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3D Text Mirror/Convert/Morph

by Alibasterd

Hello! I am trying to remember what it is called when you have a 3D word (example: APPLE) and you morph it to say Apple on the back as well (when looking at the back). So the A is morphed into E, P morphed into L and so on. The word would say apple whether you look at it from the front or back. I remember using this type of font/morph many years ago in either autocad or solidworks. Have searched for hours and cannot find anything. Does anyone know what I am talking about or remember this?

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revolve tool?

by spacefisherman

so In class I learned how to use a revolve tool, which revolves a design around an axle, in solidworks. is there any way I can do something like this in tinkercad?

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Oh Shiny

by KikiClough

My curiosity got the best of me the other day, and I decided to paint one of my prints with clear nail polish. It's so shiny! Anyways, it turned out really nicely, and just thought I'd share. :)

Also, if anyone tries this with colored nail polish, lemme know how it looks.
Ok thats all. :)

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Hollow out a letter?

by BeastMakerbot

Good day. Wondering if you can 'hollow' a letter. In Autocad its called offset. I want to make forms from letters for my HS students to make concrete letters. Did not have luck doing this. I tried with the letter B. There are overlaps and it does not seem to work. Is there a work around or not. thanks.

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Suddenly very slow

by Nick_Groot

Hi all, I have big problem with Tinkercad since two weeks now... Suddenly (like from one day to the other) the reaction when moving or manipulating parts of a design, or even only shifting view angle with mouse moves is dead slow! It is almost impossible to use now for me. I have decent internet speed (true 32MBit/s), my computer is not the newest but worked fine with Tinkercad until the last weeks. When I use my wifes laptop everything is ok.
I tried 3 different browsers on my computer without any improvements, its equally slow with each browser.
I also checked Plug-ins, security settings and tried out almost everything without any advance.
Glad to get some input here!

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