Looking for help printing/creating something like this.

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Good morning!

I am totally new at this, and tried to design and then ultimately print the attached pictures.

Lets just say , it didnt look like anything to be proud of.

the hearts one looks all pretty, but what printed was disgusting, ultimatly I think maybe the walls were too thin?

the following is what I am trying to achive, either a in filled hexegons, hearts or some king of shape.

is there a better way to do this? even getting the hearts to line up was a 2-3 hour exercise.

I didn't see anyone else mention this, but notice that in your first shot, all the infil all touches where as in your hearts object, they do not touch. They are all free standing and I believe you will have problems print them. You either need to have them touch in a repeating way, or perhaps have the hearts alternate facing opposite directions and touching. Good luck!

i was up late goofind around and came up with this.

but I dont think I like how it turned out.I need to work on making it more concentric

Very Cool. Maybe try arranging 4 so that the tips all point to the center (four leaf clover style) then just repeat that pattern.

ok, so I just put this STL in to CURA, and it came back and said its going to take 12 hours to run.

seems a bit excessive.

is there something out there I can use to clean it up?

Yeah, check your Settings.......when I run that through the Makerbot Desktop slicer (0.3mm, 10% infill, 2 walls), I get 2hrs 46mins, which seems correct for something that size and amount of detail.

i had 60% infill, but changed it too 10% and still showing 12 hours.

nothing is showing me what is what, its been printing now for 2 hjours. and its maybe 3mm tall, so its going to take the 12 hours.

I don't use Cura, so someone else will have to chime in on those settings.

I got so distracted yesterday, ugh, life has a way of getting in the way. I hope I will be able get to this.

those are made using infill setting in slicers.
to get something just like it you will need to have the following

  1. the absolute minimum your slicer can slice, and make that the walls (or details may disappear)
  2. a way to tessellate the hearts so they look right (otherwise you will wind up with other shapes as well. may i suggest making it with a few straight lines, instead of curves)

The easy way to do the hollow heart shape is to draw it in Inkscape with the appropriate wall thickness, save it as an .SVG file and import that into TinkerCAD.
Or you could use the new "sketch" feature to draw inside TinkerCAD.

Lining those hearts up should have been a 2-3 second job, using the Tinkercad Align tool......look into the tutorials on there and maybe do a few of their lessons before spending hours trying to learn it alone.

Harder to give an opinion on your projects without knowing the sizes and uses you expect.

thanks I did end up running through the tutorial's which is probably why it took so long. I found the tutorials not much help but I will revisit and try again.

Dimensionaly, the blocks are 1" x 1" x 6"

the number of hearts is irrelevant, I am just trying to get it to work before I try to refine it.

The end game would be like in the attached "RL" print, were I have Cells that can hold a liquid.

I put down a heart, then put another smaller one inside, I tried to make it so the walls were .5 mm, then tried 1mm.

but it was never resizing properly, it seems all distorted.

Your wall thickness should be a multiple of your printer's line thickness, for example, for a printer with a 0.4mm line thickness, you would want a wall thickness of 0.4mm (too thin), 0.8mm (still pretty thin), 1.2mm, 1.6mm, etc.

Those wall thicknesses are pretty thin, I'd think about a 2-4mm wall myself. Alignment in Tinkercad is a breeze with their tool.

How do you mean "distorted"?

If you make the design Public on Tinkercad and post a link here, might help see the issues a bit easier.

Will check in later today, gotta run.

not sure if I shared it right, here is a version of it.


i think

basically, if you look at the hearts, they seem fatter in the middle. but near the intersections they get extremly thin.

what printed was a mess.

Your problem is that a heart is a compound shape. It's actually made up of constituent shapes: (at least) two cylinders and a triangle. If you copy the compound shape shrink it, make it a hole, and center it, the centers of the constituent shapes will be way off. That's why the centers of the heart lobes are shifted in, they're moved toward the center of the compound shape instead of the constituent cylinders.
Make your own heart shape out of two cylinders and a triangle. Center holes in each constituent shape and then take care of any overlaps or missed fills with whatever hole shapes will fix your issue.

i think I understand what your saying, but I am using the IN Application heart shape. I am not creating my own. which is why I expected it too work.

I think I understand what you mean, but any time you try to make something such as this with a "non-linear" shape, you are going to have slight imperfections trying to "put one inside another". Measurements and shape handling by Tinkercad is done in X/Y/Z numbers....so a shape with an irregular curve will be tougher to size down to get a standard "wall".

Maybe try exporting the heart once sized for the outer part and then re-import it at 80% size (or some such number) to get a closer representation of what you really want. Honestly, I think what you have is about as close as you can get using Tinkercad. Other software packages have better tools, that will potentially make it more appeasing to you.

I copied/tinkered your design.....didn't change any heart sizes, but did align it all better. Here's the difference, which may/may not help:


  • So I am going to play with making my own version of the hearts.
  • I never considered the exporting of the shapes, I will give that a go.

  • Since I have your attention on this, it occurred to me I might want to also do this with Letters.
    Maybe create a STEPHEN with a hole in the center. is there a trick to that? or is it just Put one letter, then make a hole in it?

You'll have similar downsizing difficulties with letters, but not sure I understand your question. Where is this hole going to be and for what purpose?

it would be easier for me to show you what I think

so this is a print, and in the center you can see a "trench"

I would like to be able to write " BOB " inside, and BoB to be hollow

If you're referring to the "TSW" on that pic, you just need to create a text shape, then change it to a Hole to Group with whatever you want.

I need to do this from home. the PC I am on here is all over the place.

so if I understand what your saying

1 - put the TEXT DOWN
2 - put a Second copy of the text and make it a hole.
3 - make it smaller to 80%
4 - make it a group

or is there a better way?

You can make your hearts mold this same way.....if you just want to fill it in with something.

If you just want letter holes that you can fill, just need to create a block, create the text, change text shape to a Hole and then Group them together (like my pic showed). If you're trying to do something like the hearts and attempting to make letters inside of letters, you're going to have the same issue you did with the hearts where it's not 100% perfect walls all the way around. As the other guy said, these are compound shapes which don't lend themselves to simple X/Y/Z resizing.

what I would like to do, is pour a RESIN, in the holes and let them cure. so I end up with something like this.