Problem to look a search result

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i've a problem to see a search results, i see only 10 result (for all search i do), and page don't continue to load after 10 "things", i tried to refresh but nothing change, this happen on my laptop, I tried to search on my desktop pc, and no problem.....both pc have same SO and same programs, and all updated.
Please help me, i use laptop for 3d print, i cannot all times open my desktop, download, usb pen and copy in laptop.

Best regards

THX to All, i resize no full page my browser, refresh, and it works (with more 2 result for line), and after i put my browser at full page

Inspect page( Cntrl+Shift+I) On "Elements" Tap / choose "Event Listeners" list select scroll and remove things listed there and reload the page now you can make many more searches on that tab. this is a really strange bug and thingiverse need to acknowledge this bug

the searching is a pain in the Web version.
It does not change since the new version is up.
shows at the most 10 Items and this it.
Using my iPhone to do the same search, it shows lots of Designs!
so the Webversion does not work proper.
People are complaining about this since weeks
but is seems, nobody cares.
It is for sure showing the Adverts which I understand!!!
Because the page is mostly free,
I thought the reason for a new design is normally to have be a better performance
not making it to not working any nearly unusable.
because searching with a specific name would show every time the 10 same result.
and other designers will new being shown up.

Thingiverse!!!!!! please fix this issue thanks You and keep up the good work

This may sound crazy but it seems to be related to the size of your browser window. Try resizing the window to a size where only two search results will fit into each line. Now, search again. For some reason this worked for me.

Having a look into the javascript handling the search results could be interesting...

Thanks for this solution, this way it is workable.

Where are the designers of this website. And why don't they respond to this failure. Just some kind of a notice "We know the problem and we are working on it" would've been fine.

Oh wow, thank you for that tip, GrimGreeble, it was infuriating trying to find things on this site with that ridiculous bug.

The solution I derived from your information is:

1) Search for thing
2) Resize browser window so it shows 2 results per line
3) Click refresh
4) Resize browser window back up to your preferred size
5) Endless scrolling now works

Great! I'm glad it works. But, let's just hope we won't need workarounds like that for too long.

HOLY FLYING SHRIMP!!! IT WORKS!!! Thank you SOOO much lol! I might copy and paste this to other people to help them. I am so happy XD!!!