Published design not showing

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1 of my published design not showing up on the available designs to search for. I have published a design, however I cannot see it if I search for the design, and when I am logged in, "My Designs" indicate 2 but I can only see one of the designs I have submitted. Any idea why?

Can you view the design in your browser's private window mode? If not, it may have been delisted (reported and removed from the site). Also, there's been a few times publishing a design where the publish fails and weird things happen.

Hi, yes I odd.

Thingiverse is broken in that respect, I've had 2 or 3 designs do that disappearing trick on me, the only current solution is to delete it, re-upload and hope it doesn't do the disappearing trick again.

in addition to that: you can easily test if a new created thing is affected by just save&view it early with just minimal edits (name and category is required and a model or pic for visuals..
If that doesntshowon the designs page the published thing won't as well.
Happens to me in about 1 / 6 of the times

Thanks, will try the minimal approach. It makes sense and also makes for less typing :-).

Thanks Haku3D, will try that...hope it works.