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Tinplate style trains for 3D printing

by Woodmore

I am currently trying to remake lionels Standard Gauge Blue Comet for O Gauge howerver I don't have the skills to make the locos body. Help?

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DCC Loco Micro Magnetic Coil Coupler

by calvinstreeting

Hi all i am curently working on a DCC Loco Micro Magnetic Coil Coupler (for standard hornby style couplers)..

is anyone intrested (with a better printer than my crappy chiness rip off) want to try printing them ? (or just instrested ? )

see https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/142709-micro-magnetic-actuator/ for more info :)

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Our Gothic City KICKSTARTER will go LIVE in a couple of weeks!

by rocketpiggames

We offer a gothic train set and modular train station as ADDONS!

Please follow us on Facebook and/or Kickstarter itself to get the heads up and an early bird pledge!

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