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uploading videos to my thing page.

I searched but cant find an answer.
How do I upload a youtube video to my "thing" page

thanks everyone

If you put a youtube url in the description of your thing, it will automatically embed the video in the section at the top of your thing.

you just need to copy page address of the youtube video and past it somewhere within "Thing Details" and the video will appear alongside your stl and images when u "Save and view" or Publish.
In so far as i can see u don't have control over the order in which videos r mixed with the other content, i.e. videos always come after the cover image.

Just put a link anywhere in your thingie page and it will automatically place it.

You should be able to embed it with it's HTML. Go to the Youtube video you want, click share, click embed, highlight the iframe code, then paste it where you want it.