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Designer's FAQ

Things and Thingiverse Apps

  • How do I remove my Thing from use with an App ?
  • How do I opt out of an App?
  • How does my license affect app usage?
  • I have a design, but there are now 50 remixes because users have used an app to edit/customize my design, what's up with that?

    Designer Tips

  • What are Designer Tips?
  • How do I receive tips?
  • What about customized things? Who gets the tip if someone purchases a Thing that is the product of a customizable Thing?
  • Is there a way to make only one of your Things require a tip, but not all of them?
  • Is Thingiverse making money off my designs?
  • If a user tips me $1 do I get the full $1 tip?
  • What's the rationale for tip amounts being in fixed values? ($1, $3, $5, $8, $13, $21)
  • Why is the minimum tip amount for user-to-user tipping set to $3?
  • How do I know if someone tips me?
  • Why are my tips paid out monthly?
  • Why was the tip amount I was paid out less than the actual tip I was tipped?
  • How do I export my tip transactions for accounting or other purposes?
  • Am I responsible for taxes on tips?
  • For Thingiverse Apps tipping, the tip I recieve is sometimes lower than the mandatory tip amount I requested, why does that happen?
  • Someone stole my design and is making tips off of it. What can I do / How do I report it?

    Things and Thingiverse Apps

    How do I remove my Thing from use with an App ?

    Thingiverse is a community of makers, hobbyists, educators, professionals, and many others who all have a passion for turning digital designs into real life objects via 3D printing and other methods! Thingiverse allows its community members to upload, share, and discuss digital designs and projects.
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    How do I opt out of an App?

    Things are digital designs/files and instructions that can be turned into a real life physical object.
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    How does my license affect app usage?

    Collections operate like folders and allow users to save Things they might be interested in for future use and organize them into different collections.
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    I have a design, but there are now 50 remixes because users have used an app to edit/customize my design, what's up with that?

    Remixes are digital designs that have been "remixed", or modified in some way, from an original digital design. Users are free to remix other user's digital designs as long as the license on the original design allows for derivatives.
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    Designer Tips

    What are Designer Tips?

    Designers can now receive money for their work via 2 different methods: Thingiverse Apps or User-to-User Tipping. Since Thingiverse Apps now allow payment for services, we ensured designers could receive a share of revenue when their design is used in a purchase. To do this, we've introduced designer payments where designers can receive a payment when their Thing is used in a purchase. These payments can be setup as either a mandatory payment or optional tip, which would let the customer leave a tip if they choose to. Users can also tip each other directly with User-to-User Tipping. User-to-User Tipping is optional and cannot be made mandatory. We at Thingiverse believe that 3D designs should always be available to download for free, and therefore User-to-User tipping will always be optional. 100% of designer payments will always go to the designer, minus transaction fees, if applicable (see question below for more details).
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    How do I receive tips?

    You will need to link your PayPal account to your Thingiverse Account (available in your Users Settings under "App Settings"). You will receive payment via PayPal at the beginning of each month for the previous month's earnings.
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    What about customized things? Who gets the tip if someone purchases a Thing that is the product of a customizable Thing?

    We believe the majority of the work and creativity of a customized Thing comes from the creator of the customizable Thing itself. Therefore, customized Things are considered an extension of the original customizable Thing, and any tips earned in a commercial transaction will go to the creator of the original customizable Thing.
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    Is there a way to make only one of your Things require a tip, but not all of them?

    No. Currently, requiring a tip applies to all designs on your user account
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    Is Thingiverse making money off my designs?

    All tips go to designers. For Thingiverse Apps purchases, Thingiverse charges the developers a fee, but it is only subtracted from the developer's earnings, not from the designer's percentage.
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    If a user tips me $1, do I get the full $1 tip?

