Aligning items in Tinkercad.

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How do you align two items to a particular part of another item? For example, in the picture, I want to align the two cones on top of the two cylinders. How can I make sure they are centered in the middle of each cylinder perfectly? Is there an 'easy' way, or is it just a matter of being patient and moving things until it looks right?

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my method is for improted STLs

part 1 make target "studs"

  1. make a copy of the imported item
  2. align it with the original
  3. turn one of the items a hole
  4. add a shape (box or cylinder, shorter and wider than the hole (you want to fill it, but not over the top), if the hole is 5x5x5 then make it say 10x10x4)
  5. select the object in step 4, and the hole
  6. activate the align tool
  7. select the hole object again to make it the "origin"
  8. align them, but don't move the hole
  9. join them
  10. preform steps 1-9 for all holes that you need

if you are measuring the holes, do so now

part 2 align your objects

  1. select one of your objects, and one of the studs
  2. click the align tool.
  3. click the stud again to make it the "origin"
  4. align it
  5. delete the stud
  6. preform #1-5 for all other needed holes.
  7. once done, show the original object and continue as needed.

If you can't ungroup the part with the cylinders, here's what I would do.
Make two copies of the part
Align all three parts X, Y

stack them above each other, preserving X,Y alignment
Call them A, B, and C, with A being the part you wish to modify
subtract (difference) the base from the two parts B,C
subtract one cylinder from B, subtract the other from C
You now have two reference parts that you can use to center and align the cones
Be careful, use UNDO if you move the reference parts

I do this all the time with pre-existing parts. It's a wee bit tedious, but works perfectly. Just be diligent about not accidentally moving your reference parts. The "lock" function can help here.

Hope that helps!

Step 1: ungroup the cones.

Step 2: Select the cone and the other object that you want to align. You can drag select both or select one and then shift-select the other.

Step 3: Click the align tool. It's the one near the group tool that has a line on the left side and 2 boxes.

Step 4: Pick you alignment. You should see 3 dots on each axis, only darkened dots are available for alignment. If you hover over the dots you'll get a orange-outlined preview of the alignment. When you find the right option just click the dot.

For your particular question you'll want to click the center dot on the X and Y axis. If you want the cone to align to the cylinder then you should select the cylinder 1st and then shift-select the cone. That will tell the 2nd object to align to the 1st instead of the default behavior of aligning them between the two.

I agree with this comment. To get the cones on top of the cylinders without any overlapping you could set the workplane to the top of the cylinders or the bottom of the cones and then adjust the Z position of the other object to zero.

In your picture it appears that the base is one object - which means that you can't align to the cylinders as they are.

Can you ungroup the base so you can select only one cylinder at a time? If so you can then align an object to them. If the base is an object that you've imported as an STL then you won't be able to automatically align, and will have to do it by eye.