How to round and hollow obscure shapes

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How do i smooth edges on obscure shapes? I've seen tutorials on cubes and simple things, but I need to round the edges on a temple tip that my dog ate. One of the temples is still good so I traced that and can extrude it to the proper thickness easy enough, but I have 2 problems I need to solve:

☼I need to round the temple so it fits like the other: comfortably over my ear
☼I need to hollow a tube through the shape for the metal portion of the temple to fit into.

The second problem seems harder than the first to me. I use tinkerCAD, but I do have blender, I just find it much harder to work with.

For parts you cant use menu to round edges, bring in a ring , size it large, cut it in half, turn it into a hole and bring it down on to the edge corners and merge.

For hollowing, duplicate the object, decrease its size equally on all axis and use center tool and turn it into a hole and merge.

ok if the shape won't let you increase the number of sides, and its a compound shape, then unjoin it and see if those can be increased.
otherwise use blender, or just sand it down after printing.