adding fonts to tinkercad

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i'm waning to add more fonts to tinkercad besides the 4 they give you
can anyone help

Sorry I have gotten started 4 only weeks ago

Under "Shape Generators" there is "Custom Font Text" which allows you to drop a SVG font file onto a drag and drop box and use that font. They suggest using http://www.fontsquirrel.com for fonts and http://www.fontsquirrel.com/tools/webfont-generator to convert them to SVG.

You can also copy the code for most of the text shape generators and make your own shape generator with different fonts. Depending on what you want to do with the text, you can copy and modify the descendants of the text generator too.

Here are some shape generators viewable outside of the Tinkercad editor:

Original "Text":

Custom Font Text:

Custom Font Text Ring:

US States:

Or browse others at https://api.tinkercad.com/libraries/tour/generators
Shape Generator documentation at https://api.tinkercad.com/

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In Word/Powerpoint: Create a Word Art object with whatever font and text you wish. Select object and Copy to clipboard

In MS Paint: Paste the clipboard contents and save file as JPG or PNG.

In Inkscape: File/Import to bring in newly-created graphic......then click on Path/Trace Bitmap...click on Update and OK......then Save As a SVG file (default Save As).

In Tinkercad: Import the new SVG file into your design.

I did the above, imported into tinkercad. I got an error message, "Error importing into tinkercad". Any thoughts???

Can you post here the SVG file you were trying to upload?

I solved my dilemma.Thanks for the help. 8-)