I posted this but it doesn't show up on my profile, Help?

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No, it is there, but just not showing up in your Designs. If you look at your analytics you will see it, but sometimes you need to edit the search dates and it will pull up all your item analytics and you will see it. I absolutely wish the bugs would get worked on to improve this site - so many people bailing on it. I have an item I loaded that still is doing exactly as above for over 6 weeks now.

Delete it and try repost again. Is a bug in Thingiverse and it happens quite often these days.

You can check whether it will appear on your profile when you create a new make without publishing it, just click save and view then go to your profile. If it shows up on your profile after "save & view", it will show up once published as well.

Also, try using other websites for less problems. Printables is a great alternative.

Umm there has been this issue for over a year now. Don't expect it to be fixed. Better to move on to another site if you are concerned about it. I honestly wish Thingiverse would just go a way so that traffic on other sites would go up and allow for better sites to take over. The fact that thingiverse has so many models is the only thing keeping it going. The best thing to do is post your stuff on another site like printables and hope over time people move on from this site like they did from 8-track players. Most serious designers have moved on and post here just out of the sheer volume of people using the site.