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to all those who want to switch from thingiverse to the prusa (printables) site,
know that it will be impossible for you to delete the account once you have created it and that if you then ask it in the forum with a kind question like
"give me a hand to find how to delete my account from your sites"
you will be banned from the forum, they will ask you to contact the admin of the forum but you will not be able to do so as you are banned ....
is there a law that says that everyone must be able to allow you to delete your data?
at least in this, unfortunately because it was much better in everything, thingiverse is still the best.

in order not to be unfair with prusa here's what they replied to me yesterday, in the end I was right they banned me, but by mistake :-))))
My name is **** and I am one of the admins for the forums at Prusa. I was the one who ban the account originally and I apologize, I meant to flag your account so I send you this delete the account later on . I apologize for the mistake for this as it was my fault."

I switched and I couldn't be happier. I switched because it was THINGIVERSE deleting my stuff, causing things to disappear inexplicably.

If you are incapable of contacting Prusa, then perhaps that's a problem on your end. I don't have a problem with it. And they've been more responsive than Thingiverse (which has replied exactly zero times to numerous queries and reports).

Thingiverse is still the biggest, but not the best.

ok, try to delete your account, good luck

I can't find any trace of you on the forum or the model site. Are you under a different username?

It is obvious that you do not find a trace of my passage on forums, they have banned me.... anyway I don't have the same nickname

You could try emailing them and asking them to delete your profile.
(Not sure if your goal here is to smear Prusa or get help, but I'll just assume the latter)

..... the first one you wrote

Maybe I was not clear: the problem is NOT that I can not contact the printer manufacturer that runs that site, the problem is that I kindly asked for instructions on how to unsubscribe from their sites and they in response HAVE BANNED ME.

Tal vez no lo tenía claro: el problema NO es que no pueda contactar con el fabricante de la impresora que ejecuta ese sitio, el problema es que amablemente pedí instrucciones sobre cómo darse de baja de sus sitios y ellos en respuesta ME PROHIBIERON

Peut-être que je n'ai pas été clair: le problème n'est PAS que je ne peux pas contacter le fabricant de l'imprimante qui exécute ce site, le problème est que j'ai gentiment demandé des instructions sur la façon de se désabonner de leurs sites et ils en réponse m'ont banni

Vielleicht war ich nicht klar: Das Problem ist NICHT, dass ich den Druckerhersteller, der diese Website betreibt, nicht kontaktieren kann, das Problem ist, dass ich freundlicherweise nach Anweisungen gefragt habe, wie man sich von ihren Websites abmeldet, und sie haben mich als Antwort GESPERRT

Может быть, мне было непонятно: проблема НЕ в том, что я не могу связаться с производителем принтера, который запускает этот сайт, проблема в том, что я любезно попросил инструкцию о том, как отписаться от своих сайтов, и они в ответ ЗАБАНИЛИ МЕНЯ

Možná jsem nebyl jasný: problém NENÍ v tom, že nemohu kontaktovat výrobce tiskárny, který provozuje tento web, problém je v tom, že jsem laskavě požádal o pokyny, jak se odhlásit ze svých stránek a oni v reakci ZAKÁZALI MĚ

Poate că nu am fost clar: problema NU este că nu pot contacta producătorul imprimantei care rulează acel site, problema este că am cerut cu amabilitate instrucțiuni despre cum să vă dezabonați de la site-urile lor și ei, ca răspuns, MI-au INTERZIS

Talán nem voltam világos: a probléma nem az, hogy nem tudok kapcsolatba lépni a nyomtató gyártójával, amely ezt az oldalt futtatja, a probléma az, hogy kedvesen kértem utasításokat arról, hogyan lehet leiratkozni a webhelyeikről, és válaszul BETILTOTTÁK

Może nie byłem jasny: problem NIE polega na tym, że nie mogę skontaktować się z producentem drukarki, który prowadzi tę stronę, problem polega na tym, że uprzejmie poprosiłem o instrukcje, jak wypisać się z ich stron, a oni w odpowiedzi ZBANOWALI MNIE

Forse non sono stato chiaro: il problema NON è che non riesco a contattare il produttore di stampanti che gestisce quel sito, il problema è che ho gentilmente chiesto istruzioni su come cancellarmi dai loro siti e loro in risposta MI HANNO BANNATO

Kanskje jeg ikke var klar: Problemet er IKKE at jeg ikke kan kontakte skriverprodusenten som driver det nettstedet, problemet er at jeg ber om instruksjoner om hvordan du melder deg av nettstedene deres, og de som svar banned me

Måske var jeg ikke klar: problemet er IKKE, at jeg ikke kan kontakte printerproducenten, der driver dette websted, problemet er, at jeg venligt bad om instruktioner om, hvordan man afmelder sig fra deres websteder, og de som svar BANNED ME

Kannski var ég ekki ljóst: vandamálið er EKKI að ég get ekki haft samband við prentaraframleiðandann sem keyrir þá síðu, vandamálið er að ég bað vinsamlega um leiðbeiningar um hvernig á að segja upp áskrift af vefsvæðum sínum og þeir sem svöruðu BÖNNUÐU MÉR

Ehkä en ollut selvä: ongelma EI ole, että en voi ottaa yhteyttä kyseistä sivustoa ylläpitävään tulostimen valmistajaan, ongelmana on, että pyysin ystävällisesti ohjeita siitä, miten peruuttaa heidän sivustoiltaan, ja he vastauksena KIELLETTY MINÄ

Misschien was ik niet duidelijk: het probleem is NIET dat ik geen contact kan opnemen met de printerfabrikant die die site beheert, het probleem is dat ik vriendelijk om instructies heb gevraagd over hoe ik me kan afmelden van hun sites en ze hebben me als reactie VERBANNEN

Basically, it sounds like you no longer have login access. That's functionally the same as your account being deleted. Problem solved. Move on.

