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How do I rename, delete, update and move things to other Collections?

I am also locked out after editing a collection

Same here, "something wrong" after deleting a collection. Incidentally, today, after navigating to my profile from the contact page, it worked again for a brief moment, but the profile is inaccessible again by now. Judging by the comments, it seems to be a recent and common issue, looking forward to seeing it resolved ... my back log in contributions isn´t getting smaller

I also faced a block after deleting my own gallery.
Now, 8 days have passed and everything (itself) has been repaired!

Yeah, they had a maintenance downtime earlier this week. I assume they cleared it up then. In any case, thanks to the staff.

Maybe someone from the support will see this message.
Cant do anything in my frofile after deleting one of my collection :(
Plz, help. Have error - Something went wrong

Same here! Please help!

I did this same thing today. now im stuck as well. desperate to complete a print for a customer and i cant get into my account to print the items off i need

Help: something went wrong!. Also after a deleting a collection. Please help.

same thing i deleted some things. and then it deleted everything and i cant recollect my items it shows a check mark as if it is in a collection. any help out there?

I’m having the same issue

Anybody here from SUPPORT Team???
PLZ fix bug with collection!!! After deleting have NO access to profile

There is NO support team. There is NO developers, there is NO one at the wheel. The site is pure unadulterated shit.

I am also facing the same issue... How did you solve this?

no way (((
they do not want to fix this error and do not respond to requests

I just opened a case about this through the makerbot website. In case I fix this, I'll let you know!

thnx. will waiting info :)

I'm having the same issue. I cleared cookies and history, but still get the same issue as user @shqarok after I login.

I have the same problem

Hello happy new year, I cannot search the web, my collections cannot see them either, what happens? Cheers

My thing isn't showing up as my designs in my profile. Nor can you find it by searching for it on thingiverse. :(

Foldable all-printed Penplotter/drawbot
by Jocorr

Is this site still working? I designed something using the customizer app and its been in the queue for 6 days.

Did it ever work for you? I am having the exact same problem.

This site can no longer be used. The further, the worse.

Nothing is working.

Nothing is working.

My sites go on -0 i will switch on page 5-6 then thingiverse go on page -0

I created a new thing, but I'm the only one who can see and download it.ive tried to share the link but everyone gets a 404 error.

Just want to say for about 12 hrs now I have not been getting any of that Sosatel spam, so I just want to say thanks to the moderators for letting me know you do adress the problems and you are working hard, I know a lot of people complain here which is the reason for this page but a lot of them are mean and threatening to leave and stuff. I say don't mind them they are just frustrated because their wives didn't let them have sexy time or something. I for one am please dto be rid of those mails, not saying it is solved for good or that it might not come back but that is for time to say. Please accept my thanks and let me be the first to say, good job.

I am also glad to be rid of them... IF we are truly rid of them. But there are far bigger problems with the TV website. See my post below.

I know this site has problems, and to be honest quite a few and a few large ones, and one idot spambot on top of all that is not something anybody is waiting for, BUT it is a security isue, people could click those sites and blammo they get their identity and creditcards stolen or a disk full of cryptolockers and what not, and this guy was one big nuiscance really annoying. es[ecially if everyone gets hurt by him. Now if they are truly rid of him they can focus on all the other stuff. But like I said every problem is negative every comment on them is even more negative, and a lot of them are just plain mean, I have worked in ICT and I can assure you if they get really pissed and frustrated nothing gets solved, so when they do good please say so, you don't know how much a little compliment can do against all the negative

Well, we can agree to disagree. Who on earth with a brain would click on one of those ridiculous SPAM links?? The site's basic functionality is far more important. And it's broke.

As a sysadmin I can assure you that those clicks happen even amongst the ones that consider themselves to be highly intelligent. I just saw a complaint from a 13 year old kid, mostly we forget that kids also visit this site for hobby and education, the weakest among us, the easily persuaded, yes the site is broke, probably also the reason a hacker like that could so easily f*** things up here, but safety comes first, in my line of work that Sosatel guy is of the highest priority and that is for every admin in the world the same thing. And now that this guy is out of the way, they should work further on functionality, but if this guy has a way in he could not only ruin the functionality here on thingiverse further but also yours, can you imagine that he would send these mails personally instead of via the Thingiverse server? What if he managed to get the e-mails through idiots or non PC knowledgeable artists or worse Children that clicked on the links probably from schools. I can not afford to agree or disagree I need to fix the security leak first and so do the admins here

Security leaks don't matter if the site isn't functioning. Get the thing working before you try to drive it.

WTF is going on with Thingiverse? When I went to post my latest design (GE dishwasher rack end cap) the form wasn't blank but instead was pre-populated with someone else's thing. I cleared that and went ahead and published my new thing... but it doesn't appear in my designs, nor can I find it by searching. But a few people have added it to their collections as I can see in my alerts... and if I click on the link there in my alerts it does take me to it. That's the ONLY way I can see this thing. And as a test when I go to the + to add a new thing, the form came up pre-populated with another different user's thing!! I am done posting things... I am not going to waste my time until this gets fixed.

Plus, I keep getting "comments" from all these lonely women wanting to "have sex" with me. Please Thingiverse FIX YOUR WEBSITE.

I get this all the time.


Someone is sending me offensive/and inappropriate replies to a comment I posted. How do I report this?

Same here. I can't find a place to report it... maybe they monitor this forum??

THIS website is more broken then I can possibly believe.

I have been trying to get a customized object from Customizer. It shows up in the queue but never shows up in my objects.
Is the Customizer not working at all?

Nothing is working.

I have over 30 collections and for months now I've only been seeing the collectons of the first page in the dropdown at COLLECT THING. I then always have to go to CREATE NEW COLLECTION and enter the title of the collection on the second page. This is so awkward to use.

Am I the only one having this problem?
When will this issue be fixed?

It is also not possible to sort the collections by alphabet. Would be great if this is finally fixed in near future.

Thingiverse is a brilliant idea. It worked at first, but has been unusable for a while (about 1-1.5 years). Search does not work, the page refreshes slowly, very often the same projects appear when scrolling. It does not update changes when you add new projects.
In a word: it works very poorly.
I'm sorry it's so bad ...

