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Dumb question, but is there a minimum amount of tips that must be accrued before the payout will trigger? I have tips and was told I would be paid today but the date was rolled over to Oct 1. Sorry if this is in an FAQ I have missed. Thanks:-)

It's not a dumb question at all. We're still working out the kinks in this relatively new feature. You will be paid today. The messaging just got updated before the payments actually occurred. Sorry about that.

Cool and thanks.

Your question is still legitimate and our messaging is still lacking, but I now realize that my answer was lacking, too. You won't get paid for the month that just ended. There's a one month buffer between when you earn tips and when we deposit them into your account. There are a few reasons for this, but the most important one is that the payment processor takes a smaller cut if we hold tips* and process them all at once.

So, if you made money in August, you will receive it on October 1st. A clarifying redesign of the earnings page is already in the works. Sorry for the confusion.

*Reminder: Thingiverse takes no cut of tips

Fair enough. Thanks for letting me know:-)

I just got a notification that someone used 3d Hubs to order a print of a model I have uploaded and the user has tipped me $3. I had my PayPal account email address enabled on my settings, but I don't see any money in my PayPal account? Where is that $3 dollars going? Did $3 just disappear into another dimension? I have removed my PayPal account from Thingiverse just now, now what? Did I just cause a rift the space/time continuum?

Thingiverse collects your tips and pays out all tip earnings after 30 days since the date you received the tip. One of the reasons we do this is that it reduces the paypal fees that would otherwise be deducted. I'm sorry that is not entirely clear. If you goto your Order History -> Earnings tab you should see when the next payout will be and how much you've accumulated. Please add your paypal account back or else we won't know where to send your earnings!

Note: Thingiverse takes nothing out of the portion of an order going to the Designer. We make no profit from tips to designers. The only fee involved in tips is the paypal transaction charges that we have no control over.

Thank you for explaining the process Tbuser.

wierd... never had a tip here so not sure, but I've moved to Trinpy mate, they seem to know how to look after designers there. I've already made $$$

What we also need to ask ourselves is, if that person didn't tip you, how much did thingiverse get as a kickback from someone printing it through here by default?

Thingiverse takes 0% from the Tip amount portion of all transactions. We believe in rewarding the Designer as much as possible. The only fee that is deducted are paypal fees that we have no control over.

Hi Tony,
Not the tips, I was referring to the revenue they get from people printing your models through the App, not so much the tip.
i.e, if someone orders say a large print of one of your models and the cost is approx $120, what's the percentage of revenue Thingiverse would receive as the pro-bono for someone printing that model via this platform?

With reference to: "No printer? No problem! Click the 'ORDER THIS PRINTED' button to get Things printed and delivered with 3D Hubs. "

Hey @Geoffro,

Thingiverse Apps has two elements to payments: 1) the cost of the good/service being provided by the app developer (e.g. 3DHubs or any future app that wants to charge for their services), and 2) a tip to the designer of the model since their model was used as part of the transaction.

For #1, the revenue that goes to the app owner, there is a revenue share model we have in place that shares the transaction amount between Thingiverse and the app owner. By providing the platform for the app owner to conduct business, Thingiverse shares in the monetization. This is similar to the revenue share models used by Apple or Facebook or Google. Currently that percentage is set at 30%, which is the industry standard, but as Thingiverse Apps are new, we will continue to speak with our app developers to make sure everyone feels they are getting a fair share and adjust as needed.

Of course, that only accounts for the revenue earned by the app owner. But since that revenue might be earned via a designer's model, we wanted designers to be rewarded for their share in the transaction, and therefore they may make a tip from the transaction. They can set tips to be optional or required if their model is used in a transaction. They can also turn any app off for their design so that user's cannot use their design in a transaction(although we would hope not because then they can't earn a tip). If a tip is earned, 100% of the tip amount goes to the designer and no one else shares in it. For the first time, this allows designers to make money from their designs on Thingiverse. Sidenote: You'll also notice a change on the site very soon that will also allow designers to be tipped directly, without any need for a transaction from an app.

Hopefully that clears up any questions and explains our reasoning in setting up the system this way as a way to make everyone feel as though they are getting their fair share.


Hi Michael,
Thanks for taking the time to explain that thoroughly, I am 100% clear on how it works now.

I think maybe something to consider in the future is a percentage of the print revenue going to the person that actually provided the file to be printed initially.

