Just delete thingiverse


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Nothing works , years old bugs
No admin cares about this site

I actually believe they have abandoned this site and it's just running completely unmaintained for years now. Not a single upload I can remember that really went smooth without obvious and embarrassing bugs.

I think they are still doing the absolute minimum effort to keep it running because at this point there would still be too much of an outrage if they would shut it down. But I suspect that whoever is in charge of this site, has a well-planned timeline of steps in their agendas to gradually deliberately break and remove functionality from Thingiverse, like the ability to comment on Makes, which I just found out is no longer possible. If Thingiverse eventually becomes so awful to use that even the most fervent fanboys leave, nobody will really care anymore when Stratasys finally kills this site which they obviously never really cared about about since they got it as part of their acquisition of Makerbot. This is all speculation, but it is a decent explanation of what I have observed during the past 6 years.

Yep, this thing has been a POS for years and the utterly incompetent "developer" team there does not give a sh..t. Why do you expect to change that? It is a kindergarten group owning this thing...

I have completely stopped publishing except when requested to Thingiverse. I add something like every 6 months now. I was very prolific at one time and had over 100k and possibly 200k downloads in one year. This is a great resource volume wise if you don't create. Until they fix the view counter and several other functions I see no reason to publish often here. Agree that this has killed a lot of developers. I have started to create again and will be posting to other sites. Printables is now up and running and getting stronger every day. Eventually it should replace this badly run site. I will gradually move all my items to there in hopes that it picks up enough for me to completely remove my things from Thingiverse.

Now, you may feel angry which I can relate to. But, bugs or not, this is a vast ressource and deleting it as you propose would be such a horrid loss. Go some other place if you can't find your way workarounding the bugs here but do not interfere with others, thank you very much.

And, to my surprise and when I personally had more or less given up on TV myself, I have witnessed an admin taking care and restoring all my things. So, they have almost no team but more than none.

You have 26 followers, so obviously your focus has been on downloading not putting out designs that people want. I get more new followers in a week than you get all time. I use the statistical information to create things people want. I have never advertised and still get followers. People can't even find my design half time on this site. It is only word of mouth that grows my followers. When you can't look at the statistics and figure out what people want then I don't get the satisfaction with the time required to design. Not to be rude, but I could put out what you have done in a matter of 2 weeks of design work. I have 2 or 3 designs that would take about the amount of time required to replicate what you have done. Of course you are happy.

I agree, thingiverse should not be deleted. I rarely have problems. Sure there are annoyances like the /zip workaround and such but I don't post a whole lot of stuff either so I may not have encountered many of them. I also use Firefox with ublock due to the awful ads they had when they first started with them!

Again, if you mostly download then you think Thingiverse is great. If you are a serious designer then there is no motivation to create when you can't track what people like and get the satisfaction of likes and views and download numbers. You have 21 followers. I don't advertise or have a patreon or whatever to promote my stuff. I get more new followers in a week than you have lifetime here. My point is serious designers are no longer putting up with the grief here. If you can't find my stuff because of a search engine bug and things are hidden, the only way I get new followers is word of mouth. This site stinks period. I was recognized 5 times for having one of the best designs of the week when this site functioned properly. Sorry, but statistics drive a better response for what people like. I don't get that, it isn't worth my time to post.

Well aren't you special. So why complain, just leave. I never understood this as there are at least 3 sites that will import everything from Thingiverse VERY easily.

I have 26 followers, thank you very much LMAO

Numbers mean nothing on a free site. Having to have validation by seeing numbers is really, really sad and I feel sorry for you needing that attention.

Micahel, for being over 50 and pretending to have computer skills, you really aren't very good. I understand why you like Thingiverse. You only like it because you download stuff. Any real designer is moving on. It does validate that what I have is more valued than you. Again your ability is to create designs that I make in 4 minutes. I have moved to other sites. Even if this is a free site I have what others want. I am in the top 5% when it comes to being followed. My point still stands despite your whole 26 followers (Wow!). I have been recognized 5 times for one of the best designs of the week. I don't think you could even get someone to recognize your work. Also people sell my designs on the internet and they get purchased. One of my designs has been recognized by the public teachers for one of the best 3-D prints for education. I doubt someone would ever pay for your designs. My point is real designers that are good are leaving this site, like I have. I still get a lot of traffic here, but I have no intention of putting much effort into it any more. Monitoring numbers are the only good indicator of what people like.

I bow to your greatness and laugh at my own existence as a speck of dust riding on your coat tails.

Always amazing how people have to praise themselves to try and get recognition. Keep on going and i hope your most important numbers keep climbing rapidly to make you very proud of your existence and great skill. I honestly don't care if I have 0 followers and only ever had 1 download. I do it because I like it and have fun with it. Oh and I do have computer skills (over 30 years worth), I think you mean CAD skills which I never said I had.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of issues when you publish a lot of models. I publish one model every week or so. Sometimes, I must publish a model up to 5 times to get it saved properly. Makerbot belongs to a company, Stratasys, that don't care about Thingiverse. The reason, likely it cost them a huge amount of money to support it, and it does not bring revenues or, let say, peanuts. Makerbot is no longer the company it used to be. They have only one interest: revenues

Thingiverse IS a nice resource, and if they fixed basic key features, it would still be the best option. For years now, there has been a bug that makes it so that some new models that are either Saved and Viewed or Published, go into the Thingiverse limboverse. A new model ticks up your My Designs tally, but it is not in your list. You can search for it under the tags that you provided, and by its category, but it is nowhere to be found. You can only find your 'ghost model' if you go back through your browser history. I tried uploading my second to last model four times and with different methods and quantity of information/files, and each time it went to the limboverse. That was enough for me. The bugs, the data breach, the lack of support from the mother company have dropped Thingiverse to the second place spot, and falling. After deleting all 50+ of my uploaded designs (some of which were fairly popular, but can still be found on Printables.com), I uploaded one last design, a farewell to Thingiverse. It too went into the limboverse. Except for my now basic account with my one last ghost model, I have fully moved over to Printables.com. I hope that one day Thingiverse is revived and given the attention it deserves. In the meantime, I will be supporting a different website that is better in every way, except for the quantity of models in its library (but even that is increasing daily). Farewell and good luck to all.

Well, they fixed it, after the idiots BROKE it... It was running all smoothly before the kindergarten team took over.