It's a little faster in the off hours... but still broken in so many ways. It really is a shame.

Nothing is working. Nothing. Just nothing.

I tried several times to edit my text/notes. While the edit window containst the edited/added text, after saving the website shows just the outdated content and does not change! Very sad. I tried to reload the site but it did not help. Please solve.

Clear cache and reload page (F5).

Hi guys,

I've posted 2 designs. It lists on my profile that I have 2 designs, but when I click to go to my designs, only one shows up. I can go into analytics and see the design there, but it isn't shown on my profile, and it isn't searchable. The STL file also hasn't been rendered as was my first design I posted! Thanks admins!

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Suddenly my profile says that there are designs and collections but when i want to view them it just says "Nothing here yet".

My issue is very similar. I've posted 2 designs. It lists on my profile that I have 2 designs, but when I click to go to my designs, only one shows up. I can go into analytics and see the design there, but it isn't shown on my profile, and it isn't searchable. The STL file also hasn't been rendered as was my first design I posted! Thanks admins!

Same here, my collections have vanished and it says “nothing here yet”

same error on my 33 collections. same behavier on firefox and opera, in firefox private mode too.

The site has been less usable for months. The main thing is to display advertising, which wouldn't be a problem, but since then something different doesn't work with every change :-(
It will be a cramp to work sensibly here.

Mine too, just says "Nothing here yet".

I am having the same issue trying to access my collections. It shows that I have 12 collections, but it just says "Nothing here yet".

Why when I edit the model, even the text, and click save it doesn't show up on the model page? Then, if you click edit, then everything is correct on the edit page, but nothing changes on the model page.

clearing only the cache works for me. But for the model i had to rename the model file and remove old one to change it on server

The new web server has issues with refreshing cache on your browser. Everyone is experiencing the same thing. After you post a model, or a change to a model, or comment sometimes, you will not see it on the website for 24 hours sometimes. Or, you can sign out, clear your browser data & cache, then sign back in and check again. This will often allow you to see the changes, because it flushes all local copies of the data and forces it to download everything from scratch.

What is going on with the site...
one of my designs i uploaded two days ago no longer shows up on my design but on another user and i also have a design in my profile that belongs to another user..

When are you gonna fix the site

New glitch: when adding something to my collections, the drop down menu is no longer in alphabetical order and not all of my collections are shown in the menu any longer.

Some of the models I upload aren't rendering a thingiviewer so they are just a grey cog for pictures. How can I fix this?

I uploaded a file I'd like to recover about 5 years ago, it's the only copy since my old computer crashed. When I click to download it takes me to a 404 error file not found page with a black background. How can I recover this file to print and/or save?

they have deleted all models on request "Deus ex". Why? I don't know. Maybe your model has been deleted too?

What is the deal with the customizers? Not only do we see pages and pages of nametags that are useless to the people who do not bare those names and when I try to customize I get "Default backend - 404", with or without addblockers and spamfilters I keep getting this error, and yet they should work because all the pages are swamped with these things. I can however download the openscads and do it myself, so there is no problem there I just figured it would be important to you guys that the customizers work for everyone. Also I do not need to fill my harddrive with customizers and get errors on "write not found" or couldn't load "WARNING: Can't open include file 'write/Write.scad'." and fixing them all the time.

for some reason my inbox messages are opening at the bottom of the page but i cant see anything cos even scrolling down wont let me read them? refer to pic attached

any chance you can fix this anytime soon?

I have been trying to search but I can't enter what I want to search for, Help

I noticed last night that I can no longer log in to my account. Username and password are correct no errors show up, I click sign in it says it is signing me in but then sends me back to the main page and I am not signed in. I have even inputted the wrong password to see what happens and it does say incorrect password, so I know my login credentials are correct. I have cleared my cache, restarted my computer and the results remain the same. My username is Outkast. Thank you

Hello, I have the same problem.
Tried to publish a thing yesterday, and that's when it happened, apparently.
When I call up my designs I can get into them, but I can't edit anything. Could even create a design as a test, but after saving, the same thing happened with it. My account name: HardyP
I am very grateful for a quick troubleshooting.
greetings hardy

I'm having the same issues, 3 different browsers, 2 different PCs, 2 different Internet connections - I'm surprised I've been able to comment here because I was trying to comment on a design.

Yay! I'm able to search for design again! Thank you Admins!!!

Give us the old design, please! I can't search for parts anymore with only one page of results

Please give us the old design back.... OR fix the new one.

Especially number of finds! I will only show 1 page. This sucks.

After some weeks of trying and waiting: The new layout is faster, but the bugs are really annoying. When will they be fixed?

For example

  • The customizers layout is broken and make it impossible to use it!
  • The statistics are broken … no views, but downloads show as before
  • Likes are not shown on a things page!
  • Number of finds seems to be limited!
  • It looks like I´m logged in - the profile foto shows up, but trying to open the Account Settings leads to an Error 404 - or editing is not possible. I have to log in again then. This is quite confusing.

How about a statement, maybe a message to the users … make the development a bit more transparent.
Then I will be patient - maybe! Otherwise I will take my designs and look for an alternative.

Ahh, i just found they've been sending updates on Twitter.

""We are really trying our hardest to maintain and improve the site. it's on of the top 1000 most busy sites online and over a decade old with a lot of legacy work to cleanup. There is a small team working hard everyday to keep the service up.""

Ok... Patience is a virtue....

Would just like to add on to this - the customizer is still broken and impossible to use.

You can try the original OpenScad. It is free, has a built in Customizer, works with the newest version of OpenScad, is better and stable.

Is there a way to use the old version of thingiverse? I find myself coming to this site less and less.

why doesn't the customization page look properly?

Hi Folks,

My analytics is showing I am having no Views, and yet my designs page says they are continuing? Any ideas? As you can see I have had a reasonably consistent rate of views/downloads over the last two years and they very suddenly dropped to nothing. Download figures appear correct, but Views does not?

