Data takeout options?

by dnyank1

Is there a function which allows us to archive all of the data contained in our thingiverse profile?

After the year-old data breach which I have just now found myself in, I no longer feel comfortable maintaining an account or data here, but would find it tedious and potentially a violation of GDPR's Right of Access to have to scrape all my data back for myself.

I've been here supporting Makerbot since 2014, and I've never felt more betrayed.

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Thingiverse hacked, 228,102 accounts compromised.

by rssalerno

Got this notification from Have I Been Pwned.

Breach: Thingiverse

Date of breach: 13 Oct 2020

Number of accounts: 228,102

Compromised data: Dates of birth, Email addresses, IP addresses, Names, Passwords, Physical addresses, Usernames

Description: In October 2021, a database backup taken from the 3D model sharing service Thingiverse began extensively circulating within the hacking community. Dating back to October 2020, the 36GB file contained 228 thousand unique email addresses, mostly alongside comments left on 3D models. The data also included usernames, IP addresses, full names and passwords stored as either unsalted SHA-1 or bcrypt hashes. In some cases, physical addresses was also exposed. Thingiverse's owner, MakerBot, is aware of the incident but at the time of writing, is yet to issue a disclosure statement. The data was provided to HIBP by dehashed.com.

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need to be able to block people

by nightivy

we need to be able to block people, there are p**nbots on this website and I am a minor

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Unable to log in

by L0rdHusky

Can't log in to my account on any device, using any browser. I've cleared cache and everything I can think of. Is this to do with the data breach? My data was no compromised according to haveibeenpwned. I've also tried to view my account page by manually entering it into the search bar and it seems the page has been wiped?

login thingiverse
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paypal me username problem

by Theoforus

I am trying to add my paypal me username to my profile, but when I save I got an error message that says I have to enter a valid username.
My username is @reidarvik at paypal me.
Is there just a delay in time or is there anything else I have done wrong.

error username
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Download ZIP of all files is broken since at least 23 - 9 - 2021

by HandlaidTracks-3DprintedTrains

Download ZIP of all files is broken since at least 23 - 9 - 2021 when I UL https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4972262 Checked other recent UL also goes to 404 screen for ZIP files. Thanks to anyone who can fix this!

3 Piece Rubber Band Powered Airplane - Airplane #3
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Collections issues

by naviathan
  1. Collections list when adding a thing to collections doesn't show all the collections I have. It appears there's a limit on the list.
  2. Cannot edit or delete collections from my profile.
collection thingiverse
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Markdown problems in a thing "Summary"

by cpycat

Hello, why is the text color changing from grey to black in this "Summary"? Manipulating the color with html in markdown is not working. The font was also increasing randomly, but I have fixed this with markdown.


Thinner Cherry MX Switch Opener Legs
by cpycat
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Thingiverse Analytics not showing any views

by AnthonyMakes3D

How is it so that I have 8 downloads but no views?

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