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Image Generator

by dov

I can't find the "Image generator" in TINKETCAD, the lynda tutorial gives a lesson using this feature.
Was it eliminated or moved

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Tinkercad Codeblocks

by ron333

I have started a new Thingiverse group for those interested in designing using tinkercad codeblocks.

codeblocks TinkerCAD
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Whaaaaa?! A coffee group?! Yep!!!

by Clayman02

Hey! Do you love coffee? I know I sure do! Do you love 3D printing? You’re here, so probably! Well so do I!! So I made a coffee lovers group!! I can feel you getting excited, or maybe im jittery from all the coffee...
Any way, join! Post your design! Well have a jolly ol time! https://www.thingiverse.com/groups/coffee-lovers/things

coffee Coffee_lovers group groups help jeez new
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off topic..

by damanbaird

Has anyone came across a site or program like doodle3d that is completely free? A web search has come up empty for me, i wanted to try this with my little nephews but didnt want to pay for anything.

Edit: guess i should add that im using Linux, so something with linux support.

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adding fonts to tinkercad

by twilightdiscos

i'm waning to add more fonts to tinkercad besides the 4 they give you
can anyone help

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