The same here. I've even tried to contact Thingiverse support, but no response for two weeks. It started 21.3.2020. Since than it seems people are downloading without viewing :D

Yes I definitely agree, not that it matters much in the long run, I don't have sponsorship or anything, but unless people complain about these small things, bigger ones will also go unnoticed. However I have judged many projects on their statistics. I have lodged a direct email as well now on the topic. (You will see in my graphic there was also a time where my downloads stats, were the same as the view stats (flattering but highly unlikely).

Thingiverse seems to have growing pains where all the extra traffic has not been handled at scale to give users a pleasant experience. I am hoping the new cosmetic changes to the GUI also signal better designed database structures and adequate servers underneath. I certainly don't mind the advertising if these things are addressed with the extra cash flow (and not the provision of the CEO with a second flashy car, hahaha). Best wishes.

I had a whole column of complains about statystics replaced by adds, but I'd deleted that part, as I did not want to be rude. There is realy nothing good that can be said about it.

To think positive, I realy apreciate how quickly the pages of Thingiverse are downloaded now. And I don't mind to see adds even on my own designs, if I will have the analytics back.

I wish you are all well and good luck finishing this transformation soon, Thingiverse.

any search I do, only returns 10 results. why?? will they solve it ??

I don't know if they will solve it but for now their are workarounds to search:

1) Search for thing
2) Resize browser window so it shows 2 results per line
3) Click refresh
4) Resize browser window back up to your preferred size
5) Endless scrolling now works

Thank you for the workaround. I have been going crazy trying to find things on my browser and had resorted to searching on the app. Much appreciated!!

Haku3D came up with it but I try to share it as much as possible!

I'm not sure if this new way of website is to deter ppl to use it or nor, I think if that is THE intention, you will succeed. ARE you guys realize you are destroying your great reputation? I guess not.... VERY unhappy and will most likely use other sites!

IMHO whoever the designer of the new Thingiverse has destroyed it!!! I can't find anything, enter a search term and get 10 with maybe one matching the search and that's it. I used to spend hours looking at what people designed. I guess it time to look elsewhere because Thingiverse is useless, I mean really utterly totally absolutely useless!!!! Thanks for destroying my favorite web site!

1) Search for thing
2) Resize browser window so it shows 2 results per line
3) Click refresh
4) Resize browser window back up to your preferred size
5) Endless scrolling now works

Tried your "solution", it doesn't work for me - I still only get 10 results from any search. I agree with the other poster - Thingiverse has become useless when I can't see results. What happened?? Who can we contact about this?

Really... Nobody... You can message admins and the like but IF you get a response, it will just say the normal "we're working on it" so its really not worth it.

found the way... kind off..
they shows you the 10 most relevant to your search. once you choose one, the models that they classify that are relevant to your search then will appears under THE one you selected. this will shows you another 20+ models... or select the type of group and the models are listed ALL in the grouping.... I guess, this way will improve the speed and "solve" the SLOW thingiverse that we used to. hope this helps a bit..... cheers

How do i change my favorites on my profile page? i cant add nor change them and thingiverse added them didn't even know those were there till i got on a laptop. thanks

For me it didn't have any favorites when I first joined. For me it usually takes several tries to get them to stick without changing when I refresh.
Go to edit profile, and scroll down to the thumbnails that you have in there and click remove when you hover over them. If there is no added photos yet, you can just add them in.

Why is the "new" thigiverse design that bad?
No search get more than 10 results. It is horrible. I don´t like it anymore. :-(

I cannot post in groups, since I'm a new member.
Do you know, how long it takes to get full access ?

A perfectly good website, although slow,, i could at least find what im looking for. Now, you can't get more than 10 things to pop up. Yall suck

Site is nigh on unusable now on any browser. Such a shame it has been decimated like this.

Please come back to older version!! I can´t find the things.

With "explore things" and other searches there are only 10 results? Newest - 10 Results? This is very bad. Before the update, you could simply scroll through. Very convenient. Are you still changing that? So the update is very bad and uninteresting. So far this is not an improvement. Thank you

This is crazy isn't it? I have been fighting this "update" for weeks. It was bad enough they had the issues like site down, unresponsive, very, very slow, bad gateways, etc. but this new design if you want to call it that is pretty much the worse I have ever seen. Bring back the old site, at least I only have to deal with speed issues, not lame ass design. What a large step back, very embarassing.

They fixed the speed issues, its just they broke a bunch of features in the process, rendering the site mostly useless...

I couldn't have said it better, thanks for the reply. It's a hobby and hobbies are fun. This makes the hobby not fun if you want to share or look at other makes. I really liked how it was before as far as design although for some reason my Chrome would always stall and repeat what I just seen as I was paging down. MS Edge didn't seem to do that as much if at all.

I'm only just hopping on to the people-oriented side of thingiverse but I'm having a problem where my pictures in a make that I did aren't loading! I tried JPEG, PNG, WEBP and HEIC.

what's wrong again now thingiverse ?! .. 10 results, and that's it ?! .. .. useless filtering options .. search not giving results .. not even able to find my things with the exact words .. this is not an update for better ! .. I stood by your side when others fled your interface in the past, but now you 'renewed' it, I don't see the point anymore .. Read a book on website ergonomics, and stop wanting to be fancy at the expense of site 'agility'. Disappointing.

The world is changing... Who knows what happened. Maybe they lost something, maybe something changed that we don't know about. If so they should tell us but don't yell at them. Thousands of gigabytes and people burden this site every day and I can't tell you how much that would affect it but it would make sense to slow it down and cause other problems. Who knows? Maybe they stopped a different problem from developing and something worse would have gotten us. What I do know is that they don't have enough staff and they should consider asking for help from users that are experienced in web development. Beta testing is also needed before releasing updates and they should have responsive admins that will keep us informed. Thats my opinion but I try to stay as chill as possible and not rage at admins like other users do sometimes.

I stayed chill for years, and still not consider myself as 'raging' but ok, perception is relative .. 'who knows what happened' you ask ? :-) ... weeeel: one might think, they should know what they do to their site. (In their place, I would want to know.) And reading further, I think you answered your own question: "they don't have enough staff and they should consider asking for help from users that are experienced in web development. Beta testing is also needed before releasing updates and they should have responsive admins that will keep us informed." .. nothing to add there .. except it cannot be used as an (really bad) excuse, if you want your site to live on ..

