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Need help for modeling an action figure

by monks19

Hello everyone. I'm looking for someone who may be able to help be out in order to make a 3d model for an acrion figure (collectible) that I want to make. I've never done any 3d modeling before, so the help from someone more capable would be really appreciated. I can provide image references and more information if needed.

So, what I would like to do is a new version of the Nosferatu figure made by Mezco a few months ago (the figure itself is no longer available and is curently sold out), but this time, more movie accurate (especially the hands and head/face). Although, just for the sake of customization, I also want to re-make the articulated body the same way, as I can later re-paint each elements the way I want (and add clothing with soft material later). The result I want to achieve is a cross between the Mezco version, but also the old Sideshow figure, which was more movie accurate and I couldn't find anywhere any good models for the head that are movie accurate.

So, in the end, can anyone help me out with all this ? That'll be greatly appreciated.

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Toy Rescue

by Jay_Omega

Interesting idea. If your Furby has lost his ear, print a new one.


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Halloween Ideas

by AdrexQuicksilver

Anyone got ideas for halloween toys/decorations?

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Toy Repair

by PocketBrain

Links, files, discussions about things you have made to repair a toy.

I just made this to repair an old tractor toy from my childhood:


Front tire and hub for Ford 8000 die cast toy tractor
repair repair_part toy toys
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Looking For Suggestions!

by Dungeon-Master-Dan

I've recently run out of ideas for things to make and would greatly appreciate any suggestions!

boardgame dungeons_and_dragons game games toy toys
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