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I need a print.

by ehudg2000

Hi all.
I need help printing a frame for my E3D Titan Aero hot head for my Creality CR-10 printer. Unfortunately my old head is done, and I cannot print the frame I need in order to install the new head...
The print I need is from http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2852147 (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2852147), and the STL I need printing (from the 'file' folder) is: Breezy-ABL_Titan_with_EZABL_v3_RTP_UNIT.stl
The print needs to be in ABS or PETG, since it need to withstand some heat and be a bit sturdy, and could be done in 0.2mm, since it doesn't have to be too fine.
if you can help, I'll pay.

Thanks a bunch,

[email protected]

BreEZy-ABL and BL-owy - CR-10 E3D V6 Titan Aero mount with bltouch / EZABL + 5015 integrated fan and nozzles
3d print israel thing:2852147
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Voronator - Convert 3D model to Voronoi version

by yaniv

From Site:
"Have you ever tried to create a Voronoi effect with your 3D models and become exasperated with this tedious process?
To solve this problem we created this free online Voronoizator. Just upload your model, wait a minute and download your tesselated model."


converter design online stl tool Voronoi
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