True dat... THINGIVERSE IS WITHHOLDING INFORMATION LIKE CHINA DID THE CORONAVIRUS! I wanna know what da fudge is going on back there... Really would help if they made announcements or something. What I meant by raging users is certain people do swear and curse at the admins for no apparent reason then the site was broken. Some people are just incredibly salty...
Before that, this same guy replied to someone complaining in the thingiverse GENERAL forum, not the site issues and feedback.
He said this is not the right forum for whining right? Ok so I would say something similar which means that I supported his comment :) I hadn't realized what forum it was in so I noticed for the first time after he pointed it out. So I exclaimed: This is true! because I hadn't noticed. What do I get? STFU Nobody cares about your useless comments. Everybody can tell without you posting useless comments. Something like that and definitely not exaggerated. And then I posted another "useless comment" and he shows up and tells me again to STFU

It is not much, but they use Twitter as communication channel: (you don't need a Twitter account)

Ok thanks! They still should make announcements on the site :)

Oh, agreed. I have no idea why they are using Twitter. Simply a banner with a message that the site is in transition and that it could take a month (?) might have saved a lot of unrest.

I mean they have a banner for the coronavirus! Like, who needs that lol? Just kidding but seriously...

Site is broken,

  • Search won't work
  • Only limited item show
  • Thumbnails do not load
  • Site is unresponsive at busy times

If you want money then please move to a subscription model, I am sure many people will happily pay a small fee to use this site. But please, please, please, don't make it die a slow and horrible death.

Someone somewhere, will come up with a better site than you. End users have loyalty to experience, don't test us!

Im having same issues with PC but works fine on Phone?

mikeliss doesn't have any connection with Thingiverse because he left Makerbot awhile ago. He is not active on here and he wont help or listen or reply to you. The search works fine now but it only shows 10 results. Thumbnails only sometimes don't load so its not an active problem. Considering the entire american nation is home I'm not surprised its unresponsive at BUSY TIMES.

Today the search not work, only 20 items found. New site very bad

I have the exact same issue, omly 10 items no matter you search for....

(Credit to: Haku3D for developing this loophole)

1) Search for thing
2) Resize browser window so it shows 2 results per line
3) Click refresh
4) Resize browser window back up to your preferred size
5) Endless scrolling now works

I have the same problem, it is a disaster, nobody can fix this?

mikeliss won't answer you because he left thingiverse. I think you can only see 10 items after search now.

so what's the use of this site?

You can still see 10 items but its not a lot compared to before. I mean you can browse collections and if you know exactly what you want, you can search for it and maybe it will come up in the 10 results. This might be a good time to learn how to design your own models while Thingiverse recovers and fixes the top 10 glitch. Try new programs and learn from youtube and start posting models so when the glitch is repaired, everybody can see your new models. The use of the site has dropped dramatically from this glitch, even more so maybe than the irrelevant search glitch, which you could loophole and bypass. Just try to do everything as normal as possible and watch out for the COVID-19

Try Edge or use an android device

I don't like android lol... They spy on you and record everything you do like google. Probably related to google... I'm on a mac so I don't use Edge.

They don't spy, they are gathering all your personal information in your best interest :)

Now this I doubt!

Yeah, and apple is a cash grab, so choose your battles.

Also, he is right. It collects data so it can give you the best experience.

And hands it to Google to do with what they will... Apple is better quality than Samsung for sure.

Samsung is not the only Android company. There are many many companies all with various ranges of quality and price. Apple is overpriced for what it is. Google's intents with any data on you are far from malicious. They use data to determine content that you would like, making your searches more relevant and recommending YouTube videos that it thinks you would like. The only thing that could possibly seen as "bad" is AdSense, which gives you ads that are more relevant to you and what you are interested in, which could be seen as some sort of malicious ploy to make you spend money, but 99% of the time, ads are ignored by the user. Google is not the only company that tracks what you use their service for, Netflix, Hulu, and just about every streaming service does the same thing as a means to recommend shows and movies that you will enjoy.

Considering that people have found past phone conversations they made encrypted on google just kinda prevents me from getting another after it happened several times. A phone was brought to apple by the FBI and they asked apple to unlock it. They refused. It violated their privacy terms so they wouldn't do it even for the FBI. Recording my phone conversations? Thats just too much. No proof of apple ever doing it was found as far as I know. A friend of mine's friend dipped his $700 android "waterproof phone" in water for about four seconds. It failed... My friend left an old iPod touch in a pocket and it made it through the washer and dryer UNSCATHED WHATSOEVER. Argue what you will, you wont change my mind. I am not going to try to make you change yours but thats my opinion. People say apple is fragile. Thats why so many kids use android. Because they are too immature to not drop their phones all the time and try to break them because they don't know better. If you can handle a quality piece of equipment buy apple, if you don't know how to hold on to a phone, then buy android. And don't test your "waterproof"ness that doesn't exist. I'm not saying that apple is waterproof but don't lie to your customers. Notice how most you tubers and people in advertisements use the BEST APPLE! Not the "best" android! If you want expensive, I was in a T-Mobile store today and they had a $1300 android phone... More expensive than the best apple... Go figure...

I will place money on apple doing it too. 100% Safari and the appstore know what you have searched for and what you have downloaded so they can provide more relevant search results. I don't use an apple, so I don't know how the appstore looks, but if it has a recommended section anywhere, then you know that they do

One conspiracy article against google is not a reason to boycott it and move to substantially worse platforms that still have the same problem. If you are really that conserned about privacy, do actual research. Remember, anything that google officially says has to be true, because if they make a statement conserning privacy, and it is found to be false, they will be faced with so many legal issues, and would be sued so hard they will be bankrupted.

Comment has been deleted

Le site n'était déjà pas terrible avant mais là c'est carrément une catastrophe!

The site was not very good before but there it is downright a disaster!

