that someone may view as bullying or hate speech or something.

I’m fine with the possibility to report things, being not ok by some reason. My problem is, that I, as the designer don’t get any information, what is the reason for reporting, although during report process there are fields, the reporting one should justify reason for his doing.
Furthermore there is no elementary way to reply on that report.

In my case I have no idea, what could be the claim and in current version the “report”-button is more like an “unlike/switch off”-button, as no admin checks what happens for over a month.

If you like to judge yourself, here is the “claimed” design to:

Nothing special compared to other designs I made…. As StarLabs3D states, in the current way the “report”-button is one reason more to change to other platforms. I also think it is unreasonable for thingiverse-admins to check any “report”-joke.

I think the designer must be informed about the report of his design, including all relevant information, what was given as motivation for reporting.
I would propose following:

  1. Someone reports a design, with required filling in of motivation-fields.
  2. This information will be added to comment section of the design and the design will become hidden.
  3. The designer may reply to the report and by doing so, the design will become unhidden again.
  4. The person who gave the report 1st time may reply on designers statement and by doing so, the design becomes hidden again until an admin decides.

Step 1-3 could be automated and would reduce number of false reports.

I also think it is unreasonable for thingiverse-admins to check any “report”-joke.

It's not that unreasonable. But I do have to admit that the state that we found the reporting system in wasn't great. As you can also see from the changelog, we've already made a number of changes to how reporting of things work. I'm still not entirely happy with it, but truth be told, we have a lot of things to fix. Previously you wouldn't even see the banner, giving the author no indication that the work was under review at all!

But I agree with you that better communication needs to be implemented. First and foremost; An automatic notification should be given when a thing that you uploaded gets reported and at least the generic reason should be provided. I'm not entirely sure if the full reason should be provided, as a lot of people might not realize that this could be shared.

As for something becoming unhidden again; That would kind of defeat the purpose of the automatic hiding. It would be a bit too easy to just give a BS reason back again, hoping that the other side won't respond.

But this whole flow is something that we struggle with as well. We're open to discussions on how to do this better!

Dear Nallath,

First of all many thanks for your work! After long time, no one took care of thingiverse we are really happy to see you here (except the 5% trolls you always have of course). And I fully understand that there is a long backlog. For me it is already a real improvement to see, that my design became hidden due to some reporting. Until that I thought it is a side effect of the bug, making published designs invisible – which is for me still the more important issue – I know you are working on that already.

But I think the designer should know what the reason for reporting is and should have the possibility to state his point of view. It would also help the admin to decide about the claim. For the moment I have absolutely no idea, what could be the reason for banning my design. But ok, I will wait.

All the best!


Is there a way to stop the same old people “reporting” designs they don’t like? It’s almost like 5% of the people here want to mess things up for the other 95% of us. Take for example one of my newest designs; it doesn’t have nudity, it doesn’t have foul language, it has a sentiment that a major of Americans can understand (not necessarily agree to), and the SAME people who complain reported the design just to hide it because they don’t like the design. Thankfully, Thingiverse fixed it -but, these are the same people trying to control the majority.

On another note; did you see the ‘Make’ I posted on your design (Roman Reading Slave)? I’m a little surprised that these same people didn’t try to hide your design because it had the word “slave” in it -LOL?

As per my previous post: "If a user makes too many false reports, they will get banned themselves." So yeah, there are systems in place to prevent that. That being said: The new team only took over quite recently. We have a huge backlog of reports and issues to work through as you might imagine. I understand all of it is frustrating and not going as fast as it should (or people hope), but all I can do is ask to be patient a bit longer. We are working hard to improve things and be as open as possible about what is going on!

I honestly don't think that anyone would have an issue with a roman statuette of a slave. But hey, someone might still surprise me!

But culture is indeed a thing here. The current team working on Thingiverse is not American but Dutch. I've already seen people getting upset about things that I don't think anyone in Europe would find offensive. The same also holds the other way around. I don't know what the best solution is to that. It seems like a damned if you do, damned if you don't kind of problem...


Thank you for your rely.
Although I live in America, I have been around the world -so, welcome aboard.
Not really a damned if you do problem. If an item has nudity or foul language (“curses) than it’s reasonable to get Thingiverse to review it. If the design only hurts your feelings and doesn’t have either nudity or foul language, then it’s not reasonable to get Thingiverse to block it.

Did you like the ‘Make’? Yes, in America the word “Slave” can get you in hot water, but not elsewhere in the world.

Thank you again for your reply.

This happens to me occasionally. There are a few people who don't like my designs so they just keep reporting them -and, I just keep emailing Thingiverse.

That was one of the biggest motivating factors for me starting my own website and posting on other 3D websites.