    It depends on how you received the tip. Yes, you will receive the full $1 tip if the tip is received during a Thingiverse App purchase since the developer of the app is responsible for payment processing fees. If the tip is a User-to-User Tip, you will receive the $1 minus payment processing fees, which unfortunately, can be substantial, especially for small amounts PayPal charges 2.9%+$0.30 per transaction. We are currently in the process of trying to lower the fees by working with Paypal or others to use a new type of payment method and we'll announce more information once available.
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    What's the rationale for tip amounts being in fixed values? ($1, $3, $5, $8, $13, $21)

    It's the fibonacci sequence :) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fibonacci_number
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    Why is the minimum tip amount for user-to-user tipping set to $3?

    Payment processing companies like to charge big fees. We determined that the minimum tip amount that gave as much money to the user, without losing an unreasonable amount to fees, was $3. For Thing Apps purchases, the total purchase amount is typically far higher than $3, so the restriction does not apply.
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    How do I know if someone tips me?

    You'll receive a notification via your Thingiverse Dashboard, as well as receive an email notification.
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    Why are my tips paid out monthly?

    Payment processing companies like to charge big fees. These fees occur every time a transaction occurs and we found that collecting tips and holding them until the end of the month led to the least amount of fees for you. Additionally, app purchases have a 30 day refund window where if an order is refunded, the tip received on that order is refunded as well. Due to this, Thingiverse has to keep the tip amount for the 30 day period in case of refunds.
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    Why was the tip amount I was paid out less than the actual amount I was tipped?

    Payment processing companies like to charge big fees that are not friendly for small amounts. We tried very hard to minimize these fees but they can still take a sizable portion of a tip amount, especially if the total tip amount you received in the past month was very low.
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    How do I export my tip transactions for accounting or other purposes?

    We are building this functionality at the moment. You will soon be able to export a CSV file containing your tip transactions by navigating to your Earning History on your Order History page and clicking "Export to CSV".
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    Am I responsible for taxes on tips?

    Yes, if you receive income from tips on your designs, you are responsible for any taxes incurred.
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    For Thingiverse Apps tipping, the tip I recieve is sometimes lower than the mandatory tip amount I requested, why does that happen?

    Because app developers are responsible for payment processing fees which take a percentage of the payment amount, if a tip amount is much larger than the order amount during a purchase, the developer might lose money when taking transaction fees into account. To ensure developer's don't ever lose money on a transaction, we dynamically cap tips based upon the total order amount.
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    Someone stole my design and is making tips off of it. What can I do / How do I report it?

    On the Thing Page in question, report the Thing using the "Report Thing" button on the Thing's page. Our Community Manager will follow up and take it down and we will investigate any withholding of payments.
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Same here. I have uploaded 4 designs recently and one of them is not showing in my dashboard nor in the search results. I can check it in analytics as well and access it through other search engines.
I'm making a support case but expect no fast solution if any.

Attack On Titan The Garrison Regiment Insignia cookie cutter
by xkr

Same for me, please fix this bug.

This issue is still not fixed yet. Just recently I also have faced this situation again. The old one is one month ago.
They did not show in my dash box. But can be checked in view analytics. Hope they will fix it soon.

Magic bolt (Nuts will go to different direction when rotating)(double threaded bolt)
Universal battery connector

Hi. Same issue here. Very weird. I publish a design and it does not show on the site. I do not see it in the 'My designs' section. I cannot find it if I search for it in the search engine.

BUT: it is displayed in my analytics (Profile section) AND some people liked it so how did they find it??? It's invisible to me but somehow some people can download it.

The designs are searchable if you go to Google general search, or even if you go to 3D specialist search engines, like Yeggi. That is the only way to find them, because they are excluded from Thingiverse own search engine.

The whole site is not maintained and it looks like Makerbot don’t really care much about it, other than making money from soft porn adds. If I was a crazy conspiracy theory subscriber, I would say my problem started when I specified my printer model being not Makerbot

I'm new and for a moment I thought I was doing something wrong...
It's really a shame it's not being fixed.

Having problems with designs showing up (since Nov 1, 2020... My number of designs increased when I posted it, but does not show on my design page, not in a group, not via 'Explore', and not found when searching by terms in the title.
I DID find it in analytics.

