"BustForge" project. Figure maker for 3D printing. Please give m

bust statue

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Projects such as HeroForge were inspiration.
I want to create the basis of a kit for creating individual 3D busts.
Easy parts modification.
Everything will be available for free in the basic version for further processing, e.g. with zbrush.
At the moment we have managed to prepare about 30 hairstyles, 15 facial hair, 100 items of clothing.
Work in progress.
I am going to publish a project on Thingiverse.

I would like to request your feedback before further work on BustForge. Is it worth working on it further? What needs to be changed etc.

I like it except the part where people will have to edit the models further. If people have the experience with a program like zbrush, why would they need the models in the first place? Don't get mad, I am honestly giving critic on the problem I see with the setup. I like the idea a LOT, IF the models were finished enough where people could use the service and then just slice and print. Is that what the pay tiers are going to be?

Also - I would like to see some sort of pin alignment on all the parts to make gluing (I hate gluing) them together a much simpler process for idiots like myself.

To answer your question, YES keep working on it!!!! I think a heroforge competitor will be a good thing, especially if you can keep the prices down!

Basic kits will be free. In this quality, as shown in the photos, perfect for painting after printing.
The parts can be quickly assembled in e.g. Meshmixer. The files will be prepared so that they are in their place after being loaded.

look terrific! thank you for pursuing this! As a maker with limited modeling talent, projects like these allow me to make something more "mine".

The first kits will be released in a week.

I like it! ... but then again, I'm nuts ;) Just ask anyone here ;P