Nintendo Switch Cartridge Dimensions

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Does anyone know the size of a Nintendo Switch cartridge? Wiki says they are 35mm x 33mm x 3.8mm. This doesn't look correct to me,because it would almost be square, the cartridges look more rectangular. Found a picture which says it's 34mm x 23mm. https://1d31c772ec21a65b0a71-0707aae3004193da193e1ad4a942592d.ssl.cf2.rackcdn.com/37403/switchsizegamnesia__large.jpeg

Could someone please measure their cartidge?
Trying to make a Nintendo Switch Cartridge holder for my friend.


I measure my cartridge at 31.2 x 21.4 mm at 3.4 mm thick.

You were close, they're 34x23x3.8, I've made a couple different holders for them, just never got around to posting them.
I've got a Sketchup model of the cartridge itself (and the board inside, I went a little overboard) at home, if I can locate it I'll post it tonight if you want, I could export to stl if you can't work with sketchup files.
Let me know.

Those aren't the correct dimensions. I printed a couple different cartridge cases and wanted to confirm that the cartridges would fit. Since I don't have access to any Switch cartridges I printed a block 34x23x3.8 mm and it didn't fit into the slots in either cartridge case. So I went to EB games to test with an actual Switch cartridge and it fit into the slots no problem. I then compared it to the 34x23x3.8 block I printed and it looks like the real dimensions are more like about 30x21x3.8. Could someone measure a cartridge with a caliper and post the real dimensions.

That's odd....
I had measured my sons Legend of Zelda game with calipers, that's whereI initially got the dimensions 34mm tall, 23mm wide, 3.8mm thick.

Searching I had found multiple places with the X-Y dimensions but at the time none had the thickness (or I didn't see it):

My son isn't home until Wednesday, but when he gets here I'll get the cartridge again and double check, the cases I printed for him assuming those dimensions and I believe .5mm for play hold cartidges just fine.

The dimensions alone are good enough, thank you! I'm probably gonna make the holder holes about 2mm wider than each dimension so I have a little wiggle room.