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TIko Hacks

by criton01

When I last saw this topic, someone had done some things to help decode, and open up the Tiko board. Does anyone here remember this and can update me on the new mods to make prints better ... last mod hack was the steps to z was 400mm/m where default was 405mm/m

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just got a tiko for 45 bucks. How do I update the firmware?

by MarcSeriously

there seems to be no way of updating the firmware. Help?

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Recycling the Tiko

by Monoprice_For_The_Win

Any ideas if i can recycle the tiko? What components can and cannot be recycled? Thanks!

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Tiko Parts Available

by Kbarry29

I have 3 tiko's in various states of non-working.
I am about to throw them all away unless anyone wants them.
Just pay shipping. Respond here.

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Power Supply?

by TruFord

Bought a Tiko and just got it today. Turns out the power supply wasn't included and the seller isn't responding. Tried looking online for a replacement from the company and found out that they just went under. Anyone have a broken Tiko and willing to sell the power supply? Thank you

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