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Looking for a designer for a simple project

by hairybacongamer

I've been looking for a pattern to make a dragon scale cloak from. I have tried so many scales from so many sights and none of them fit right or look right or just its not what I see when I think of dragon scales. Most look so long and pointy and stick out too much. I want something that has that balance of organic looking and what I imagine when I think "Okay dead dragon. Let's yank some scales and sow it onto a cloak." It's very hard to explain.

The issue is I have 0 skill with any program to make whats in me head. I'm learning but I learn art programs very slowly. I'm trying to learn TinkerCAD but I wanted to ask if anyone would be willing to help me with just a scale I can print and sow on and a "top" scale with a hidden hole that I can top the rows off with and not have a thread shown.

Barring that any youtube tutorial recommendations etc I will also gladly accept. I don't have a learning problem per-say but between time constraints and how poorly I grasp things, until i figure it out and succeed, it takes me a while to learn.

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Modular Space Soldier

by mrhers2

I know everyone and their sister has put out space marine models. However, not everyone is as good at modeling at some of the very talented people here. So, I wanted to start an "opensource" space marine 100% done on tinkercad available to anyone that wants to add details, gear, or whatever. The goal here is for anyone to have input on creation that wants to and make whatever their heart desires. He's pretty generic looking right now but I know with the community's help we can make something nice looking.
You can find the link to the tinkercad file in the description of the thing I uploaded:

Modular Space Soldier Boy
by mrhers2
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Can Someone Edit This Drawer

by qwiktune

I was wondering if someone could help me out real quick and move the stud on this spool storage drawer (link at bottom). The new eSun pla+ black spool has the holes closer together than the versions of the drawers uploaded on here. Upon measuring, it appears the studs need moved about 11mm (center of hole to center of stud) closer to the corner. All other measurements seem to be fine.


Spool Storage Box Esun
by Allday
drawer edit esun filament_spool help spool storage ToyBroniesUnite
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"AXE bomb" help

by minorboy

I'm hoping someone may be able to help-

I'm wanting to make a locking cap for a spray can, like Axe deodorant, or fabreese. something simple,
almost like a bug bomb cap, or maybe something with a squeeze lock like a handle. I work with some nasty fellas, and their trucks stink. I'd like something that I can essentially "bomb" their truck before I have to get in. I was hoping someone with the experience could help me out.

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project help wanted

by 20100644

I am trying to make a car inspired by (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3606204)(minus the name), but with fewer hardware pieces that I need to buy and less complicated to make. I want to add a hand pump instead of blowing it to run it. I don't have my own printer so I have to use one at school, so I can not test every piece to see if it works. If you want to help me email me at 2100644@kaukaunasd.org and I will send you the link to download. any suggestions to improve would be appreciated. hand pump image included.

Vapemobile: Pneumatic Toy Car
by Slava_Z
air car hand pump help testing
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