Guess it's time to abandon Thingiverse

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Uploaded a new thing today, https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5467163 and it's not appearing in any search results or my profile whether I'm logged in or not, but I can still view it by knowing the URL while logged in or not.

A ghost upload.



Guess it's time to abandon Thingiverse, the site operators appear to have abandoned us first.

Immortal T V2 Antenna Folding TPU Standoff Mount
by Haku3D

No, it is there, but just not showing up in your Designs. If you look at your analytics you will see it, but sometimes you need to edit the search dates and it will pull up all your item analytics and you will see it. I absolutely wish the bugs would get worked on to improve this site - so many people bailing on it. I have an item I loaded that still is doing exactly as above for over 6 weeks now.

Same problem here... if I delete and re-add what are the chances it doesn't index again?


That's been a bug for a while now, you'll have to delete and reupload it.

Ah nuts, already posted the link out to places, guess I'll have to re-upload then.

It's likely that things like lists in profiles and search results are indexed and only update once a day or so. If it's still not showing up tomorrow, I'd start to be concerned.

Thanks for responding, you may be right about the indexing delay, because when editing the thing upload, the changes wouldn't appear instantly, sometimes many 10's of minutes.

I'll give it a day and see if anything shifts.

The problem when editing is a caching problem. If you make a change and clear your cache and check again, your changes will be there. Very likely though, clearing your cache won't make the item show up in your profile or search results, because there is also a bug where things don't get indexed properly. In my experience waiting until tomorrow won't help unless they coincidentally reboot the server between now and then. I think when they do that it sometimes temporarily fixes some issues. Your best bet (as someone else mentioned) is delete it and try again, or better still, pick a different site that causes you less frustration.

its been my experience that when I upload a thing I don't publish it right away. I save it. Then I go back and tweak it, move pictures around, edit my text, then save it again. I keep doing this until my stl files have rendered properly and I can see them in the pictures area and I can view them 3d.
After saving and editing anywhere from 5 to 10 times, then I will finally publish and it seems to work for me. Also I have found that different times of day will have different results. Kind of a smoke on the water thing, it's a crap shoot for sure but I have had reasonable success doing it this way. Its all trial and error. and yes clear your cache.
and jump up and down on one leg then bow to the east. Hey whatever works right? lol