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by bagros

I need to make an O-ring with a diameter of 14mm inside, a diameter of 20mm outside, an O-ring diameter of 3mm. Which tool to use and what parameters?

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Designing group

by Brodmann

I noticed there were many groups focused on just one type of designing program, and I wanted to make a group where anyone can discuss designing, no matter what they use. If a lot of experienced designers join this group, it can be a big help to beginners just learning the skill (not that I know much).

Here is the group: https://www.thingiverse.com/groups/designing-101
Thank you!

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3d printer for newbie!

by cowy

Hey guys im looking for my first 3d printer right now. Any recommendation which brand should i buy? Could you guys share me some experience of using it? thanks ! :)

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Which supports?

by bagros

I need help. Which type of supports should be chosen so that they can be easily removed from the inside.

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3d printer scaling layers????

by kadavrik83

Simplify3d settings or CR-10 issues????
Printer scaling layers over printing, don't know where is problem, if anybody had same issues, please help other wise I will end up in loony bin...

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