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Help needed: how to store a leg puller?


We are looking for help regarding our 3-way lag puller.
The form of this tool is rather weird and we are looking for a good way to store it at the wall.
Any good ideas or photos from there current solutions? Thanks so much!

See: https://wiesemann1893.com/collections/abzieher/products/abzieher-dreiarmig

car garage legpuller tools
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Pegboard, french cleat or wall mount what do you prefer?


For the time being we make our design for wall mount (woth holes) and for pegboards (with pins)?
Do you use other systems like french cleat as well?

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Small stuff storage (screws etc)


Hey, we are currently working on our own design for screw boxes.
Do you habe any current solution that you really like or ideas how to improve storage for small stuff?

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Sledge Hammer Holder - is it strong enough?


Hey, we developed http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4018096 to hang up a 10Lb sledgehammer.
The idea is to one on each side of the hammer head. Our first design was to weak to hold ist. Any experiences?

XXL Sledgehammer Holder (4.5kg/10lb) 033 I ENFORCE I for screws or peg board
design tools workshop
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