Spam accounts

by Haku3D

Can't find any "Report User" type button anywhere, want to report this particular user whose profile text gives me one thought: Spammer.


They must be pressing the like button on so many random things (almost 200 thousand now) to get people's attention and visit their profile.

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need to be able to block people

by nightivy

we need to be able to block people, there are p**nbots on this website and I am a minor

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download all file issues

by needforspeed66

Dear Developer:
Recently I found I can't download all files. When I click "download all files" the site said "Please disable your ad blocker to download". But I don't have any ad blocker, and I can't see any advertise. I've uploaded pictures for you to show my problem. Please help me with this, Thanks!

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How to report user account?

by Mazda96-3D

User account has no uploads and has a suspicious link in bios that says "sex photo here". This user is following almost 1000 people so they are following in hopes people click on the link which could be dangerous.

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Published but not visible

by Adamow

I thought this issue was a thing of the past but here we are again: I published a new design yesterday, and again this morning. And it is nowhere to be found. It's not even visible by me in my own design collection...

broken publish
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Newly uploaded designs are not showing in my design list

by ccox

I've uploaded and published 3 designs this week - other people see them and are liking/collecting them.
Only one of those designs appears in the design list for my account.
Two of them show up in searches, but one (Pen/Brush/Tool Rest Customizer) doesn't show up in searches or the recent uploads list.

What the heck is going on that has this site so incredibly broken?

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So me, personally, I would pay 5$ a month to have thingiverse

by AgentPothead

go back to the way things were. I know 60$ a year isn't a lot of money, but if enough people did it adds up I guess.

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Changes to the search results

by Haku3D

Can anyone at Thingiverse shed light on what's going on?

I've noticed in the last day or so that search results have changed quite a lot.

The results now appear to favour words used in the title of the thing more than its keywords and description text.

My guess is this was done to try and combat people spamming their thing keywords with unrelated words just to get in as many search results as possible, because one search term I'd often done in the past turned up a pile of results for unrelated items to what I was searching for, all from one person, now that same search doesn't show those unrelated things from that potential keyword spammer.

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Published thing not visible

by revere521

I just want to jump on and share that i have tried to post a new thing several times; and i am the only one who can see it


I am able to upload everything and publish, and it appears in my designs. I can edit it etc. but if i try to browse to it in incognito mode (or logged out) i receive a 404 error.


ive tried several times to upload this, even doing it one file at at time and i just cant get it to go, i don't have the time right now to mess around anymore.

its now here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5580026 i deleted the post originally referenced in attempt to re-upload

if anyone can see it; if not - its on cults and printables. this is such a bummer

TheUltiPad MK2 - Now with OLED Display and RGB
broken publish website
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