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Harrassed by Sosatel3D

by DaVinciFun

Anyone else getting posted replies from this person? It's sexual in nature and when I get the email and I try to respond or view the post I get an error. "Error getting makes: Unable to load pinned comment at the moment. Click on block to reload page." When I reload you can't see the comment they made. They seem to be posting to every object I commented on previously.

I've emailed support but I don't know if they even exist. How are they able to still post if it's not showing up on the web page? How do I block them? I don't want to block Thingiverse on my email, just this person.


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Need to delete object

by Kenster3D

I have imported and stl file into tinkercad and it has two duplicate objects as it is two halves of a pivot i want to delete one and edit the other, i can't seem to ungroup or delete one please help file attached

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pls help

by coolhotplastic

there's this crap that happens when i try to open something in customizer, well the problem is that it says to click safari fix(which i did)
but it still didn't work i've reloaded the page a few times, safari fix a few more times, and it still wouldnt work, could someone pls help.
i'm on a chromebook by the way.

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perfect Circle ?

by bossblue

Have been trying to get a good circle.
I go to shape generators select cylinder, but it still has edges on it
Can you get a perfect circle ?

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TinkerCAD STL Import Failing

by Sturmie

This STL was generated from a 2D PNG file using a website I found and When I import it into PrusaSlicer it works fine, however, when I import it into TinkerCAD it breaks up. Any suggestions as to what I'm doing wrong?

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