In the current scenario, if I have 3D hubs enabled, and Tips optional, that means that someone can order a print of one of my models and if that person decides for whatever reason to purchase the print, and not tip the designer (which of course you can circumvent by making Tips compulsory for that make) That means that 3D hubs profits, Thingiverse profits with their 30%, yet the designer once again is left out of pocket.

Can you see any resolution to that scenario that might entice people like myself to come back to Thingiverse? In all honesty it's why ceased uploading models here.

Hi Geoffro,
We did consider a flat tip percentage given to all designers on every purchase. However, we found there were two schools of thought from our user base, those who would want to have a share of the profits for all their designs, and those who wanted to have their designs enjoyed for free and to the widest audience. And to us, both opinions are valid. In order to satisfy both, we decided to go with the optional or required model. This way designers could choose whether they wanted to share in the profit if they would like to do so, and we believe more choice is better then less choice.
At the end of the day, requiring a tip is effectively including the designer in a portion of the sales revenue. Maybe making it a percentage instead of flat dollar amounts could be a more compelling way to receive a tip, and something we could explore. We chose static numbers simply because it seemed more natural to set a dollar value for your design versus a percentage of the sale which could vary by size, color, material, etc, and therefore potentially not meet the designers believed value for small prints. But, it's an interesting idea and we'll look into it.
Hopefully that helps explain our reasoning behind not making tips mandatory across the website, and thanks for the feedback as it's helpful to understand our user's thinking. I'm sorry to hear you have decided to cease uploading models. Again, you are able to require that you receive a portion of sales on any of your designs (and we completely understand and even encourage designers to do this so there is more reason to share designs and encourage other designers to participate as well).

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Hey, 3DSlash looks pretty cool! Glad to see that integrated as an app.

There is one possible problem though - how will users know without clicking on "Customize" whether or not a model has customizable elements built into it? If everything looks customizable then it will be even harder to find the few things that are customizer via the OpenSCAD Customizer. Or, if people get used to that button always being around and most of the time linking to 3DSlash, they might not realize that some models are actually designed to have customizable elements?

Love all the new features you're adding, but at the same time I'd like the old features like OpenSCAD Customizer not to be lost or buried. What do you think?

+1 to this ,
I actually just clicked the customize button thinking I would see the customizer screen and was baffled until I did more reading.
These words are very close, you might want to change customizer to "openscad customizer" or something to make it clear

will the 3DSlash app automatically create "remixes" of the original? Is there a level where the pedigree of the "real original" design gets lost?

These are good points and something we were thinking about. We are going to think of ways to make the categorization of apps clearer.

@peetersm That's a question that doesn't have a clear cut answer, unfortunately, and something we've also been thinking about. Currently 3DSlash creative remixes and follows license rules for derivates and attribution.

Maybe you could change the concept of "customizable" to "editable" for 3D Slash? Technically that is more accurate and it would distinguish from the OpenSCAD-Customizable things that actually come equipped with modifiable parameters baked into the design.

In addition I noticed today that after clicking "Customize" and being presented with both Customizer and 3DSlash hover text, the 3DSlash hover invites the user to modify the object while the Customizer hover text does not; for a user unfamiliar with Customizer, the current text does not tell them that they can move sliders to easily and productively customize the design with that tool:

"Customizer is the easiest way to take great 3D printable designs and make them your own. Make your OpenSCAD designs infinitely more valuable by empowering the community to customize them."

Yes. The current setup is quite confusing, probably more so for people who already understand what Customizer is. We've been exploring better ways to do that.

Yes. The current setup is quite confusing, probably more so for people who already understand what Customizer is. We've been exploring better ways to do that.

when I download file I cannot open, and am getting a message that says Certificate Trust issues. What does that mean? How can I resolve issue?

Is there possibly going to be an option for us to alter the amount tipped? as it stands some of my prints 3D Hubs can charge hundreds of dollars for, but the maximum I can earn off that is $21, it doesn't seem all that balanced.

For now we have it capped at $21 as we thought that was a sufficiently high amount to tip for a design, as tips can be made mandatory or optional. Of course, we can consider changing that if designers feel they deserve more.

In relation to what 3Dhubs charges, it has to do with the size of the print, which can of course be infinitely scaled up or down. Because of this, designer tips should reward other designer's for the time and energy that went into the design, because the size of the eventual print can vary purchase to purchase.

