Poor thumbnails

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When I upload my designs The thumbnail shows a bad angle and has all these weird shadows. Could you please look at my thumbnails? Thanks!

It does that when you upload an obj file. if you do not want the shadows, upload stl

thank you rootyjr

thegerbils is right, stl files don't have this problem.

Ah...I upload .stl files to tinkercad...so that is why i'm not getting that error

Place workplane flat as in home view...place orientation of all objects in reference to that workplane, otherwise thingiverse will render to whatever workplane the objects are exported in

Hey, I looked at your model. The "error" is not actually an error at all. It is the "smooth" rendering option that can be saved on .obj files from what I can tell. I am assuming Tinkercad automatically sets this when you download a file. Here are some photos in Blender of what I am talking about.

The orange lines are because I am in an edit mode. I also attached a fixed copy.

This is your eraser grip model.