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Check This Out!!!!

by Rekrab30

I made a Dunder Mifflin paper box business card holder... Please let me know what you guys think of it. I printed this on the MPSM and it took about 10 hours total. I think it looks great and would love some constructive feed back!!


Dunder Mifflin Business card holder (The Office)
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by Coolcrawler_

Hi, I want to make a full body 3D scanning setup like this one: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1185566. I like this one but it seems to complicated for something that should only need an Arduino Uno or NANO. I already have a motorized lazy susan for a person to go on.

I have looked on Youtube for inspiration and have found motorized camera sliders; but I want limit switches on each side (for peace of mind) and I don't need anything fancy like a pinchwheel encoder or LCD screen, just a single button to make it go up slowly, hit the top limit switch, go back down and hit the lower limit switch. I want the whole thing to be powered by a NEMA 17 stepper motor. I just need someone to code and tell me all of the parts needed. It is basically one axis of a 3D printer, I guess.

So if anyone could help, that would be much appreciated.

Thank you

Kinect Body Scanner
by ALassy
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Tablet Holder 1

by NextGenDesign

This is a tablet stand I designed. Use it in daily life. It is your option to print with or without supports. I recommend supports on. Any tips? Thanks.

Tablet Holder 1
Phone_Stand tablet tablet stand
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Print in Place Easel - NEW VERSION!

by akshay_d21


My print in place easel has gotten a lot of love lately for which I am very grateful.
I have posted a newer and much sturdier version of the easel on the Thing's page here:


The new version is much much easier to print and has some structural advantage over the previous version. The previous version is more suited for lighter things to be placed on, like postcards, photographs, invitation cards, small phones etc. Hope you enjoy my work here on Thingiverse!



Printable Hinge Easel
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Trump Planter/Flower Pot

by etonkidsRD

Can anyone design a Donny T planter/flower pot to go with the Kim Jong Un planter? I want to hold a summit on my desk at work.
Thanks in advance!

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