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Some submissions not appearing in Designs?

by Garble

For some reason this doesn't appear on my designs page: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4645609


I thought maybe I did something to make it invisible? Earlier submissions appeared for me even when they were just unpublished drafts.

City of Heroes Plain Models
by Garble
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Adding objects/shapes to Tinkercad shapes menu

by Grimmy579

Is it possible to upload my own shape/object to the shapes menu? Would love to have my own commonly used shapes in the menu of every design.

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convex curve

by santanig5

I need a little design help, I printed these Lithophanes (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3154700),using one of the Tarman files for size reference, and modified this two sided frame (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2770308) for Halloween. I would like to create a blank backplate that will fit in the frame, but cannot figure out how to do it.
Added a pic for reference.


Living Dead Lithophanes
Lithophane Frame Curved
by DR82
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3D Designing Software

by Allyeajackvk2

Hello quick question. What software do you use to design ex: Blender TinkerCad Autodesk

What is the best free one I was thinking abut getting blender

Thank you

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Harrassed by Sosatel3D

by DaVinciFun

Anyone else getting posted replies from this person? It's sexual in nature and when I get the email and I try to respond or view the post I get an error. "Error getting makes: Unable to load pinned comment at the moment. Click on block to reload page." When I reload you can't see the comment they made. They seem to be posting to every object I commented on previously.

I've emailed support but I don't know if they even exist. How are they able to still post if it's not showing up on the web page? How do I block them? I don't want to block Thingiverse on my email, just this person.


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