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3d printed cnc

by ioannou0

what do you guys think ? the results are not the best , but its our project and we will keep improving it , no matter what ! i hope you enjoy it too ! and i also hope to earn your sub since we are doing a lot of work for those projects !!


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I have tried several times to open Customizer for this key but It won't work. this is the thing I am trying open with Customizer. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:8925

Duplicating House Keys
by nrp
broken customizer Help key
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3d printed closet upgrades

by ioannou0

those are some 3d printed upgrades that i made to renovate my closet to fit all of my scuba gear since i dont have enough space in my apartment and i need to have them somewhere tidy! feel free to check it out !


diving SCUBA
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shall i trust a 3d printed part with my life??

by ioannou0

well , 3d printed parts in extreme sports like scuba diving are a huge nono , but are they??


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Find object

by ljcarballo

I have printed this mobile phone holder several times, but my hard drive has broken and I lost all the files. Does anyone know where it is? I have been looking for it but I cannot find it.

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