by grimkitty85

Big massive favour to ask any designer I don't have a laptop powerful enough to make model's so was wondering if anyone could make a Santa gizmo (the gremlins) it would make my wife a happy woman.

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Artists misrepresenting themselves - Creepy? Deceptive? RP?

by Mike0xlong

This artist: has a female profile picture, a female name on the profile, and claims an STL of a standing female uploaded to their account is in fact a 3D scan of themselves.

Also on the profile you'll find URL's to the artists YouTube and webpage. Lets dissect these first.
First off, neither the YouTube nor the website contain any reference to the female name (Which sounds like a stereotypical stripper or pornstars name) used on the artists profile here on Thingiverse.
The YouTube channel doesn't look at ALL like something a female would design.
The YouTube channel contains no content showing the channel owner I'm pretty sure, and if it does then from what I saw the owner is NOT a female.
The voiceover on the videos is a male.
The website also doesn't look like something designed by a female.

Is this harmless role-playing? Or are you living out some sort of fantasy here on Thingiverse of being a female? I find it kinda creepy and deceptive, what do you folk think?

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ASICS Sandal Redux

by Alex_Samurai

ASICS just released a super cool breathable sandal for $80 but unfortunately they sold out instantly and now are being resold for $500. I'd love to collaborate with a maker to create a maker sandal which features roughly similar shape but different cell structure and a few alterations. The modeling looks like it would be best done in a soft body modeler like blender, but I am capable of adding topology optimized cells, logo etc. If you think you can assist please let me know!

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3/4" pvc Dual Pixel Arch Mount

by Swinslade

is there a design for 3/4" regular PVC pixel arch mounts? NOT PEX

if so please provide the link

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Legend of Giants, all true type giants from DnD in one campaign!

by RGautier

Hi everyone,

My first big project, Legend of Giants is now LIVE on Kickstarter!
It brings all trues type Giants from DnD fantasy world as .STL miniatures with modular weapons for you to print home for all your rpg and tabletop games:
All the minis come modular and pre supported for resin printers but also prints very well on FDM
Already funded with a some stretchgoals unlocked as well, there are also some FREE models for Everyone to get and tons of surprises coming along the campaign with some free resources and tutorials!

Thank you for your time and for your interest in the project and let me know what you think about my work !

dnd giant miniature rpg tabletop tabletop_gaming
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Published design not showing

by Awheel25

1 of my published design not showing up on the available designs to search for. I have published a design, however I cannot see it if I search for the design, and when I am logged in, "My Designs" indicate 2 but I can only see one of the designs I have submitted. Any idea why?

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What would be considered a remix?

by TSF007

What should I consider as a remix? do I have to use someone's files to be considered as a remix? or even if I get the idea from them I would need to include it as a remix?

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Revenge from mars pinball machine alien

by Waya81

I have a friend that is trying to fix a pinball machine, Revenge from mars. I can not find an .stl of the alien, could someone model it?

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"BustForge" project. Figure maker for 3D printing. Please give m

by dobloxy

Projects such as HeroForge were inspiration.
I want to create the basis of a kit for creating individual 3D busts.
Easy parts modification.
Everything will be available for free in the basic version for further processing, e.g. with zbrush.
At the moment we have managed to prepare about 30 hairstyles, 15 facial hair, 100 items of clothing.
Work in progress.
I am going to publish a project on Thingiverse.

I would like to request your feedback before further work on BustForge. Is it worth working on it further? What needs to be changed etc.

bust statue
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