Also, if your designs are in the hundreds of dollars by default, it might be that the units on the file were very large. You might want to double check that the default units were correct.

Thanks for the info, yeah my units are correct.

I guess we'll wait until you make it a user specified amount then. I understand your reasoning, but don't agree with it at all sorry.

"signer tips should reward other designer's for the time and energy that went into the design"

Effectively you are saying no matter how long or hard we work, we're not worth any more than $21. Thanks.

any word on when the customiser app will allow us to "create" ??

Please try now to see if the create button shows correctly.

seems to be okay, just jumped on to a "vase-o-matic" where I make vases for the old girls at the home I volunteer at and the "create" button is now there...
Thanks !

We have a fix for customizer where some users can't see the create button, should go out soon.

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Trying to share my published but not yet approved app with a few Thingiverse users for testing. How does one go about doing that? Thanks!

We're working on a better way to do it, but I just checked out your app and it works well enough so I approved it!

awesome! thanks. for those watching at home: http://www.thingiverse.com/apps/kirimoto/

What a surprise !! Now with the new aps, it's impossible to use the 'customize' app.
After modifying my objet I can't save it and download it !!I don't get my customized file.

Chrome: No option to save to queue.
Safari: Just plain isn't working.

Tried two different customizable trays.

Please try again to see if customizer is working right now.

Also what browser and version are you using?

I tried a couple of Customizers this morning and I couldn't reproduce the problem. Can you point me to the one that's causing trouble and detail exactly what's happening?

i found that {Customizable Multiline Tag or Keychain} will not work for me but have tried several afterwords and can not print is this me or do i need to change a setting ?

I've just integrated Kiri:Moto inside Thingiverse as an iframed App. It's a browser-based slicer written entirely in Javascript/WebGL. The integration was nearly identical to the way I integrated it into Onshape. Once the app launches from a selected thing, the parts show up on the left lower menu. Select one or more and start slicing / printing.

Anyway, looking for up to 10 testers. Those are the dev guidelines. I'm not entirely clear on the approval process after that or how to limit sharing the App URL to 10 people.

Kiri:Moto is also available directly at https://grid.space/kiri -- the interface inside of Thingiverse is the same, only it has direct access to your parts.

Sorry about the dup. I wrote this on the wrong thread first :/

I don't like how these new apps have been turned on for every thing I have and how I have to edit every thing and remove the ones I do not want.
I think
A. I should be able to set apps access at my account level and it should flow down to all my things.
B. If the change must occur at the thing-level, then the default should be all off and let me go in and enable the apps I want to use.

Not looking forward to having to deal with this every single time a new app gets published!

Also, new apps will automatically be enabled on your things if the creative commons license you chose on your things allows it.

Hey @peetersm, you don't have turn it off for each individual thing, although you can control app usage thing-by-thing by adjusting those settings. A quicker way to do it is to find the App on the Apps page, go to "Thing Settings" within the App, and then there is an "Enable All My Things/Disable All My Things" option where you can turn an app off for all of your things in your library. Let us know if you have more questions.

"Disable All My Things" is nice, thanks for the tip.
Now if the default was "off" and not "on" that would be perfect. I'm sure new apps will be released all the time , why not allow the designer choose what they want on?

@peetersm Thanks for the feedback, it's always helpful to hear our users perspective's. The default isn't really "on" or "off" for all your Things. The default for whether a Thing can be used by an app is based on the Thing's license. So for example, if you make the license non-commercial, then it will not be printable by the 3DHubs app by default. You would not have to adjust anything. If you make it non-derivate, it will not usable by the Make Printable app.

However, we also wanted to give our users flexibility so you could overwrite the license defaults e.g. enable 3DHubs on a Thing that you licensed as non-commercial because you don't mind it being used by 3DHubs, but don't want others to use it. Unfortunately, this leads to things being a little confusing, and we can think about how to simplify. But in the end it leads to more flexibility and total respect of user license choices, which we felt was very important.

I found I could do this (override license defaults) only by going to the app and enabling it for my things. I could not go to my thing and then search for the app (3dhubs, for example). It didn't show up no matter what I searched for. I suppose it was failing some compatibility check.

In that case it's not working right. Even for Things licensed as non-commercial, you should be able to edit the Thing and enable the 3DHubs app if you choose to. I just tried on my account and it worked properly. So there might be a bug you're experiencing. Mind sending me the link to your Thing so we can investigate?

