Tired of multi uploads

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Anyone else so sick of seeing page after page of "My customized sweeping 2-line name"?????? I like to view new models to see what people are creating, but so tired of seeing the same crap over and over. YOU DON'T NEED TO UPLOAD EVERY NAME OR SAYING IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. GET SOME ORIGINALITY. I wish Thingiverse would limit or ban these clowns!

When people create the thing they can UNCHECK the box that says to publish it but people just don't do it. They should just make that default to unchecked.

Agreed. But there is also another issue where the search doesn't seem to properly filter out customized designs. By default it should, but it's not doing that.

I've added the issue to the backlog.

If it's the same problem as before which it probably is because things don't change much here, the problem is with how the Customizer works (WHEN it works which is pretty rare)

If someone customizes something for their own use, instead of getting saved to their designs unpublished which I think would be the logical way to do it, it gets published automatically.

maybe they should put customized models in their own category and remove from others?

By default it should filter these out, but that seems to be broken. Issue is on the backlog to be fixed.