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Quick prints that show off what a printer can do?

by GetaHobbie

I'm putting together an informational session for some friend's kids that are interested in 3D printing and I'm wondering if folks have any ideas for things to print while we talk. I'm thinking of simple items that print quick (done in about 1/2 and hour so). Ideally I'd like to show them some things then start a print and be able to give them something to take home.

So far I've only found a diamond shaped object that is printed hollow.

My other idea is some sort of easy keychain with their names printed.

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How to reset Avast free antivirus to default settings?

by ronisharma199

In order to conduct a reset of Avast free antivirus to default settings, double click on the task bar icon, in order to open the software, after that click on “settings” then click on “troubleshooting” then expand the option “Restore factory defaults” then select the features that you need to restore. The software will then get back to its default factory settings.

Avast Phone Number security
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Where to put all those nice little things we print ? Minishelf !

by bickby

The Minishelf is here to come to your rescue ;-)
It's easy to print and super quick to put on the wall with just double sided tape.
And i finally have enough places to display all the nice little figurines i find here.

And the look very cool side by side, too.


Mini Shelf / Miniregal (for display, no screws needed)
by bickby
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Kcup holder

by Majestik1024

I had a space above the range that I couldn't make use of... so, 3d printing to the rescue!

Now this otherwise dead space is filled with k-Cups!


Stackable K cup holders
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