Two examples (reposted item because of this, but same issue)

Is there some particular problem with the item/post? thx

Shopsmith Biscuit Joiner Insert (for use when Storing)
by scottmi
Biscuit Joiner Insert **With Text**
by scottmi

Same here. I hope it will be fixed soon. It's disappointing.

Same thing happening to me. Did you solve this some how?

No solution, no resolution. Problem continues.

Hey, noob designer question. I see other's designs always have pictures of their 3d models that can be turned around and such, but I can only upload basic pictures like JPEGs. What filetype will allow this?

It seems it's happening for a lot of people. And it has not been solved for months now. The 3D thumbnail is supposed to be generated automatically from the stl files you upload. And sometimes it does. And sometimes it doesn't...

So nothing to do other than upload your stl files and hope it will be fixed one day.

Hey, reporting of views in Analytics after March 2020 seems to have fallen off a cliff. It looks like a system issue. Any ideas?

Mine dropped off in March. Any clues on what happened?

Yeah rightly said that was also needed and thanks for the healthy suggestion regarding https://dailyjumbleanswer.com and hype.

I keep getting emails saying people are trying to send me tips and that I need to set up my tips.
Thing is, this was set up and working. suddenly it's not and there is no setting on my profile's App setting page to link, relink to paypal or anything to do with tips other than adjusting the recommended amount. Could someone help me out? As far as i can tell there is no way to contact this site for support directly

I uploaded my first Thing a while ago. When I check My Designs, it says I have 1 thing, but there's nothing to show. Searching for my design also doesn't show anything. Did something go wrong?

I am having the same problem, the first two things I uploaded showed up but when I uploaded two more things they weren't visible. My profile says that I have four things but only two are shown.

I'm having problems with my analytics. They show that I have a grand total of 1 view over the past 30 days, but I have 86 downloads. At the same time, when I've posted designs in the past, I would get these numbers in one day on virtually any thing I designed.
What are you guys doing about your algorithm and home page? The same makes stay on there for months and months at a time, not allowing new makes to become popular and stifles new creators unable to push out these base behemoths. Or could you change the default selection to popular today instead of popular this year, giving us users a new home page every day, instead of the same stagnant offerings?

I have 3 design posted and I got a comment from someone that the files weren't there. I reuploaded the files and when I tried to download them myself, I get a 404 end of thing verse error. What is going on? Why my stuff isn't downloadable? Did I do something wrong? I did hit publish in each and everyone of them Please help people to get my files if they want them

I don't know if your team is aware, but when you search for things, only ten items show up and will not load any more. There is no continuous scroll. I checked my settings they are set for infinite scroll, not pagination.

holy crap! with the update, you not only ruined the design, but your search engine began to work incorrectly! on request "knight's helmet" they show me some chess with Pokemons, what the hell?

when down loading a stl in zip format the popup download iframe hasn't got a visible exit button.

plus the new - Explore - newest - items will only show the last 2 hours and not a constant scroll. which means I cant catch up a past uploads.


I received 3 or 4 emails in the past month saying my paypal is not setup for tips like this: "X would like to show appreciation for your Thingiverse designs by leaving you a tip! Unfortunately, they were not able to since you have not provided your PayPal.me link."

My paypal was provided months ago and i received tips back then just fine. In the settings i cant even unset or set up paypal to fix this.

What is going on and how can i fix this?

I am having the same problem. The links provided in the email don't work either.

One of my things has negative four likes. What is the meaning of this?

Is this on the Analytics Dashboard? By default the Dashboard only shows numbers for the last calendar month. If you had something that previously had 10 Likes and four people have removed their Likes during the last month then the Dashboard will report -4 Likes.

If you change the "From" date to a previous time, such as when you first uploaded that particular Thing, the chart and numbers will be updated to reflect that larger time period.

sorry if this is coming too late - I had a look at two of your models. I see that hey are not manifold. If I check them in Meshlab I see small red dots on the Complex Weave on the place where ribs get into the main, I don't know how to explain it better, I wish I could upload a pic to show it. The preview generator cannot generate the picture because the model show errors. same happens to a lot of other models, not only yours. You have to clean the design before uploading it if you want to get a proper preview picture or you can take a screenshot yourself and upload it as you did already.