El usuario "mikeliss" no le responderá porque ya no trabaja con Makerbot. Los desarrolladores tienen poco personal y fondos insuficientes. Antes, Makerbot estaba financiando a Thingiverse con dinero de su compañía. Ahora, están intentando financiar el sitio a partir de anuncios, pero están trabajando lentamente en el sitio y, con suerte, pronto comenzarán a solucionar los problemas.

I am very new to this site, but i find that there are many broken links and it is sometimes Sloooooooooow.

Except for that, good work

mikeliss won't help you or listen to you because he no longer works with makerbot so don't bother trying to talk to him.

Hello! I cant use MakerBot thingiverse CUSTOMIZER. Its opening in 3cm height working place. I can scroll model features in this, but cant see any preview, its complitely unusable. Tryed CHROME, EXPLORER, TOR, all the same. Please fix it ASAP.

Thank you for your reply, You can understand me, I write SUPPORT directly, waited and havent received any answer. I research more support line and turnd out be here. You can read THIIS:

I cant use MakerBot Thingiverse CUSTOMIZER, its opening in 3cm height window and cant expand, I can scroll model features in customizer in this 3cm windows, but cant see any preview. Im tryed CHROME, EXPLORER, TOR, same on all. Please FIX it ASAP.


Comment has been deleted

Thank you very much! I will try to call memory of using it.

Still 2 bugs : 1. When adding a thing to my collections i cannot see all my collections i created after the letter M. 2. When clicking a thingiverse link from external app (facebook, ...) i see a duplicate banner in the browser.
Otherwise very good job for now, thanks

Like I have told so many people, mikeliss won't answer questions because he no longer works at Makerbot. If you read his profile he states that. He no longer has any importance on Thingiverse. I'm not sure if he uses TV at all but I doubt it. Either way, he doesn't care about Makerbot or their problems so he might as well have deleted his account and this topic considering that half the links are broken and go to other questions.

Pls Fix This Web, Before the update sometimes work slow but after dont even go why you change it?

Its super fast now actually. I'm not even using any extensions for speed like others. It works as fast as before the update but there is still a lot of patching up to do. The user "mikeliss" won't help you with anything nor answer your questions. Read this: mikeliss

holy crap! with the update, you not only ruined the design, but your search engine began to work incorrectly! on request "knight's helmet" they show me some chess with Pokemons, what the hell?

You realize this guy hasn't answered any questions this page right? Maybe thats cause HE QUIT MAKERBOT so he won't help you. Read His Profile!

Why do we need this new design, if the most important thing is SEARCH, it doesn’t work in it ??? Also on the main page, the models do not have information about the rating, popularity. RETURN OLD DESIGN !!!

Read mikeliss's profile...

Hate to be johhny raincloud but mikeliss left TV so he he will not be answering your questions about Makerbot or TV. He says this same thing on his profile.

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Yes it is true !!!

I don't know what is wrong with this page but it works horrible, everything was fine, before this stupid update, now is shit. I have problems with login, the page need very long time to load. Developers, what is wrong with this site, what have you done !


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(sorry for the inglish)
hello thingiverse. I like the new design but the "Search Thingiverse" is not working, if I tri to find old things, I can´t, I put the same name but don´t find it. I´m a brazilian user and i be part of a facebook group where i read a lot of claims abaout the the search system, If i try "exact text" is better but don´t work well.
exemple if i Try to find a thing "razor crest" a starwars spaceship i cant find it, but in the old system i find it easily. So like a big fan o thingiverse I hope this "search system" work good like the old one. thanks

Would THIS help?

Razor Crest Fan Sculpt V2

Yes thanks. i try to this text, i copy and paste, but not find in "search"

Yes the search is not properly functioning due to the new update of the site. The user "mikeliss" who wrote this topic no longer works with thingiverse so he will not answer your questions.

Hi Thingiverse
Before the new design the site was running very slow and sometimes it did not work.... After new design still very slow and more has come, "Search Thingiverse" dont work if you search for something let say Sidewinder x1 nothing show there is for that search and if you are so lucky to find something in the new design and want to download it you have to reload to get anything to show up... Why did you update the site with something more bad or not even close to have been tested ?

mikeliss left Makerbot and no longer helps people... Read his profile...

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A user called "nosolab656" is putting "adule site" links in the comments on all of my designs. How do I stop this?

You can't ;) Its a scripting bot masked by a user spamming it on thousands of published and unpublished models. I had this same crap on my models...

I had one of these comments pop up on one of my things. I flagged the comment but I would also like to know if there is more I could do.

There is not much except keep annoying admins XD Just kidding, but its actually a bot because lets be honest. The same comment, same user on thousands of models in a matter of hours? Nope, thats scripting masked by a user...

salve quando provo a d attivare la ricerca per un disegno nuovo non parte la ricerca

Il nuovo aggiornamento del sito ha impedito il corretto funzionamento della ricerca. Se mi dici quello che stavi cercando, potrei essere in grado di aiutarti a trovarlo. L'utente che ha scritto questo argomento non ti aiuterà da quando ha lasciato questo sito.

How do I upload and publish a project?

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The search system is completely broken. Some search terms do not yield any results even though I know the searched word is explicitly the name of a thing.

Adding to that, the site is awfully slow. Is it hosted on a single raspberry pi?

I urge MakerBot Industries to work on these issues as more and more people (me included) are moving to alternative websites to find 3d models.

I understand that MakerBot Industries prefers to work on projects such as the new Sketch classroom which actually generate revenue. But would anyone consider buying this product when it comes from a company making a site this atrocious?

To sum it up: pls fix

Take a peek at his profile and it says he no longer works at Makerbot and Thingiverse so he won’t help anybody. Meh looks like he might as well delete his acc. If he still uses his acc than thats pretty selfish of him not to help people with questions.

Why there is no preview in my uploaded files? They are normal STL less than 300k. Thanks.

Goodbye Thingiverse.
After having enjoyed using Thingiverse for many years, it is time to choose a different platform for dropping my files and downloading nice things from others.

For about a year I used Thingiverse against my better judgment, hoping that there would be an update of the website that would make everything workable and fast again, but it does not seem that this update will ever come, so then it's time to look for alternatives.

