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Clothespin / Clothes Peg

by Jinja

I couldn't find a clothespin that didn't require a metal spring on Thingiverse, so I made one. Let me know if it works out for you...


I use it as a bag clip

Clothespin / Clothes Peg
by Jinja
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Food safe coating material for 3d printed objects(?)

by DukeMagus

I got a question:

Which COATING material you can use in plastics to make it food safe (to use as a mold for things like chocolate and other stuff with low melting point)

Before you say PLA or PETG are food safe plastics, the process the plastic itself passes is dangerous (normal extruders can have lead in their composition, the plastic isn't always 100% clean or pure and the extrusion can increase the chance of small bits of the part "falling off" and gluing on the food).

Some people said Shellac is a food safe material, but that's made from bugs! Another alternative is to purchase food safe silicone, make a plastic piece and use it to make the silicone mold, but that method is overly expensive and takes up to 24 hours for a piece to completely dry!

So... the coating material should:

  • Be food safe
  • Have a melting point above 100ºc (even better if it's above 150ºc. it won't go to the oven, but molten chocolate is hot!)
  • Attach to plastic
  • Have no "unhealthy" properties (rusting, attracting too much bacteria, etc)

Any suggestions?

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help prusa i3

by dale26

i have my 3d printer i have just learnt how to make builds but when i try print the build it dose over retraction an baddd blobbing if i upload a vid could any one help me pleaseeeee

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Window Blind Clip Replacement

by bkpsu

Just posted: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2783522

I've also uploaded the original Fusion 360 archive if anyone wants to modify it for their own application, and a how-to video describing my design and printing process.

Blind Clip Replacement
by bkpsu
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3d Printing a Skull Penholder - LOVED the quality

by 3DguyDubai

Watch the video here -----> https://youtu.be/583KBFzGU7U <-------------- Watch the video here

Hey guys, checkout the quality print i got of the Low Poly skull i downloaded from thingiverse. I really get surprised everytime of what the Anet A8 printer is capable of doing.

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