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How to round and hollow obscure shapes

by LordKanti

How do i smooth edges on obscure shapes? I've seen tutorials on cubes and simple things, but I need to round the edges on a temple tip that my dog ate. One of the temples is still good so I traced that and can extrude it to the proper thickness easy enough, but I have 2 problems I need to solve:

☼I need to round the temple so it fits like the other: comfortably over my ear
☼I need to hollow a tube through the shape for the metal portion of the temple to fit into.

The second problem seems harder than the first to me. I use tinkerCAD, but I do have blender, I just find it much harder to work with.

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Check This Out!!!!

by Rekrab30

I made a Dunder Mifflin paper box business card holder... Please let me know what you guys think of it. I printed this on the MPSM and it took about 10 hours total. I think it looks great and would love some constructive feed back!!


Dunder Mifflin Business card holder (The Office)
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Tinkercad's end for me

by NextGenDesign

I use Tinkercad currently, and all of my designs have been on Tinkercad. At school we are being introduced to Autodesk Inventor, which as most of you know is a much higher quality program than the free, online Tinkercad. I love Tinkercad and will keep using it, but does anybody here have any suggestions to get Autodesk Inventor for free as I am a middle school student? Thanks. I am still new to 3D modeling, so my designs aren't so good. Come visit my account by the way! I love the support from people who use my designs. Thank you!

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Aligning items in Tinkercad.

by Ianmark

How do you align two items to a particular part of another item? For example, in the picture, I want to align the two cones on top of the two cylinders. How can I make sure they are centered in the middle of each cylinder perfectly? Is there an 'easy' way, or is it just a matter of being patient and moving things until it looks right?

thank you,

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Need Help With Customizing Something in Tinkercad

by Ianmark

I am using bionik's air duct, but I want to make some changes and I am not that good with Tinkercad. I want to elongate the small end of the duct so I can get it closer to the hotend. I tried, but like I said, I'm not that good with tinkercad. I also made it shorter as I thing it's too tall to fit my printer.

Here are pictures of the original shroud and of mine after I tried to customize it.

Any suggestions would be great.

Thank you,

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