Download statistics is way too high

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When viewing statistics for my published things, the download count has gone beyond the viewing count.
I think this is a bug as this has never happend before.

It looks like the problem is "over" today, don't you think?¿?

Now I wonder if the number of downloads is taken into consideration to show some things before others in the search results in some of the possible listings. If it is, it's not fair for those things created after or before this period.

I also wonder if this happened in the past, because maybe some of the old famous things have their download numbers really bigger than they should.

I think thingiverse should be able to do some retroactive modifications to the numbers, as they are unuseful for the afected period as they are.

Forget all the stuff written below about bots and stl search engines. It's definitely a site bug, easily replicable by repeatedly reloading the files section of any thing, as described in this other thread.

However, just like with the relogin-issue, thingiverse doesn't seem to care too much. It would be really nice to get some statement from the admins on this problem. I realize that this is a free website and you shouldn't demand too much from a free service. However, this site would be nothing without the community, so I feel it's OK to expect a somewhat better customer communication.

Download statistics is still unusual high... and following the view statistics but at a higher level.

Thingiverse, please take a look at it, I still think it is a bug in the counters.

Is it possible for an external site to directly link to the downloads without going to the respective Thingiverse page? It could be a case of that.

If so, probably not a bug. Just probably something that could be problematic for Thingiverse itself in the way it counts traffic or whatever. (Some sites consider activity like that on other sites to be leeching, and take measures to restrict it.) Looks odd on stats for sure, but how it's dealt with is something the guys running Thingiverse would have to decide.

Yup, I'm seeing the same thing with my stats. And I also found them on some of the sites listed here in this thread.

So I created a special model to test human vs bot. 15 downloads in less than 90 seconds of being posted.....
Only a bot would download this model https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3146030
I think we have our proof

Cosplay Engineering Object


You have to post a make then.

Got to wait for the printer to finish the previous job

Just broke 50 downloads in under 10 minutes... lol the files are already appearing on other sites

This is because the thingiverse website is trolled by automated download bots, the bots farm models from the website and place them on other sites. They directly download without even viewing the model and catalog them elsewhere. It has me concerned that I should not post models here as the "model farming bots" don't seem to transfer or copy any of the OP's name or model licensing information.

What sites, I want to look.

I wont link it because its not a "safe" site but, you can find it on VK the russian piratebay/facebook. In duplicate in fact.

There might be reasons where one might download the internet. Is thingiverse accessible behind the great fire wall of China, or in the adjective republics.

How many copies does the bot need?

Same here. I thought for a second that the downloads might have been external. But the download graph should not follow the views graph so perfectly if it was external?

This has been going on since I started here back in 2015. I don't think its a bug more on an automation of some sort for some reason. Every time I up load a new STL I get a bunch of views and downloads with in second of the upload. This is my 2 cents.

I find it hard to believe that 90% of everyone that has viewed my things has also downloaded it. They're not that great of things lol

its probably a hacker just finding ways of being a pain in the ass.

I guess that's one way to waste time. Not much of a PITA though, just unusual.

Companies like Yeggi.com send out bots to get your info so that they can use it on there website. there not the only one and its all automated.

WTF is yeggi? Does it have anything to do with 'yeet'?

Oh for shits sake. The thing I probably spent the least amount of time on turns out to be the most popular. Goes to show you don't need the rest, just the squishy bits

My DL counts are still high. I do not have any customizable designs. I do notice that the designs with the highest DL's also have fewer views than DL's. It could be that another site has directly linked to the stl files and is bypassing the viewing and probably the attribution.

Mine are up too, but still lower than the view count. I don't have anything customizable either.

Maybe accessing the page counts for a download?. When changing a parameter in the customizer the page (or part of it) reloads. It is a guess.

The majority of the downloads are from this thing: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2572698

Raspberry Pi 3 STEP file remix, stripped down to connectors

Maybe folks think they're downloading a raspi

It has something to do with the customizer (maybe one of the reasons) I tried to customize another thing, and it was going up from zero to 11 (new day) in two or three minutes. The rest is not affected as it seems

I was looking at exactly the same thing. The strangest one for me today is 17 views and 188 downloads.
I was testing that (not very popular) thing this afternoon in the customizer and when I looked tonight the downloads went through the roof. Triggered by this i tested it again and the numbers were rising again with 10 or 20. The customizable things are the most affected it seems, but they are also the most popular.

It is not the first time I saw this behaviour but the last two days it is extreme.

Mine is up past 200 downloads -was figuring that people have discovered just how awesome my designs are,,, LOL...

I have 73 designs - they can not have gone awesome all at once... ;)

Could be a bot. Mine is way up also. It looks like it started yesterday.