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3d printed mold

by ioannou0

well the title says it all ! but i think its very cool since not many people are advertising that method !! i can see some use in it when it comes to tools and many other things !


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Why is social distance ignored?

by psv6

People really do ignore social distance everywhere. Maybe because there is simply nothing to measure and show it? Please rate the tool I created called KSD. I wonder if people will use this laser tool?


KSD (keep social distance)
by psv6
covid-19 laser social distance
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by Mr_Mystery

I'm not sure if this is the right group but does anyone know of custom 3d printable logitech k120 keycaps its a rubber dome membrane keyboard?

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Trick to waterproof / weatherproof PLA / ABS / etc cheaply.

by enhancedrouting

Didn't find this online elsewhere. I needed to waterproof a print for a hydroponic planter. The suggestions ranged from trying to get the plastic to fuse together better with acetone or MEK to coating the part with epoxy or spray paint, to changing the part design to use more filament in certain areas.

I used to do a lot of outdoor stuff. We weatherproofed things with wax. So I melted some wax, swished my planters around in it, let them dry and I now have waterproof PLA pots filled with liquid and hanging from my walls, without leaking a drop. :) Water proofing cost less than the filament I used to make the parts, which is how it ought to be. PLA parts wicked the wax up quite nicely, better than leather and as well as cloth.

Things to watch out for: keep the temperature low so the part doesn't warp, most wax will melt at a low enough temperature that this isn't much of an issue. Let it dry fully before exposing to water. You can paint wax with a brush on if you can't (or don't want to) immerse the part for some reason. If you're water proofing a bottle or cup use beeswax or something food grade (if you ever wondered how drinking horns held water back in the day, its because they were coated with beeswax on the inside, horn tends to absorb liquids and rot otherwise.) Obviously the end result is potentially flammable, but if that's a concern the filament the part is made from is also flammable, so not a major increase in danger there.

Hope this helps someone out who had the same question I did and wasn't finding a better answer than 'go buy some epoxy.'

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Delete/Remove Items from group

by KingSam1st

I accidentally posted a Rubber Band Dowels Thing but I didn't mean to, Is there anyway to remove it from the group??

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