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Dear Developer:
Recently I found I can't download all files. When I click "download all files" the site said "Please disable your ad blocker to download". But I don't have any ad blocker, and I can't see any advertise. I've uploaded pictures for you to show my problem. Please help me with this, Thanks!

Yes I agree this is an issue. I will be pulling my designs and posting them on an alternate site. Bye Bye Thingiverse.

I noticed this. I'll pull all my designs if it doesn't change! I don't need to allow every attack into my browser from every prn and scam site because Thingiverse can't handle their own ads.

Does this also happen in another browser or device? Maybe the browser is block some things on its own.

If that doesn't help: Maybe a device in your network is doing the blocking before the pages even reach the browser. For example, this could be a router or Pi-Hole on a Raspberry Pi.

It also happens to google chrome and my chrome on telephone, and everything is normal two days ago. I can't figure out what is going on.

If the phone is connected to the internet via the same WLAN it could still be a network issue. If it is using its own connection is is probably something else.
Btw. Is this happening with all things? Maybe it is an thingiverse issue with this specific download? If you post the link to the object I'll try and see if it happens to me too.

Well, thank you mate! I found out it is my vpn which blocked all the ads, I paid some IT guys for this vpn so I think they have blocked ads for me. They are impressive. Thank you for solving my problems again!

Nice, glad it worked. :-)

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Sososososo sorry for that mate :(