Zip Toggle Replacement V2.0

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Last month I released V2.0 for my zip toggle replacement, the original of which I uploaded 6 years ago.

After many comments asking where the upload had gone, I thought I'd deleted it but I haven't. It still shows up for me but if I view my profile when logged out of Thingiverse, or even go directly to the URL that works fine for me, it just comes up with a 404.

However, fear not, I've also uploaded it to my new account which I'm now focussing more on over at Printables, here's the file here:https://www.printables.com/model/153129-zip-toggle-v2


UPDATE: So, after it being down for days, and with me doing absolutely nothing, all of a sudden, the design page on Thingiverse has just made itself public again, all by itself. This site has more bugs than an entomologists lab! Printables is far better! If you aren't already on there, I recommend setting up an account there at https://www.printables.com/. They even have a fancy import feature so you can automatically import all your items from Thingiverse (providing they are visible to the public)

It seems that at the moment, whenever I publish a new design on thingiverse, the second newest one disappears from public view.

I tried to edit and re-save one, but it's not coming back.

This is the link ... should it unexpectedly work for you, please point this out here :-)


The effect is exactly like unpublishing something, just as BrienAllison suggested, only that there is no "publish" button to make it publicly visible again.

Parametric Easter Egg Painting Stand

Hmm, the plot thickens. That link does actually work for me (I will put a like on it now), unless you did something else that should make it work.

However when I look on your designs page, it isn't there. But if I look on your collections page, it is there and I can see it and click on it.

BUUUTT, if I search for the thing title exactly in Thingiverse search it doesn't come up with anything.

The other design that went missing is back again, too. I'm not sure that is because I saved it yesterday with no changes (which didn't do anything immediately, just as saving the egg painter with changes didn't do anything immediately) ... it might just have been some cleaning up on the server side independend of my actions.

That's why I'm not really motivated to try and debug this ... hardly anything of this is reproducible or user-analyzable.

After having seen that publishing a new design sends the second newest one into limbo, I'm not really motivated to publish anything new either :-(

For creators, Printables is the better platform simply because it works reliably.

The problem is, the audience is still over here on Thingiverse, and usually unaware of just how unreliable, unpredictable and frustrating the platform has become for creators.

I'm considering when I release future designs, uploading them to Printable, then creating a new thing but not uploading the files itself, just linking to the Printables location in the description. That way it'll be findable on here but will direct more traffic to there.

Something like, "Here's the thing, and you might find a more complete and up-to-date version on Printables" would be more constructive, I believe ... positive reinforcement usually works best :-)

I like that phrasing. With all the complaints about the download all option being gone, and the ads they're pushing with downloads, I think I'll also add a comment about downloading, something like "as well as a better downloading experience"

Good suggestion, nice one!

I saw in a different discussion that this happens when some miscreant comes along and clicks the "Report Thing" button for no good reason. Your design gets reported, and it gets "disappeared". I don't know if this is what's actually going on, but four of mine have disappeared also. You are not alone. That started happening to me in February. And it's the reason I migrated all of my stuff to Printables.

I may be that you have set the object to private and not public. I made that mistake before.

It Thingiverse, not us.

It's not even worth explaining what's going wrong in detail because of the platform's unpredictability. Neither failures nor success are reproducible.

Where is there such a setting? I am not seeing it.
Mind you, this isn't what is happening. Many people have reported designs mysteriously disappearing from public view, with no recourse to restore them. It happened to me four times. Inexplicably, last night two of them reappeared and started collecting likes again.

It was saving the thing as a draft in the top right of the edit page, and not clicking the publish button sorry. I got mixed up with MyMiniFactory where you can set to private or public.

As the OP has described their problem, this is precisely what happened for me when I didn't actually hit the publish button. It appeared on my page but not to the public, including with a direct link, so I'm just helping diagnose if this is the problem.

Also Thingiverse search function is terrible, sometimes you have to put in the exact title of the object to find it.

I already have my higher quality objects on MMF, and will get around to putting them on Printables at some point.

Printables has an automatic import function for all of your Thingiverse things. So you can create sort of a backup with little effort ... I think you only need to pick a category for each of your designs and press the "publish" botton.

Maybe it's a good idea to do that while most of Thingiverse still works, as I fear once a thing 404s, it won't be available for automatic import to Printables either.

I can confirm, once a model disappears, it also doesn't show up in the import list at Printables.

No, that's definitely not what's happened to me, as my thing had been public, people had liked it and downloaded it, and without me going to edit it, it's entered this state of inaccessibility.

It's not about Thingiverses shit search engine either, as if I try to go to the exact URL for my thing when I'm not logged in, it just takes me to a 404 page, but if I use it when logged in, it takes me straight to the page as if it was public.

Then what happened to you is the same thing that happened to me and many others. Your Thing got "disappeared", possibly because someone clicked the "Report Thing" button. There is nothing you can do except (1) wait for it to reappear (in my case two of them reappeared after 9 weeks) or (2) re-upload and risk the new one disappearing too.

Yep exactly. To be honest I don't really care anymore. Thingiverse to me is dead, it's a bad platform, run by people that don't care, and it's only getting worse. I'm focussing on my Printables account now.

The same thing happened with my second most recent upload, a marking gauge for woodworking. My most recent design I tried to upload twice and in neither case was the model visible or showing up in "my designs".
It's a shame how crappy Thingiverse is getting, I hope that Printables starts to get some traction. I see about 10 times the download/collect/like activity here vs there, but the user experience there is better. Here's the link to the version on Printables of my disappeared model: https://www.printables.com/model/147788-marking-gauge-fully-printed