Tinkercad's end for me

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I use Tinkercad currently, and all of my designs have been on Tinkercad. At school we are being introduced to Autodesk Inventor, which as most of you know is a much higher quality program than the free, online Tinkercad. I love Tinkercad and will keep using it, but does anybody here have any suggestions to get Autodesk Inventor for free as I am a middle school student? Thanks. I am still new to 3D modeling, so my designs aren't so good. Come visit my account by the way! I love the support from people who use my designs. Thank you!

I am in the process of learning Fusion 360, doing the tutorials, they are like college classes LOL
Good on you for taking up this hobby! Now go invent a anti-gravity machine that goes everywhere and doesn't use thrust!

You should also consider Onshape. It is a professional level program (with all of the strengths and weaknesses of that) done as an online app like tinkercad. It is free as long as you don't mind your designs being public. From what I can tell most operations will be similar to what you learn with Inventor so you can apply the concepts you learn at school but maintain a more of the collaborative and online aspects of tinkercad.

I'll second Fusion360 - I'm in the process of learning it.

I'll think there's a place for both tools - TinkerCad is great when you need to whip up something quickly - I find that 80% of my designs can be done in TinkerCad, without the need for a bulky CAD tool.

Yeah you can apply for a student licence and get it for 3 years I think or a nice alternative is Fusion 360 which is free for anyone making under 100k a year with hobbyist licence.

I was coming here to say the same thing.

Alright! Thank you!