I am not here to advertise one of these alternatives, I would not like that, but I will leave Thingiverse myself and in about a month, I will also remove my files on my account.

People on Thingiverse, thank you for allowing me to enjoy your designs and thank you for giving my designs nice and useful criticism. People from Thingiverse themselves, thank you for giving me all these great years on this website. You have made it possible for me to develop with 3D printing and you have done that without charging me a cent, my thanks for this.

Without Thingiverse I would certainly not have got as far with my hobby as I am now, and that is why it hurts my heart to leave this website, but it is no longer sustainable to sometimes have to wait more than an hour for a download or a page refresh. This is 2020, but here it feels like 1983, when I was still playing with a 2400 Baud modem.

Thanks to everyone, and see you soon ...

I cannot update my account profile, all i keep getting is "token expired" whenever I try to save the changes.

Same problem here and also when I try to post photo of makes.

If I want to contact a designer about his thing, there is the possibility to send a message through " messages" or "message me" However when I do that and want to send the message it says then "token expired" What can I do to avoid this and send the designer a normal message?

Why is this STILL the SLOWEST site on the entire internet. Are you using 56k modems? Carrier pigeon? It's downright horrible.

Hello I am doing a school project on 3D printers and I wanted to estimate how many 3D printing home users there are in the world by the number of people registered to this site, can you tell how many users there are?

Is there perhaps something wrong with makerbot/customizer side? I haven't been able to access the customizer since yesterday. I keep getting the error message "We're sorry, but something went wrong." and other times I get the following error "Failed to authenticate application: 403: "The specified code was not found."". This is not just on one design, I've tried this on 3 different designs.

Search doesn't work at all. Everything broken, cannot find anything

I follow the Ender 3 group and there are some topics that have good information that I'd like to refer back to at a later date so I've clicked on "Follow" for these topics. How do I find these topics that I'm "Following".

I've gone to the Dashboard and looked under My Activity and Watchlist, but can't find the topics. Does anyone know? Thanks in advance.

how do I invite/attract followers to my group?

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Hmmm. Quite the conundrum wrapped in an enigma. Thanks for the information though. I did not know that it was supposed to be an ad free zone

Does anyone know if it's possible to upload a 3D file that retains its color/texture information as part of the file and is displayed in the Thingiview view? I'm not sure if anyone of the supported files would allow this but wanted to see if anyone has had success in the past with doing this.

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It is taking "forever" for thumbnails of parts and images to appear after posting something. Is this is known problem? Is someone working on it? Is it going to be better soon?

It's very depressing - not just for my stuff I post - but every day there are dozens of things posted that I would like to see the pictures, but it has only the words.

And, while you are fixing things, can you please prevent people posting videos as their first item? It really slows down and sometimes goofs up the ability for browsers to scan through this top level.

same problem here loaded it up this morning still not showing up.

Yeah, me too. I got some thumbnails to show up by including them in a comment, but they don't show in the normal place and I can't download any of my STL files either.

Unwanted nsfw content.

When I look some models ( for example), in the bottom of text, in the section "More from..." I steel can see unwanted nsfw content! But I already turned it off in my profile! How to turn it off once and for all???

fighting knight
by bs3

I am unsure of the best place to request assistance on this issue.

Lately, maybe a week since it started, files are downloading as a zip with an 8 digit (eg that only contains the file, no license, no images, no other key markers of a Thingiverse download. Is there something i need to fix at my end or is this the new way of things?

How do I get thingview to work for my image? Do I have to post the image? I just want to rotate the 3D image to view it from all angles?

Unwanted tags added to things

I have a thing ( that was posted about 3 months ago. Other users have been adding unwanted tags to the item. Recently someone added a tag of "poop" and a few that were even worse. I edited the thing to remove the tags.

Is there a way to stop others from adding tags to an item? Or do I have to continuously keep monitoring and cleaning up after rude people? Also, is there a way to see who added the tags or even get a notification when edits are made?


3D Printed Pendulum Clock

Why haven't I been able to see files in Thingiview in weeks?! Some of the older items that I have saved still have the option, but in the last few weeks, I haven't been able to use it!

I have a question on Remixes how do I give credit to their design I understand most of it I just don't know how to put in the design in question.

I think the text under "How do Topics get pinned?" is incorrect. It seems to be a duplicate of what's under "I found an offensive Thing that I don't think should be on Thingiverse, what should I do?".

Is this site really slow for anyone else? Using this site on multiple computers and phones it is almost impossible at times. Its getting rediculous!

Also is there a way to delete my things more than one at a time? I have so many unpublished "customized" things that need to be cleaned up.


I have noticed a big slowdown for about 90 to 120 days now. To "fix it", Thingiverse may have to implement a prohibition of "bot or autodownloader / scrapers" that may be downloading pages in bulk. Next, it may be time to shop providers, or determine how much bandwidth and or CPU / DB utilization, then determine if there are any crazy large files that don't need to be there, etc... AKA, the site is growing like a weed, where in 2018 they passed 1M Things, and now it's up to 3.4M Things, so that's a triple of Things in 1 year... Plus the user base has likely grown as well. Sometimes a provider can be prompted to help determine the bottleneck or scaling issues. DB , Disk, Distribution, Caching, etc. So caching could save a lot of DB queries, for example...

IDEA: Thingiverse, please consider adding the thing number to the ZIP filename for download; So My3D_Thing_12345.ZIP Where 12345 = the thing number. That would make it easier to track the things I DL...

I have over 40 creations posted and am very unhappy with the sites performance. I will find a new home if something isn't done quickly.

Horrendously slow, I tried the ghostery extension to block the analytics but it still takes 15 seconds or so for the page to load and thats without most of the pictures.

Why is this website so slow ??? I really like it, but I get very angry sometimes.
Do something please!!!!!!

Silly question: Is it okay to post uncredited remixes as originals if the design, though not augmenting an existing Thing, clearly copies the physical specifications of the inspiring designs? I ask because some searches are showing derivatives against originals with no remix credit given...

