Read this if you are having weird problems on the site.

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So if you are knee deep in wonkiness, like missing collections or not being able to see the dropdown box when saving to a collection and other weird things, close all thingiverse windows then clear your cookies and site data for Thingiverse.com. Somewhere in their code they are stomping on site and user variables :(

If in Google:

Menu Bar | More Tools | Clear Browsing Data
Cancel the prompt and under Privacy & Security click on Cookies and Other Site Data.
Scroll down to "See all cookies and site data" and click.
In the Search Cookies box type "Thingiverse" and you'll see everything your browser is storing for this site.
Delete it all.

Log back into the site and proceed. This works for a lot of problems but the problems might come back.


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Yeah, not it. You're just getting a coincidental temporary relief of the problem. It occasionally works flawlessly for me without doing any of that, but it's always in fits and starts.

The backend, I'm sure, has the compound problem of a corrupted and broken DB infrastructure combined with heavy loads caused by bots, mostly from other sites attempting to download ALL THE STL'S to pad their own content. The advertising spammer bots are problematic but not causing nearly the bandwidth issues that the site vacuums are causing.

I think at this point, the site is a victim of it's own popularity. Every imitator is trying desperately to copy everything and continuously fragging the server's net AND processing bandwidth, which makes the DB break, which causes more issues, etc.

Combine this with the ongoing NY quarantine and a market that took a serious hit and I doubt they're able to do much about it at the moment. Anyone who does net server infrastructure work who can lend a hand would probably be a very appreciated resource right about now.

Of course, this is all conjecture. They might just not care?

It's not us. I'm certain it's on their end. One moment everything works fine, and the next it's all messed up. A search is successful, try it again, and it has no results. (My browsing history is automatically erased as well as running CCleaner to get the deep stuff out.)

Makerbot is trying to save server space and bandwidth, limiting searches and cutting back on options. Thingiverse was also recently under attack by comment-spammers, so they've taken measures against that too.

Oh, it's definitely on their end, lol. This site is buggier than a Roach Motel, lol.

You could be right. Perhaps the site cookies are having some weird effects. I noticed that with each new page opened, a new "test" cookie appears. Right now I have 5 Thingiverse pages open and 6 such cookies. Obviously, they're still in the testing stages of whatever they're up to... and we are the guinea pigs.

This is 3d printing's infancy. There's no real money in it yet. I like Thingiverse and hope the bosses make the correct decisions, and it survives. Like Centurytt says, it would be shame if they lost too many users. There's a lot of hungry, smart competition out there.

I completely agree, there is a lot on the line for them. They need to fix this mess or become MySpace.

yep I remember there were several spammers who flooded the comments with nonsense. But all that can not be the reason to cut the basic functionality of an website. I guess they did not know how to get rid of this spammers by setting the right steps in preventing that. Anyway .... it´s not funny to use that website with all that weird bugs right now ...they should better watch out not to loose too much users.

It's my theory that the spamming that occurred on March 18 was an inside job perpetrated by the rookie coder that created the new site design that was put into production on March 19.

Rookie coder thought his new site was awesome and that it was ready for release to production. It was running in parallel to the production site but in reality it was total crap and management wouldn't approve it's release into production. However, the site that was in use at the time couldn't efficiently handle the removal of spam so the rookie coder spammed the site hard with tens of thousands of spam comments and forced management to approve the new site released to production. And we've all been dealing with the fallout ever since.

It doesn´t matter who or what it caused... we have now a website that doesn´t work as expected and the users are dissapointed. From my point of view it should be fixed very fast or this site will really loose much users to all that alternativ websites out there.

The problem is, I'm pretty sure, those very same alternative websites. I've found several so far that are clearly just vacuuming the entire thingiverse content, even down to descriptions copied directly from the pages, spelling errors and all. They're taxing the bandwidth to death and causing missed cues in the DB, which causes corruptions and unexpected behavior and even more wasted bandwidth as legitimate users furiously pound that refresh to try to get it to respond.

If they took the site down for a couple days and gave the DB an integrity rebuild, the drop in traffic might help it recover. It would have to be unannounced and last for longer than a couple hours, though, for the bots to stop hammering it.

Perhaps some arbitrary and random time limits between downloads with enforced warnings and blacklisting might help discourage the leeching, as well.

The comment spammers aren't causing nearly the bandwidth issues as the content thieves.

There are sites that are copying the entire collection of things made by a designer at the request of that designer, but I don't believe there are any sites that are vacuuming the entire Thingiverse content. Please provide a link to these sites you think are doing that.

The two offenders that immediately came to mind were sproutform and fabster but it looks like they've been taken down, so it might not be the problem that it used to be.

There are still the whackos on r/datahoarder that are manually mirroring the site but I doubt they're racking up too much bandwidth.

Yes thats the point. You are totally right. But right now... in my oppinion they do nothing and wait and hoping this problems get solved by itself. Since more than a year we are facing this issues, and there is no solution in sight. The next point is, that they do not communicate with their users to keep them in a loop and tell us what they will do to improve the situation and to prevent this from happening again.

Oh, no, we're totally in agreement there. I don't think they're hoping the problem solves itself, though. I just think that they have bigger problems and thingiverse isn't high on their priority list at the moment.

The whole industry had a downturn this last year, ironically. I'd have thought home 3D Printing would have boomed with everyone stuck indoors but supply-side issues and economic worry had the opposite effect. :(

They're also headquartered in the MetroTech center, so I wouldn't be surprised if they're looking at 100k/yr in rent.

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A bit late to "fix it fast", it has been close to a year.

It is true that it is almost midnight but, if they invest some money, I am sure it is not too late. But they have to do that now.

I guess till now they thought it´s just a simple collection of 3D printing parts and it´s not important ... but if there are no more users then it is really too late. Thats an image problem for MakerBot. One of the most biggest 3D printing Communities in the WWW.

As I already wrote in HAKU´s post...this will happens mainly in the evening CET Time, in my case. If it occures no search is possible whether logged in or not. I have also issues with display of my designs or collections .... this happens since a few weeks. I guess the Webserver or DB Server is overloaded and they don´t give a penny on it.
I have also troubles by viewing my designs... it shows me 32 but I can find only 29 or so ... I also wrote MakerBot a Email but they don´t care about me or my troubles.

So, no cache cleaning or cookie cleaning in Webbrowser can solve this problem permanently. I can remember that MakerBot had a website Move to another Server some month/years ago... since that it didn´t work as before, you can see that in fact, the mailserver was down for days. They don´t care about that website and its user.

Still can't make or add to collection. unless ion mobile app. same with uploading makes I can only do from phone app

That makes me wonder if they've given up supporting the web site entirely in favor of shifting to the smartphone apps.

Aha! it does work from the mobile app. Thanks for the helpful comment.

Thanks for the tip, but it didn't work for the problem I'm having. Hope it works for other issues.

I had created a new collection several days ago and it doesn't show when I try to save to a collection. I can view it by entering the URL in the address bar, but I can't save any new things to it. Clearing the cookies and site data for all thingiverse sites didn't resolve that issue.

Are you using an account you created on this site or do you log in with Google?

I created my account on Thingiverse.

I wish I had a collection to be wonky and complain about. I can't even manage to create one.

I couldn't either, the dropdown options didn't even show up for me to be able to collect anything, much less create a new one. Try signing off and back on too.