No ability to comment on makes anymore?

by DrLex

I guess this is another step in slowly making this site so unusable that it will eventually seem only logical to just pull the plug.

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Posted but not visible

by ShuttleSpace

The upload appears to be valid https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5440527 but it was notvisible in new uploads it's still not in My Designs after 4 hours,

Tarp Clips For 1" Rail
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Just delete thingiverse

by Phobos2k

Nothing works , years old bugs
No admin cares about this site

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Files not uploading on newly created Things

by juniorjack

The MB/TV Team is aware that images on newly uploaded Things are not displaying correctly and apologize for the inconvenience. We will update here once the issue is resolved.

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Unable to Upload things

by Anmijo

For the past month, I have been trying to publish a new thing and it just isn't going public. I have tried everything and with no luck. My things remain stuck on loading as visible in the image.

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Cannot even edit an existing Design

by stuartofmt

I'm outa here and off to Printables.com.

Thanks to all for the help and contributions.

Oh - and MakerBot is not on my holiday gift list ....

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Unable to publish new thing.

by Chuymatt

The thing page says "This thing is not yet public. You must publish this thing for everyone to see it." I click on the hyperlink to publish, it takes me to the eit page. I click "publish" and the page looks like it just refreshes. It will not publish. When I look at the edit page, nothing seem like it is telling me there needs to be more information and no alerts.

What gives?

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Analytics missing July 1st.

by aRGiRob

In my graphs the day July 1st does not exist, in yours?

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