I thought for a long time whether to answer you or ignore you ..... in the end I want to fall as low as you. if your contribution to the discussion is what I read above, I strongly urge you to stop talking just to air your mouth

I admit, my comment was unnecessarily snarky, and should have been ignored.

Your rights, however, have not been infringed. Their site, their rules. I am skeptical that they banned you just for asking a polite question and not for some other reason like a software glitch or a misunderstanding that equates account deletion with disabling access, but I have no reason to doubt your assertion either.

If you want, I can post a query on the forum in your behalf if you really are interested in how someone might go about deleting their account.

I see that you are on the left side of the Atlantic Ocean, there most likely things and rights are different, as you can read on the link posted by aRGiRob (currently the second from the top) here in Europe things are different.
In any case, what I contest is that there is no button to self-delete from their sites and in the face of my clarification, their response was to ban me from the forum.

Well, I agree that ANY website where you can create an account should make it easy for you to remove your account, and at least with a quick look I don't see a "delete account" option. That said, my suspicion is that you weren't as polite and reasonable with them in their public forum as you're pretending, especially after your somewhat odd reactions here. I have communicated with Prusa staff a few times over email and live chat and they've always been polite, professional, and helpful. My bet is they'd delete your account if you asked them over one of these mediums. Heck, they might really like to do it.

Yea one thing Prusa is good about is customer support. They really should have a delete account button but emailing them should work. I know in Europe at least there is a law that they have to delete it when you ask.

I also saw your post on their blog in a comment which is the wrong place to do it and they have a right to ban anyone they want. Harsh reality but true. Also I see one model in your account yet you said you uploaded more to Prusa and they deleted them (in your comment on the blog - https://blog.prusa3d.com/prusaprinters-org-is-now-printables-com-ultimate-database-of-3d-models-for-everyone_66880/#comment-25716 )...maybe thingiverse deleted them also? Were they copyright protected?

Email them and if they do not remove your account then figure out the rights you have in your country by calling a lawyer. Sites like to have a bunch of users even if they never do anything because it inflates their numbers.

unfortunately for you i am not "DELETE THIS ACCOUNT".
I am happy not to be the only one and I am also pleased to see that the behavior of the gentlemen of the site is always the same,
I tried to post my question here:https://forum.prusa3d.com/forum/english-forum-general-discussion-announcements-and-releases/
Maybe you are referring to the customer support for printers, I refer to that of the site, obviously people are not the same. but I have never tried to call their printers assistance

A bit off topic, but I think Thingiverse inflates their numbers in similar ways. They have fake downloads of things that seems to be a recurring problem, and broken view counts that could (if they weren't broken) be used to easily determine that the download counts are unrealistic. They also set up their Customizer (when it was working) to automatically publish custom objects instead of adding them to someone's designs unpublished, even though in many cases these objects were customized with personalized text that nobody else would want. They inflate their object library and give the perception that there is more activity here than there actually is, and then people use this fake activity to justify having an account here because "Thingiverse is the biggest and the best!" ...so "the biggest" part becomes self-fulfilling.

... they do have an option to delete your account though, so there's that. You just have to trust that it isn't broken like everything else.

I am not arguing that this is better than that, I am arguing that I asked a question, asked in the correct way, and they replied by banning me, they might not approve the question but they preferred to ban me, now I can no longer write on their forum. I'm here because this site is (or maybe it was) the most frequented by the audience of printers and designers and because I am convinced that they have infringed my rights.

Yeah, you've made that clear. I wasn't responding to you because I honestly had nothing more to say. I can't claim I know what happened in a conversation I didn't witness, it just doesn't mesh with my own personal experience dealing with Prusa staff. As for your rights being infringed, I doubt it. You have very few rights when you join a website run by a private company. They no doubt have a right to ban you or whatever else for any reason at all. As for refusing to delete your account (if that's truly what is happening) I'm not sure if that's a problem from a legal perspective or not, because I'm not a lawyer, and I'm not even sure which country's laws would apply. I would certainly consider it a problem from a moral perspective, but I remain unconvinced that the situation was accurately depicted, and I'm not sure how you'd convince me, nor do I see why convincing me would be important to you.

"I would like to delete my account from these sites but I don't know how to do it, can any of you guys be able to help me?"
unfortunately I don't have an exact copy of the sentence because I never, ever thought I would be banned for a stupid question like the one above; do you think this sentence was not put in a courteous way?
Instead I think that the gentlemen of the site know perfectly well that they are in the wrong and rather than spark a discussion about why they do not have (and you confirm it) a way to unsubscribe from their sites, they prefer to ban the author of an innocent question posed in a manner absolutely correct.
ps the title of the post was "oblivion"

You are totally right. You should be able to delete your account in a simple way. You can't even change your e-mail without asking the admin (I tried)! Unfortunately, it is not the only site. They don't respect your privacy and your rights on your data.