Posted but not visible

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The upload appears to be valid https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5440527 but it was notvisible in new uploads it's still not in My Designs after 4 hours,

Tarp Clips For 1" Rail

Thingiverse "ate my homework" too.

been several months and no show.

There is a year-and-a-half-old Thingiverse bug that often doesn't capture a new publication on the site pages, so it is invisible except on your Analytics page and the remixes page of the original thing if it's a remix and any likes or collections pages of other users or yourself. So your invisible thing will never show up on the Outdoor & Garden Category pages or on your Designs page.

Before publishing a new thing it is now a good idea to first save it and make sure that it shows up on your designs page. Due to another Thingiverse bug, you should clear you browser cache before refreshing your designs page. If it doesn't show up then you should delete it and try again. If it does show up then it can be published and will show up where it's supposed to.

tip: clear with only "cached files and images" checked in chrome. history, passwords, and etc. will stay this way which is less annoying.

Thanks for your help my fellow Canuck.

Having the same problem with one of my designs.

It's been happening to everyone for some time now. I tried to post it to thingiverse.com/support but it's DEAD. That's why I'm moving content over to printables.com


it's happen to me almost every time I publish. This problem exists for a very long time, at least 6 months. When I publish a model, and it happens, I wait 30 minutes. Then I delete it and publish it again later on. It usually takes about 5 trials. Very annoying.

Ok, thanks for the tip

If this happens to others, post the link as I did.


I've reported this issue many times as many other people, unfortunately, no light, no sound.

el mio igual y hace como 3 dias que lo publique

Estos estupidos de thingiverse tiene problemas con la base de datos