Artists misrepresenting themselves - Creepy? Deceptive? RP?

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This artist: https://www.thingiverse.com/openair/designs has a female profile picture, a female name on the profile, and claims an STL of a standing female uploaded to their account is in fact a 3D scan of themselves.

Also on the profile you'll find URL's to the artists YouTube and webpage. Lets dissect these first.
First off, neither the YouTube nor the website contain any reference to the female name (Which sounds like a stereotypical stripper or pornstars name) used on the artists profile here on Thingiverse.
The YouTube channel doesn't look at ALL like something a female would design.
The YouTube channel contains no content showing the channel owner I'm pretty sure, and if it does then from what I saw the owner is NOT a female.
The voiceover on the videos is a male.
The website also doesn't look like something designed by a female.

Is this harmless role-playing? Or are you living out some sort of fantasy here on Thingiverse of being a female? I find it kinda creepy and deceptive, what do you folk think?