Files not uploading on newly created Things

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The MB/TV Team is aware that images on newly uploaded Things are not displaying correctly and apologize for the inconvenience. We will update here once the issue is resolved.

3 years later and this is still happening. Uploaded 3 things today, only the last one shows up. Tried editing a description... doesn't work. Now I have to do it all over again because I can't even access my own uploads. Like multiple times before when this issue happened. Honestly, this site is an insult for all creators.

I have 3 things I uploaded all on the same night and only one showed in "my design" even after several refreshes. I noticed 2 of them I had uploaded earlier were not in there so I uploaded them a second time and they didn't show up.

Punch loop needle and jig
DeWalt charger wall mount

Same thing here. It bugged me a while ago, probably around the time of the OP, but it has come back. The urge to use the same, failing method, is probably irresistible for the site developer, and they insist on doing the uploads in this unique to Thingiverse way which results in "the upload failed because the file does not exist" error. Why is it absolutely necessary for Thingiverse only to use the unique, weird, broken upload method that no one else in the world is using? I do not get this message on numerous sites to which I upload files. None other site on Earth is using it, and nowhere else I get this error. Perhaps, TV should stop insisting on using weird code?

Has this Issue resurfaced? The stl on my designs upload correctly, but there is no preview nor thingiview for them. I can use images for the thumbnail, bu not the model itself

The issue is still happening. Don't mean to necropost, and if I am, sorry, but the files just come up as gears. Maybe my models aren't rendering in some way.

has this problem resurfaced? my stls are not being shown as thingiviews either.

I just uploaded a thing two days ago, and still no preview images of my STL files. I think the problem is not fixed, or has come back again!

These issues are now fully resolved.

Thank you so much. I have always loved thingiverse, so once again thank you for fixing this problem. However, are you working on the 3d-preview problem? On newly created things, my 3d previews never show.

Thank you, Nito

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I am seeing improvement: the newest posted things have images.
STL preview images are still missing though, as are ZIP download files. I'm seeing the first STL previews about 6 days ago, for working ZIPs I need to go back 9 days.

It appears that STL previews are working on the newest uploads, but there is no thingiview button, so no 3d preview yet. Looks like things are slowly being fixed.

Your posting is three days ago now without a follow-up.
I don't see any hint in your profile that you are affiliated with the company or the team running this site. Could you please elaborate a bit more about the status and why you can post statements on behalf of the team running the site on these forums?

No problem, after trying to upload a Thing this morning 3 times, 2 times in the afternoon and 2 times about an hour ago and still getting 500, 504, 40293 whatever errors I just gave up and did a 1 try at myminifactory and guess what:

"Thanks for uploading your 3D object! - MyMiniFactory"

Thx for expanding my horizon.

I don't know if you are seeking example to assist debug, but I uploaded a thing yesterday, and although the first photo correctly shows up as a thumbnail when I search of the Thing, if I click on the Thing then the pictures are not displayed. Instead I see only grey "ghost gears" as photos. I have added some and deleted some photos, and always the number of ghost gears matches the number of photos I have uploaded. But the photos themselves don't show.


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Is there an update?

Joined so I could thank you. Here's hoping the issues get it sorted out.

Have you checked the Thingiverse twitter feed? It's a verified account, and it's saying the same thing; They may be taking forever, but they did acknowledge the issue and say they're working on it.


Save your thanks for later. When it comes to this site being fixed I believe it when I see it. It's in a bad condition since an extended time and it seems as if literally nothing is done about it. No official communication. And JuniorJack didn't disclose his affiliation to MB/TV so why should anyone take his posting seriously?

Is there a way to get an incorrect image regenerated?
(I ended up replacing the file with the bad picture due to an update in the part anyway.)

Just added a new thingy, and no preview pictures, except for one for the linked YouTube video:

Paper Plane Launcher

Yeah, if they did try to fix anything, the fix didn't last long…
I'm now leaving my new upload in unpublished state until the images show up.