Search function not working?

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No mather what I try to search, it leaves me with No results found.
I've tried Chrome, firefox, edge, I don't have plugins.

When the search eventually does work and I go to the next pages at some point it goes negative . For example i go from page 4 to 5 it shows page -1 and it moves back to page 1 while there are clearly much more pages because sometimes it doesn’t skip after trying a dozen times. I think thingiverse needs to call pestcontrol lol

Yeah.. negative number page results.
I posted a new project 2 days ago. People have liked it, downloaded files, collected it, but I can't find it no matter how I search. Not even if I paste the thing's ID number into the search box.

The "captcha" verification thing is new (to me) and it's really buggy. Also, a couple months ago, I got a lot of spam comments from a dating service (?) .. Spam got pretty bad, like 10 emails per day. That lasted a couple weeks.

I wonder if Makerbot is under attack and on the defensive, trying to protect Thingiverse.

Your published things not visible is a different problem. You need to save your thing and make sure it shows up on your Designs page before publishing. Clear your browser cache, refresh your Designs page and if it doesn't show up, delete it and try again.

See my comment at the following forum post for more details:


My browser is set to erase all history every time I close it. Cookies are removed when I leave a web page.

These problems may all be related. You know anything about the spam comments, and now they want the "captcha" verification? How long have they used it? That thing itself was buggy. For example, click around it, and it just disappears...

I've always saved all my projects independent of Thingiverse and I could delete it and repost this one, but I'll wait and see how things shake out before doing anything rash.

Usually I get results. My problem lately is that half of the pages just come up with the first page results again and Pages "-1, 0, 1, 2" at the bottom (even though it's supposed to be like Page 17). This site gets more and more useless by the day.

That happened to me today. Clearing the browser cache and refreshing the page made it return the correct results.

For the past few months I've been keeping a tab open in Chrome to provide quick access to the cache clearing button. It seems to be needed more and more when getting Thingiverse pages.

That hasn't helped me. Even using an Incognito window hasn't helped. I've had it happen even on page 2 of results.

Looks like it's still broken. #ugh

Same. I pretty much have to use Google to search. The only problem is, when site features (such as marking a thing as a remix) utilize the search to display items to pick from. These isn't a work around for that.
Looking at the network request, the search request's response is just a 200 with the index.html, not a JSON payload. It's an AJAX request to https://www.thingiverse.com/search?type=things&q=4003544 which is a page, not an API. Going to that page results in an AJAX request to https://api.thingiverse.com/search/4003544?page=1&per_page=20&sort=relevant&type=things which actually works and returns results (most of the time).
Seems like it's just bad code that needs to be fixed.

Yes. In fact you can't really search for something specific right now - or rather generic. I guess it is a problem if there are too many results - they probably don't give the server enough time, so when there are too many results, it times out internaly and just returns an error.

E.g.: Search for "snowman" -> error. Search for "hollow snowman" -> results

This site is broken all the time - it just varies a little bit how much at a given time. This is going on for months and months, and there is no sign that it will change fundamentally.

That's incorrect. The state of searches working or broken changes by the second. I just searched "snowman" and got results. If I try in a minute I might get no results.

Well, then your results differ from mine, I do not get other results even if I try several times or with a few minutes in between.

I forgot to mention that you also have to clear your browser cache, because that's another problem with Thingiverse.

I have to clear my browser cache whenever I get the no results page, regardless if it's for a search with keywords, the most popular customized things in the last 30 days, my Designs page, my Collections page, or any other page. I'll keep getting the no results page unless I clear my browser cache before refreshing the page.

I am by far not the only one I see. Seems that Thingiverse site has a lot of issues since a few days. Too bad there is no response from the webmaster(s)...

I noticed that one too. It seems like they are constantly working on the web site, trying to make things more efficient. Weird stuff often happens. I just wait until they straighten it out.
Search functions seems to be ok now. I recall a couple years ago they messed with the text formatting, and a lot of people's projects were affected, and could not be recovered...

Working constantly on this site? If that is true I have never seen a more inefficient redesign of a website. I rather see that there are just ad hoc patches for the worst problems - creating new problems all the time. For over a year at least this site was not fully funtionally. This site does obviously not get the attention, manpower and / or funding it should receive as the central site for 3D printing objects.

I'm not saying the work improves the situation, just that it seems to me that they are always messing with it.
I searched to see how many Things are on Thingiverse. Found no definitive answer, but along the way someone claimed there were 20,000 new project posted in just one month. This place gets a lot of traffic. It stores many millions of projects. Small changes can have a large effect, good or bad.
Anyhow, I appreciate their efforts. I really doubt that keeping Thingiverse alive is profitable.

Couple years? Are you referring to this year March update? Because it really screwed up the format of nearly all my things. I had to re write and adapt all of them.

3 or 4 years ago at least. All the "Summary" or instructions or whatever... kinda disappeared.

For the past week or so it's been not working every so often for a few minutes. It's failed for me many times in the past week, but whenever it has failed it works again a few minutes later.

Exactly the same I was about to say. Anyway Thingiverse's search engine was never good at all, the best way to search for something here is googling: thingiverse + what are you looking for