Help needed: how to store a leg puller?

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We are looking for help regarding our 3-way lag puller.
The form of this tool is rather weird and we are looking for a good way to store it at the wall.
Any good ideas or photos from there current solutions? Thanks so much!

See: https://wiesemann1893.com/collections/abzieher/products/abzieher-dreiarmig

I'd create a stiff bracket with a circular hole, with the diameter of the hole large enough for the legs pushed together at the tips - but not so large that the whole assembly drops through! - I assume the links that join the legs to the threaded puller will pivot to allow the legs to be quite close together, then I'd put three radial channels on the outside of the hole, with two at 120 degrees closest to the wall mount and the centre one facing directly to the front.. - but of course the horizontal part of the bracket will need quite a lot of support with maybe the vertical rear panel extending below the horizontal bracket and a stiffener between the two - or stiffeners from the vertical so you can still print with a flat bottom like all your other models - might be worth considering a print orientation on one end, so the filament runs the opposite way down the vertical and across the horizontal from front to back - thus aligning the best material strength with the direction of loadings through the finished part.
As to your other question, I use screws, but the idea of pegboards or cleats as options is still good!. YMMV.

Wow - thanks @rcw88, that sounds great.
We will have a look into that concept!

I guess most people use screw but it's always good to hear - thanks!