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Teaching TinkerCAD to Kids Ages 6-12

by abst

Before I create one, I'm looking for a basic set of projects to teach young kids (elementary / grades 6-12) how to use TinkerCAD. I am looking for something that could be done in six to eight 45 minute sessions. Any thoughts or links are greatly appreciated.


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Oversized Object Split

by JTRiker9

I need to split an object in half as the full design will not fit on my print bed.
How do I use TinkerCAD to do this.

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alternative to tinkercad.

by mer2329

now i love tinkercad, it is easy and meets my needs perfectly.
but im not a fan of how to use it.
a) go to the website
b) try and sign in.
c) if signin fails 3 times disable my script block (i have all the needs for tinkercsad set)
d) try again.
e) disable my adblockign,
f) try again
g) scream at the top of my lings about not being able to sign in...

you get the idea.
now i know my account is not wrong because im use google to sign in.

now what i want to know? is there any cad program like tinkercad. that i can use on my computer. without the need for an internet connection?

also i am not a fan of using websites for things i use frequently (like tinkercad). so some kind of offline tinkercad would be wonderful.
i tried the windows app and i cant sign in at all

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Learning Tinkercad in classroom.

by Eunny

Hello! I am Eunny, maker and educator of 3D modeling and printing.
Look at and use the videos for your teaching :)
Tutorial videos to learn Tinkercad: https://goo.gl/lUWhrq
Making & 3D printing by Tinkercad: https://goo.gl/iWpt4x

basic classroom school TinkerCAD tutorial
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by tedder

Hey, I've made a new design (shapes + hollow shapes etc). I want to "flatten the layers" so I can work inside the new hollow spaces. I'm using "flatten" in the Photoshop sense, not the 3D sense. I don't know what to call it otherwise.

I can probably export as STL and then import the STL, but is there a way to do this in Tinkercad?

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