It's impossible to use the 'customize' app. I don't get my customized file.

I'm investigating a possible problem with customizer causing failures. Should be fixed soon.

I still cannot use it. I don't have a 'create my thing' button. Only possible to 'queue' ( up on the right) but nothing happens then.
Please turn back everything so we just can use 'customizer' as before. Tnx.

new to printing with makerbot 2 i found a tag/key ring and went to customizer, opened the app and changed the tag to what i needed all good then went to print ....can`t find a way of printing the changed tag .. i did notice as is was booting up customizer there where print options but went away when fully loaded and help

PrintToPeer has been submitted to Thingiverse Apps, how long can we expect the approval process to be? Cheers

Hi I don't see an app on your user account. What is the name of the account that submitted the app?

Hey @PrintToPeer, thanks for submitting an app! It shouldn't take too long. It will depend on how many submissions we receive in the coming weeks and how complex each app is. We saw your submission and will reach out to you directly after we get a chance to review, which will hopefully be today.

Wonderful! I'm so glad to see the integration of 3DHubs, such a great business. And most people that are interested in my models don't have 3D printers themselves, forcing me to co-publish to Shapeways (whose website is tragically buggy and their prices are way too high). And the tips model is perfect for me because I don't charge but it's nice to get a couple bucks to cover filament, etc.

So my questions is: where are they? I see the MakePrintable app on all my models (even though they don't need it), and I hooked up my PayPal account in settings--but I don't see 3DHubs or a tips feature anywhere. If they aren't live yet, when will that happen?

By default, apps adhere to your license settings. 3DHubs defaulted to off because you're using non-commercial licenses. You can override the defaults here. Just click Thing Settings to enable 3DHubs for some or all of your designs.

Thanks for the quick reply! I'm sorry, this is very confusing.

Ok, so I've found how to access the page to enable 3DHubs on my models. Now, I'll have to do this every time I publish a new model? Why can't I at least change these settings on the model page?

What does the license (what I allow others to do with my model) have to do with whether I enable people to print to 3DHubs? Are you conflating the user profiting vs the random person who 3DHubs gives a couple bucks to print the model? I selected that license because I don't want others to sell my model as their own, but the whole reason I publish on Thingiverse is so that others can print my model and use it.

And I still don't see the tips anywhere. I tried changing to various licenses (even though, again, I don't understand why someone can't throw me a buck no matter what license I choose to give them).

Such great ideas here. I wish I could understand and make them work easily.

This feedback is very helpful to us. There's still more to come and your ideas well help us make this work better.

Licenses help guide us toward default app settings for users. Non-commercial licenses will have 3DHubs turned off by default. If you don't allow derivatives, MakePrintable will be disabled by default. I understand your point about conflating issues around non-commercial use, but we wanted to be very conservative with how we interpreted these licenses. 3D Hubs will continue to be disabled by default for your newly created Things, but you can enable it as part of the upload process.

Tips are currently only available as part of an app transaction. This means that, for example, you can tip the designer when you order their Thing through 3D Hubs. General purpose tipping is coming to the site soon.

Please keep the feedback coming.

MakePrintable is creating Remixes, which is problematic with 3D Hubs in the same way that Customizer was and still is. Specifically, consider this use case:

  1. Bob goes to Alice's model
  2. Bob runs MakePrintable on the model (which he might do whether or not the model has any issues)
  3. Model is now saved as a Remix to Bob's account
  4. Bob now sends this Remix to 3D Hubs to be printed
  5. Alice gets no tips on this model being sent to 3D Hubs because it sent from Bob's account, not Alice's.

The same problem occurs if you replace "MakePrintable" with "Customizer". I realize people could also just download models and send them to 3D Hubs themselves, but the system within Thingiverse should make encourage tips to be paid to the model designer whenever possible. If Alice spends 6 hours designing a model and then Bob presses Repair in MakePrintable or adds his name to the bottom with Customizer, Alice is really the only one that did any designing on the model.

The heart of the problem is twofold: first, 3D Hubs tips on Remixes are not sent to the previous designer(s), and second, "Remix" is really too strong a word for what happens when a user Repairs or Customizes something. When this happens for Customizer, it penalizes designers that make their models customizable, because they can't earn tips through 3D Hubs on those models. Now that the same thing is happening with MakePrintable, it potentially affects all designers.

I look forward to seeing where this all goes!

