STL thumbnails not being displayed

by dougconran

As the title says, my stl files (and scad ones) do not show as thumbnails in the image carousel. Only photos are being displayed. All files, both stls and images were uploaded using the '... or choose from My Computer ...' method. The URL of the thing is https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4109274

Lego Balloon Racing Car
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don't view all collections in dropdown

by Hedo

I have over 30 collections and for months now I've only been seeing the collectons of the first page in the dropdown at COLLECT THING. I then always have to go to CREATE NEW COLLECTION and enter the title of the collection on the second page. This is so awkward to use.

Am I the only one having this problem?
When will this issue be fixed?

It is also not possible to sort the collections by alphabet. Would be great if this is finally fixed in near future.

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Cant add things to new collections / New collections not visible

by MasterBasser

Made a new collection, Drop down doesn't show new collection I just made. Went to top right drop down, selected collections, 11 collections but only 10 show. Navigated to my new collection "drawers" by using the http bar then the collection shows the one item I was able to add when first creating the collection BUT I cannot add any more items into said collection. Even tried adding a new collection named the same thing just to see if it would work to which it did not (of course).

Devs need to fix so much on this site. Seems like it's all falling apart.
If Thingiverse needs funds to add on another permanent dev or something I'd suggest polling the community to see what type of funding would be received best.

Edit 1 Made a new collection "drawers test" and it appears to be working. However the things I had in the last collection cannot be added to the new page. Went to manage the "drawers" collection and removed all from it. Refreshed one of the thing's and it's still collected, Deleted the "drawers" collection thinking it would remove those which it hasn't. I think I'm gonna stop. Don't want to make it even worse.

broken bug collect thing collection collections collections broken not working
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Keep getting logged out?

by mikeymakesit

I regularly check Thingiverse from my Mac, iPad, iPhone, and sometimes from a PC. I’m not in the habit of signing out from each since they’re all my personal devices. I’ve noticed for a while now it seems like I keep getting logged out of one/all of them regularly. Log in from phone. Later get on iPad and have to log on again, didn’t log out or clear the cache on the iPad.

Is this related to a known auth issue or a planned change in functionality?

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New things not published properly

by Repelsteel2004

I remixed a design by https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4169444

My stl files were not rendered in the preview, even after one day. So I deleted my thing and remixed again. Now my remix is not showing up. If I look at "my designs" it shows that I have two designs, but only one the that I made more than a year ago is visible.

DJI Mavic Mini prop box for Charging Hub
by EviGL
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Collection formatting issue

by santanig5

I created a collection of items I had printed called "Makes", it currently contains 148 "things" for some time now the formatting is wrong, it does not follow the same formatting as the rest of my collections and I have limited functionality because of it.
I am using Chrome Version 85.0.4183.102 (Official Build) (64-bit).
Please help.

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by andysims

Are you guys ever going to fix the customiser??? If not just delete all reference/links to it, so it stops wasting our time.

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"something went wrong"

by Namjarta

hey guys, i'm still getting the "something went wrong" message whenever i click on a thing even though the red banner is gone, is anyone else still having this issue?

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Download starting... but NOTHING!!

by Joalva13

Why can't I download files? Says download starting... but NOTHING.

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