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is it possible to send messages to multiple people at once?

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Hello! When will you transfer my money to me? For 2 years, no remittances! Please transfer my money to me.

What type of payment are you needing? Money from tips?

Yes, money from tips

Your sure you had/have your PayPal linked? Did you get any emails saying you needed to link it? Any other emails (like how did you know how much and when you were tipped)

Yes, i am sure. My Paypal is right connected, other services fine work with my Paypal account.

Since a week ago I cant find some of my things trough Search item button. In my things they apperar correctly and I can edit things without issues. Thanks.

the same for me, the site has not yet solved this bug.

Why do not they communicate about these problems !!

Yes you are right! Management of Thingverse have not yet said any word on this problem!
Someone wrote here that they are communicating on Twitter. I don't have any account there.

Hi, you don't need an account, . I don't have one either. The last tweet (May 8) was:

"Update : As a temporary fix, we've updated the site so that all of your Things, Likes, Makes, Collections, Groups are pulling correctly. BUT these things are currently not searchable on your profile pages and on the Group pages, but sorting and filtering will still work."

Oh okay, thanks :-)

Yay! ! The number of display of My Collection is displayed accurately. You can see the collection that has disappeared safely.

Have you tried to search things that were missing and came back recently?

Same here since yesterday. Only in analytics i can see all my stuff. Collections etc gives the message "aww can't find ....".

same too cant find my designs since yesterday.

I have the same problem, can please someone from the Thingiverse Team tell us something about?

Same, my designs do not show. any idea whats going on?

Site is not showing all of my things.
When I search for my thing that is not shown in my list of things, it does not show up in the search result.
I can see all of my things in the analytics page.
I can still edit my things not shown in my things list, but I can only get to them through the analytics page.

EDIT: As of Monday, 07MAY18, 12:07 PM PST all my things now show up in my "My Things" list. I don't know when they returned, but they are there now.

I am having this problem too! my designs are not showing in search result! same as yours! what happenned?

Same for me, i have 31 Collections, but all of the Collections dont show to me. Klick on Collections ony says "none found". Can you please fix this issue ? Thanks a lot

Ditto. Collections and some makes have disappeared from my main page. On the left side of the page, the numerical count is shown. 1 collection and 15 makes. This is correct. However, if I open up the collections page, it shows none found. If I open up the makes page, it only shows 3 makes, the three I added yesterday (5-5-18). If I go to a thing page that I know I've made, my makes still show up in that thing's make section.

They just won't appear in my home page. What does appear is a broken file or picture icon at the bottom of what is displayed. For instance, on my collections page, there's the filter stuff and then where it would show my "things to make" collection, it's just that broken file icon. On my makes page, it shows the three makes I added yesterday, then that icon. I've added screensnips of the icon I'm talking about.

Just to follow up, As of right now, 5-7-18, 12:00 pm CST, all of my dashboard is again working correctly.

Same here folks I can only see a couple of my collections!

like others, Search not working. My collection, likes, makes etc, everything disappeared. can only find stuff on analytics.

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same for me... :-(

same with me. dashboard shows several likes, makes and collections in the summary, but they cannot be displayed.

Same for me. One of my uploaded designs is gone as well as several likes on other designs.

Same here. Cannot search my username, cannot search any of my designs, makes, collections, etc.

Same here - cannot see my Likes although the site shows I have 50 of them.

Same here. I changed the title of one of my previously released Things and now that thing is not listed in My Things, cannot be found through search... It's visible in Analytics only. Accessing it via the actual URL still works, so at least it's not deleted (lots of work went into it).

Not sure where to go to bring this up so I'm adding myself to the list of people affected here. What's going on Thingiverse? Is there an IT problem?

EDIT: I checked Thingiverse's Twitter. Go to twitter guys. They are aware of the issue and are working on it for the past 24-36 hours or so. They are posting periodic updates there.

i am having the same issue as well. hopefully someone get this fixed

Most of my things can't be found by searching and there are not displayed at "my designs" over the web. The remaining things have fewer likes and collects than before.

The missing things are only visible by browsing the thing-URL or under "my designs" at the smartphone app.

I've just saw that all my things are back at "my designs" over web, but the former missing stuff still can't be found by searching.

Even if you make new items in my collection, although the count is increasing in the profile, there is one display missing in the browser. Do you have private settings or public settings?

In the smartphone application, since the added collection was seen, I tried clearing the cache of the browser of the personal computer, but it continues to remain unchanged and not being displayed.

None of my searches produce any results (even searching for "keychain" has 0 results). Or if I look into other user's designs, it says no results were found, even though the profile states they actually have designs to show... is it just me?

Nope, my collections are gone as well. Funny thing, if I 'add a thing to my collection', the names of my collections are in the drop down list. But they are not accessible.

Same here. Search not working. My collection, likes, makes etc, everything disappeared!

Same here. Search not working. My collection, likes, makes etc, everything disappeared!

I am getting nothing as well, even though I searched something I already download and I know it exists, yet 0 results. Obviously something wrong with their site. Sure hope they fix it fast

Nope, all my searches come back with zero results and all my collections are now gone. Hopefully they'll fix this soon.

My Things don't show up on the Newest page. Is it just me?

Need some help

How do I delete a group I have created??

Help! The "Download All" Button is gone, in it's place there is a button that says prepare that does not seem to function? How can I download files?

It is because of this stupid "MakerWare"

Look at the url, if it looks like this ""
Change it to this ""

18650 Fatshark-like Battery Case (Over-engineered) - 8.4V
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I just recently looked at my analytics and noticed that the amount of downloads and views on my two oldest things are much lower than I can remember. I also showed this my information to others a while ago and they also agree that it is lower then the last time they saw it. Is there a yearly reset on the view/download counter or is this a bug.

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I have issues upload a profile picture, I browse the .jpg and there is ~1 second of delay and then the "choose picture" button is displayed again. I tried Save and such with no luck.

What do I do wrong?

How do I remove a thing from a collection?

Need HELP!! Upload Thing does not work!!! As soon as I enter Tags in upload a new thing I can not go any further and I am unable to edit my existing things. How do I fix this? I have things I want to share but can not. Is there anyone out there that can HELP?