We just deployed a change specifically for Customizer creations. If someone orders a print of a Thing created by Customizer (only at this point), then the payment window will now let you tip the designer who created the openscad customizer instead of the person who customized it.

wow, tbuser, that is great! I tried to test it with Walter's customizable case model, but it wouldn't let me upload the file to 3DHubs for some reason, so I can't test it through to the end. glad to hear this development is happening!

Oh, sorry looks like there's a bug with thing apps and unpublished things! Try it on a published customized thing.

I'm curious what you'd think if on the tip window we showed 2 boxes, one for the designer of the thing and another box(s) for the parent(s) of the thing?

With customization and repairs, the designer is the parent. The child is a copy/version, not a new design. So 2 boxes wouldn't be appropriate, I think

Don't think there's ever a case where the person who used customizer shouldn't also have opportunity for being tipped? Also have to think about it in terms of all customization type apps to come.

I really can not think of any but the most extreme outlier examples. Like using the lithopane maker to make the Han Solo lithopane, because in that case the user actually adds an image file that needs to be processed appropriately for the customizer to work well. And... actually I don't have any other examples that I can think of...

Seems like 99% of all customizers are at the level of "push these sliders around until you get the size/fit/style you want", or "add some text".

That's kind of the point, I think - designers make customizable Things so that their designs are flexible, and so that users can have an easy customization experience rather than a full-on design experience.

Maybe the distinction is that when someone makes a Remix, even if it is a small change, they download the STL file and make the change somehow themselves in some way. But with Customization of a model, the designer actually provided both the file and the method/interface for changing it, so the act of customization is actually still part of the original design.

Yes this is definitely something we will be looking into addressing!

Is the thinking that these should be classified as a "made one" and not a remix?
If so I think that would be a great solution.

  • @t3rry wrote: "So i was playing with make printable just for fun, and the first object i used it on, the app broke a perfectly good object, lol."

  • @ElmoC wrote: "Make Printable from Mixed Dimensions allows users to analyze and repair 3D design files before printing them." Isn't this something that should be done with the item is uploaded? That way it is only done once instead of every time someone downloads the item. Also the creator would be in a better position to deal with those error and correct them if the repair system can't fix the problem.

MakePrintable can and does solve real problems, but it's not always the right tool for the job. This is why we think individuals should use it at their own discretion, instead of automatically applying it to every design. For what it's worth, we've been watching MakePrintable get better and better at this and expect those improvements to continue. Please leave comments on the MakePrintable App page to help improve app reliability and performance.

  • @mustangdave wrote: "I configured the tips and PayPal, where is the button to leave tips? On the profile or on the objects?"

You can currently only tip as part of an app transaction. For example, you can tip a designer when ordering a print through the 3D Hubs app. General purpose tipping is coming soon.

@glitchpudding since this "designer tip" is now featured on the main page, is this General purpose tipping now available? and if so how do you enable it for designs? I have added my paypal to my account but can not see how to enable this for my designs. thanks

also what is the difference between suggested and required?

I don't think it's listed under each design, it's only located on your profile page.

EDIT: Nevermind, it's listed under the designs and things.

looking at @mathgrrl designs and profile page I see it in both her profile and designs. I've enabled my paypal account but can't figure out how the "tip designer" button gets put on those pages.

@peetersm @mustangdave General tipping (or user-to-user tipping as we call it) is indeed now available for ALL designers and ALL Things.

As you can imagine, we didn't make it possible to tip yourself :) So if you are looking at your own designs while you are logged in, you will not see the tip button. But if you log out, or look at any other user's designs, you will see that the tip button is available.

Regarding suggested and required, this preference only applies when your design is used in a commercial purchase from an app, such as someone purchasing a print of your design via the 3DHubs app. Since your design is being used for a commercial purpose, we let designers decide whether a tip is mandatory or not. So essentially, if you require a tip, you are saying you want to always receive a share of the revenue made from your designs. If it's only suggested, then you are leaving it up to the customer to decide whether to compensate you for your design or not.

But for User-to-User Tipping, we believe firmly at Thingiverse that designs should be free for the community to download, as they always have been. So when a commercial purchase is not involved, it will always be optional for the user to tip the designer.

I hope that clears things up! Let me know if you have more questions. (We'll also be posting an FAQ to the site soon to explain all of these things since Apps have introduced a lot of new functionality to the site).