Newly uploaded designs are not showing in my design list

by ccox

I've uploaded and published 3 designs this week - other people see them and are liking/collecting them.
Only one of those designs appears in the design list for my account.
Two of them show up in searches, but one (Pen/Brush/Tool Rest Customizer) doesn't show up in searches or the recent uploads list.

What the heck is going on that has this site so incredibly broken?

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No Tracking

by ThomasHo


The Download Tracking is Not working.

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Can you make collections private?

by rjohnstone

With the holidays coming up I think that creating private collections would be incredibly valuable to ensure that any gifts we might be printing stay a secret. This sort of website feature would be incredibly valuable as it would allow us some semblance of privacy in our creation of things to improve our lives.

collection feature feature request feedback privacy private private collection
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AdBlockers Now Seem to Also Block [Download All]

by rebeltaz

You can still do a file-by-file download (for now) but if you click [Download All], whereas it used to countdown 4 seconds before serving up the archive, now you are presented with:

Please help out Thingiverse and disable your ad blocker!
Thingiverse is an incredible resource to the 3D printing community. Running a large website which hosts millions of files requires a lot of upkeep and costs. Running ads will help us aquire more resources to keep maintaining and improving the Thingiverse platform.

From everyone at MakerBot and Thingiverse, we appreciate you all.

Fuck 'em. I'm not disabling my adblocker. Kind of defeats the purpose of having one, right? This site is going further and further down the drain as each day passes.

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Malware/Redirect Ads again

by lethxL

Im getting redirected to fake flash updaters, and some other shady places, just from being on your site... plz fix

Malware redirect
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Improper redirect from non-www version of the website

by gileswells

I don't know if this is an existing issue but it's something that I just recently noticed and wanted to raise it so that hopefully it can be rectified.

The short version is if I try to visit a page from an external link of https://thingiverse.com/thing:4963132 the server will return a 308 header and a location header with a value of https://www.thingiverse.com forcing people back to the homepage. This is incorrect as the 308 should point to https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4963132 giving the user the resulting page they were looking for.

I had to look up what a 308 was as I was more familiar with 301 and 302 but I do feel that 308 is appropriate here if implemented correctly.

Hoping this can get resolved in the near future.

Thank you,

CRTouch Rattle Clip
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Tired of multi uploads

by Bigrigdrvr

Anyone else so sick of seeing page after page of "My customized sweeping 2-line name"?????? I like to view new models to see what people are creating, but so tired of seeing the same crap over and over. YOU DON'T NEED TO UPLOAD EVERY NAME OR SAYING IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. GET SOME ORIGINALITY. I wish Thingiverse would limit or ban these clowns!

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Guess it's time to abandon Thingiverse

by Haku3D

Uploaded a new thing today, https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5467163 and it's not appearing in any search results or my profile whether I'm logged in or not, but I can still view it by knowing the URL while logged in or not.

A ghost upload.



Guess it's time to abandon Thingiverse, the site operators appear to have abandoned us first.

Immortal T V2 Antenna Folding TPU Standoff Mount
by Haku3D
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