Analytics missing July 1st.

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In my graphs the day July 1st does not exist, in yours?

Sometimes it's there and sometimes it's not.

For the default range showing the past 30 days my analytics graph shows July 1st. It's right between June 30 and July 2.

But if I set the date range to be July 9 through July 19, for example, it does not show July 1st.

Any range of dates I select (even from 7/1 to 7/1) the 1st July is not present, the attached photo shows it

That is really weird.

Of all the dozens and dozens of bugs I've seen on Thingiverse over the past couple years that has got to be the weirdest one yet. I can't imagine what sort of convoluted code is triggering such an idiotic bug. Maybe you didn't get any downloads that day and the graph doesn't display any days that have no downloads. Are any other days displayed that have zero downloads?

I also thought it could be a problem due to the fact that there were no downloads that day, but I discarded it because it has been more than a year (or maybe more) that the graph of visits has marked 0 and also because the 30 June I have 0 downloads and it appears in the graph. Maybe their algorithm doesn't want to depress us too much and if it sees two 0's in two consecutive days one ignores it ....