ASICS Sandal Redux

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ASICS just released a super cool breathable sandal for $80 but unfortunately they sold out instantly and now are being resold for $500. I'd love to collaborate with a maker to create a maker sandal which features roughly similar shape but different cell structure and a few alterations. The modeling looks like it would be best done in a soft body modeler like blender, but I am capable of adding topology optimized cells, logo etc. If you think you can assist please let me know!

Why not just look up some crocs or similar sandal and use it as a starting point? https://grabcad.com/library/crocs-1

I've thought of this, but in order to get it to work with the rubberlike resin materials the base design will need to be significantly thickened/modified to have enough cushioning compared to something like crocs. Modifying a nonplanar design in solidworks is very challenging. The actibreeze is a very unique sandal so it would probably need to be modeled from scratch in a more surface friendly software.

as far as cell structures, use triangles! they're already in the stls anyway so why not. also, could maybe sculpt it in blender from some reference shape (like a flat flip-flop).