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adding fonts to tinkercad

by twilightdiscos

i'm waning to add more fonts to tinkercad besides the 4 they give you
can anyone help

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blending a square into a circle

by emaglott

I would like to create an air duct that has 2 rectangular openings on one end and a round one the other. Sort of a "Y" shape. I can make the 2 rectangles merge into one, but haven't figured out a way to make that blend smoothly into a round shape. I could do it crudely but looking for something that is smoother for better airflow. Thanks!

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Vintage camper bookmark

by saranicholls

I am looking for a bookmark file with a vintage camper design. - Thanks for all of these ideas! This really has been a super help. I am going to try all of the suggestions and this will be great to help my students! Right now we just make simple keychains so hopefully we can branch out this semester!

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by knichols3052

Anyone know how to add braille to objects in tinkercad? Thanks

braille TinkerCAD
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Potter Wands

by follmern

Looking for a good Severus Snape wand design to print. Any one know or have one?

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