I am having a problem either editing my stuff or creating a new thing. I am unable to go any further the the tags field, nothing shows on my screen. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? I have logged out and back in and that does not work.

I write because Mapo3d is using some makes to promote his nsfw page. He uses projects like baby Groot but the thing that he made aren't baby groot. How can I report him?
Here are some links of the user:


I am hoping to use models off of thingiverse that have obviously been designed by someone else to attract customers on 3dhubs by displaying pictures of my prints on the website. Is this fully legal? I am not selling the physical parts themselves which I understand is illegal but I am displaying pictures of 3d prints for which the geometry has been modeled by someone else.

Thank you for your help ahead of time!

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I have created a design and upload it to Thingiverse. However it is not showing up in all the tags I have added it to. Any suggestions?

Battle Boss Ziggs Satchel Charge
by ardz
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When I search League of Legends and sort by newest it doesn't show up.

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That seems silly.

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Hello. I have one such problem with the site: when scrolling the search page, always during loading, the page jumps to one or two screens up?

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That works temporarily....maybe for one or two scrolls. This has always done this as long as I've been coming to this site. I can't believe this just persists with nobody fixing it. Is this a european based site?

No it is an all American quality product like the Ford Pinto :). But as an European let me give a solution: go to your account-settings -> Browse settings -> Use pagination instead of infinite scroll.
That will work for scrolling through things, but it will bite back when scrolling through a forum. You can't leave the first page (in my experience).

Yes I have same problem here. It's really annoying...

I use Google chrome.

yeay, that trick worked... thanks

Do i have an adware or does thingiverse now have redirecting ads?

I've posted snippets of code and the font size is massive. After reading several posts with others doing the same I see I'm not alone. I attempted to use [code] [/code] which inserts a code block in most boards but that doesn't work. Is there a way at least keep the font at the default text size? I've included this example of what's occurring if you simply copy/paste:








Any answer to that ?

I've the same problem !

And my [code] code [/code] does nothing, I do see the bracket code bracket !



// #test

test sup

Your web site does not work for me unless I put "HTTPS/:/" in front of each web page url. When your web site opens, the option buttons do not work - when I put the "HTTPS//" in the address line in front of the url - the option buttons work. When the next page comes us, I have to put the "HTTPS//:" in front of the url for it to work. Have to do this for every one of your web pages to work. Internet Explorer 11, Chrome, Android. No problems with any other websites. Any solutions?

Your website is broken. The links across the top are non-functional, as are the tabs within a project (e.g. "Thing Files"). These issues are across all 3 major browsers!

Good day
From one day to the next stop visualizing My Collection, I have 11 collections with several designs not my own and in my profile Thingiverse tells me that they are empty, does anyone know why it may be? thank you very much

i have the same problem, but it extends also to the search and other people's Designs/collections/makes. Suddenly I get "No results found." on each and any page and search, even though they should show up several items as the people are flagged as "A Designs", "B Collections", "C Makes" and "D Likes" - the tabs are black and linky, but the contents are not shown


How do I add a moderator to my growing group?

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The search function of this website sucks way hard and needs a total overhaul or something because when i search big cup it comes up with Quadcopter rotors and "Tardis Transformer Toy" and things that have nothing to do with cups so its a total waste of my time to be looking through this website with no sense of direction because I have to just come across everything because the search function is worthless.....

Could somebody make a stapler model? I've looked everywhere for on, even off of this website and there isn't one.

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I want to print one, but I finally found one after searching on the web "STL Stapler." I don't know if it would really function well, but I'm going to test it and I'll probably tell you what happened, at least if it works.

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This is the url I hate this website, I have to say. Despite all the flaws that Thingiverse has, they all seem minor after using this piece of garbage site. But at least it got me a functioning stapler. The file for it is also here now because as I stated in the description, Thingiverse is a far superior site.

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I think I could get this to print, but you are right, it probably wasn't designed with 3D Printing in mind, but I guess you could design a shell and use the parts from an existing stapler. I would design one, but I don't really have the correct software to truly design anything, I have tried Sketchup, but I can't get the lines to stay on the same axis. Is there a software you recommend that is free?

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How do I remove an item I've added to my collection? I don't see any delete button/function? Thanks

There is a button on top when you view your collection that is "Edit Collection" I think. Click that, then hover over the item and there should be a "Remove" button or something like that.

That's it, got it. Thanks

I went to edit a post I made in a Group, and it got flagged for moderation. I'm the owner of the group.
Why was it flagged? And who does this moderation?

Same here. It seems my comments are sometimes a bit wordy. I just try to be as explainative as I can to help whoever reads my comments. I assume the longer posts (which I always have typos in) are what's causing my issues anyway. But they only seem to be flagged when I try to edit them. Does Thingiverse ever respond to these comments here?

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When I post a thing, sometimes the STL shows up in Thingiview, other times it just shows "There Are No Images Here," is there a way to manually put it on Thingiview? Also, and this is one of the most annoying bugs EVER, when you use the back button this 404 "You have reached the end of the Thingiverse..." page shows up. On occasion you can use the back button, but because of how thingiverse is set up, it severely diminishes its usability.

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I didn't understand what the exact question was, this is a large website and we have a team of software developers who are constantly deploying new features/fixes/improvements and as with all software there will always be bugs and issues that occur. Not to mention we are constantly getting questions saying "XYZ is broken, please fix it" and if we answered every one we wouldn't have time to actually fix anything.

How do you delete items you have created off of your profile?

Find the Thing you want to delete, click "Edit Thing" and on the edit page there is a red button that says "Delete Thing".

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Thank you for fast replay

still have problems to upload and download stuff /bad gateway error

yep just like logins and customizer the 404 error also haunts google since they took over couple years ago. you can upload zip folder of your files if designer so others can download it in files section or download each file separate and put in folder with name as many designers dont finish names or put info in files anyway. because the lights may be on at Thingiverse but nobody home for years now and tech support dont have a clue. its a shameful waste. also many so called designers are just sharing others designs and they know nothing about the details of files