Comment has been deleted

Those are still not working. It is not a problem with my uploaded images (my uploaded images have always worked), it is a problem with the Thingiverse generated preview - those are not there at all.

The same problem. No any preview generated. The thing was published about 3 weeks ago.

Gloomhaven Gas Trap

Same here, 2 days already, still no .stl preview.

Screen Cover for Flying Bear Ghost 4S
by Niezam

Same here. No previews. :'(


Paper Plane Lancher

Yes, I have too same problem.


I think this is general problem.


Yeah, agreed that its a general problem... same happened to me with my latest upload:


Resistor Storage Cabinet

Same issue! Can we get some word on this Thingiverse, I looked at the Explore page and everything over a week period is without previews/thingview. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3815748

Infest The Rats' Nest Skull (Official KGatLW 3D Model)
by nimaid

Since august, my two last "things" are not published ! I can see them in my profile under "my things" BUT NOT from the "explore", "search"...
Contacted support,no answer, nothing. Just tried again publishing two test thing, still NOTHING !
So I am asking here.
Am I wasting my time here ?

i have the same problem, i made an upload, but it always shows up as "unpublished" under "myThings".
A search for my upload doesn't work either, how can I publish the design - with a click on "publish this thing" nothing happens. :(
or am I doing something wrong?

Hi @MKSA, I can see your latest two Things by way of search:

  • "testing publishing" brings up "testing publishing thing ! DOESN'T WORK" as the #1 result.
  • "sound moderator" brings up "Sound moderator .22 baffle (To be mounted inside proper body !)" as the #5 result.

That is strange because I don't see them. I can only find them when logged in and under my profile in the "my things" ????? Note these two were for test publishing only, I didn't intend to publish them. I will delete them.
How do we contact the admin ? I tried via the FAQ contact form and no answer. Is Thingiverse even "managed" ?
I noticed they only seem to react when there is porn or gun stuff published (I don't have porn stuff :) )

Why is it that some Things on my Dashboard Analytics screen (https://www.thingiverse.com/[username]/analytics) have a higher Downloads count than their Views count?

Generally Views count is higher (which makes sense since a person needs to view a Thing's page before they can download it) but I have one Thing whose Downloads count is about 43% more than the Views count. How does that happen?

I designed a basket that now has 16 downloads and zero views, how can that happen? Did something change when advertising came in? Is there a problem here as I don't seem to have any views but plenty of downloads on my other designs too.

Hi, 2 times, i have been offered tip from users by email, but i havent got PayPal.
But no message here about it, is it a scam?

Hi, friends! When will you transfer my money to me? For 2 years, no remittances! Please transfer my money to me.

Sometimes a published design won't show on my account "Things" dashboard screen...current example https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2884097
Is that normal? Am I missing something? Thanks.

Hitch Ball Cover and Visibility Whip Stick Holder
by jstem

It's there now...thanks.

How do I remove my thing that was uploaded by mistake?
I have two customized boxed I would like removed

"Edit Thing" and scroll down to the big red button.

I'd like to delete some of "My Designs". Really, they're just my versions created with customizer.
I can't figure out how to delete them.

I have a need for a designer to design for making a baseplate (approx 4x6 inches) for an outside rear view mirror.

No. Got it done already.

Alright. Just checking! Let me know if you ever need design help. I love modeling!

how do i make my design an item that has to be bought before it can be downloaded?

Myminifactory and pinshape both support paid models. You can kindna do it on Thingiverse by setting a required tip but all your items will be the same price.

Hmm, I didn't know that. I guess I should just then stay glad that I've run across nobody that's used it.

Use a different website, this one is for people who want to share their models for free. There are countless sites out there that allow you to set a charge for a design. That is why I stay here.

Comment has been deleted