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New member of the Pumpy family!

by stmorgan

Introducing Pumpy Downy Jr. He pumps liquids on the down stroke.


Pumpy Downy Jr
Hand_Pump Pump water_pump
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Anyone need a hand pump?

by stmorgan

Pumpy the Younger may be able to help. I'm still in the process of printing out the parts and getting everything tested but anyone is welcome to try it out as well.


Pumpy the Younger
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Print in Place Designs!

by akshay_d21

Has anyone tried this print in place mouse box? :)

You can post your print in place designs too, in this thread.
I printed mine last week and documented the photos for the community.
Go try yourself one!


Mouse Box - Print In Place
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Wealth from Waste!

by akshay_d21

Love Altoids?
Love recycling?
Love spending a fun weekend with colors?
See where I am going? ;-)

Print this Altoid Tin Upcycle project today! Takes about 2-3 hours and a very nifty way to create wealth from waste.

Altoids Tin (Altoid Tin) Water Color Palette with Brush Stand
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